Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fangirls are a Threat to National Security

Was watching Running Man (sadly Arnold Schwarzenegger did not make an appearance) yesterday and have decided that Fangirls are an official threat to national security. Let me explain:

Any port of entry to a country (i.e Airports, marinas) is the weakest part of that countries security. Which is why people (i.e government) have been so adamant about putting in some pretty ridiculous means of securing that port (i.e body scanners). End of technical crap and onto fangirl.

Fangirls (read hordes of fangirls) like to crowd into busy airport and "welcome" / "say goodbye" to their favorite idols. They cannot pass any of the security checkpoints because they don't have a ticket (Wouldn't be surprised if they bought a ticket to pass the checkpoints), but they crowd in the pick-up/drop-off areas for days sometimes (because idol flights aren't always exposed) just waiting.

No, you do not have to watch the video unless you feel like seeing


These little stunt leaves airports at risk for terrorist attacks and so on because most airports don't have the security to watch hundreds of crazy fangirls. Terrorist in the past haven't always been on the aircraft itself but sometimes they like to blow up baggage claims (ex. Domodedovo 2011). I can just see a guy with a bomb strapped to his chest walking right through all the screaming fangirls as their idols walk by.

And for the fangirls who crowd around in the Seoul Incheon International Airport you do realize that the country is on a war footing, right?

On a side note most people don't appreciate people screaming in their ear after a long 20 hour flight. So fangirls cool your jets and leave the airports passengers/staff at peace.

Side note 2 no the video is not Seoul why cause it was the shortest one I could find. Didn't want anyones ears to bleed.


  1. Conundrum, if North Koreans sneak into South Korea by riding the same plane as idols, we'll know where they got the idea from lol.

  2. they can just drop several bombs D:

  3. now you gave them terrorists a good idea tsk tsk

  4. I love the sweet sound of fangirls

  5. Thats good news, let the terrorist blow up useless fangirls.

  6. FUCK, my ears started hurting almost immediately..

    now they're ringing, and i had my speakers on quiet, gee thanks

  7. i'd just hold up a sign saying:
    Please shut the fuck up
    the 20 hour flight already gave me a headache.

  8. They've been sexually deprived for all of their life and now they are just getting horny. So the more noble thing to do is fuck them all, that is the best antidote to fanatical fandom. But considering the fact that looking at them all is already a monumental task, given that their faces alone would give most straight male heart attacks, they are beyond any hope of salvation.

  9. I live in that country.

  10. ...Do these girls have nothing better to do? It's so sad.

  11. Crazy fangirls are by all means, simply pathetic to do this sort of stuff. The idols themselves wouldn't be in such a great mood to have a swarm of nutjobs crowding around them after a long flight. Hell, I've seen security guards in Incheon Int. Airport wearing body armor and carrying K1 assault rifles....maybe they need to train these guys in crowd control tactics...


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