Thursday, November 24, 2011

The highlight of the Melon Music Awards.

Bless her.
Yup, IU falling was indeed the most interesting thing to happen during the entire show, that's how fucking boring it truly was.

What you might have missed :

  • Elfs vs. Sones in the livestream chat.
  • VIPs complaining about how SNSD won the Global Artist award and not their beloved Big Bang oppars since BB won the MTV EMA! all thanks to bulk voting. Hence, it's obviously a conspiracy! Even though GDTOP winning Best Rap/Hip-Hop for 'Oh yeah' clearly wasn't good enough. On the other hand, Sones were too busy chanting 'POWAAAAAAAAA OF 9!' 'GLOBAL GENERATION'! and not giving a fuck.
  • Elfs bitching about Super Junior not winning the Album Daesang despite them winning the Netizen Popularity Battle award. Not realising that bulk buying albums has nothing to do with digital sales (which most boy groups in SM fail to achieve since the general public does not give a fuck about them), ignorance is bliss after all.
  • Everyone getting trolled by 2NE1's mini album winning Album Of The Year instead of a full album. Blackjacks bragging about how unnies are 'QUEENS OF PERFECT ALL KILLS!!!!!!' (who flopped in the album charts + Japan but who cares? NAEGA JEIL JAL NAGA OFC!!!!) 
  • Everyone collectively hating on Beast/B2ST/Batoost for winning Artist Of The Year. Priceless.
  • Secret vs. Sistar dance battle, which frankly speaking was quite a joke. See it for yourself. 

While MMA was a big ol' ball of snooze, the real hype surrounds GDA and to an extent MAMA.

Expect to see more stuff like this floating around Tumblr.

& lol @ this. I guess one wasn't good enough.

The battle of music program wins has already started! all ELFS need to help SJ to increase their digital scores for those wins!!! Here is the way that every ELF can help at NO COSTS!!!!
Digital scores for music program win are contibuted by
(1) Digital downloads
(2) Digital streaming as well as
(3) SJ popularity on the music portal (as reflected by # of searchs on the music portal site).
Digital downloads may not help at the moment, ‘cos there are a lot of girl groups come back & release new songs. Total # of elfs won’t be as big as half of the korean population. Plus not all the ELFS are rich.
HOWEVER here is the easiest way for all FOREIGN ELFS to help @ NO COST  !!! (& that’s what K-ELF & C-ELF has been doing all this time at NO COSTS). We only need to work together across the world like what is done like YT streaming.
What to DO: SEARCH these 2 words separately :
슈퍼주니어 or Mr. Simple at search box of each at the following music portal. (One word per search)
☆ There is a space between Mr. and Simple
Naver: http://music.naver.comMelon page you’re at will looks like this:
Bugs: at the page for at least 2-3 mins before you close the page.
Then open the new tab & continue to do so.
You can open a lot of tabs to do the search at different site simultaneously.
These are the 4 major music portals that contribute significant portion of digital scores!!!
At melon, we are now at 6th place only. In order to secure 1st place for upcoming music program wins e.g. SBS inkigayo, Music Bank, we need to get to at least top 3, possibly 1st… So you now understand how desperate we are!!
I believe with more people doing this search in all the countries, we can get to top spot at the search box quickly to increase the digital score!!!!
Please spread this out to ask all your local ELFS help…
credit: Lily 
Shared at

The wank that arises from both MAMA and GDA is exactly what makes Kpop entertaining. Until then keep your popcorn and coke supplies in stock!


  1. lol bora is over 9000

  2. im have no more popcorn.....but I do have a 18 pound turkey!!!!

    Fucking fans ruining an entire music genre...

    I wonder what David has to say about IU tripping, I find it quite cute LOL. I swear, the girl just doesnt know how to walk in high heels.

  3. elfs make super junior irrelevant, they probably aren't as bad as they are now if not for the many craycrays that seem to reproduce asexually making their fandom continuously grow despite super junior's lack of growth as artists. not understating (some of) them, but the general public isn't stupid and if they want to be taken seriously they have to stop with this shit ass songs even if they have these little elfs to eat it up anyway. but then again, some of us just have a run for the money, who cares about getting genuine respect and recognition..

  4. Lol at zinger getting low points for "visuals"

  5. How did Hyorin get lower points in vocals than Bora? I bet the producers just entered a bunch of random scores because they couldn't care less. Lulz.

  6. You always write the best articles *applause*

  7. LOL Gus. Psych is awesome!


    SECRET = bunch of fugly obese bitches

  9. real stuff is yet to come guys

  10. any1 who can edit that UI pic with pedobear pulling her down? WAHAHA

  11. @November 24, 2011 3:15 PM

    Secret are awesome. You can GTFO. >_>

  12. seriously Miss A should have been in that dance battle. Those two were super lame (although i kinda enjoyed Sistar's My Boy)

  13. yay daesung! <3

  14. This needs to be repeated:

    @November 24, 2011 3:15 PM

    Secret are awesome. You can GTFO. >_>

  15. IU needs to fall during every performance. I've never found her this entertaining before! XD

  16. OMFG, I can't stand ELFs.
    Their butthurtness and batshitness is already legendary. For real. =_=

  17. What the fuck is a Batoost

  18. What the fuck is a Batoost

  19. I just want to say... ELFS ARE AMAAZZIINNG!! How could they figure things out like that?! O_O

  20. @5:52 PM
    Someone doesn't know Simon and Martina. lol

    @5:44 PM
    Hell yeah, elfs should get an award for they fucked minds.

  21. when are the next award shows lol i need to join in the live chat fun

  22. I love the way ELFs are making a fool out of themselves!! SuJu never win the award = Bias, unfair Conspiracy Award!!

    It just seems to them that SuJu should owned the whole kpop HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  23. I wonder if anyone got a shot of "up her skirt"? LOL

  24. I'm really hoping SuJu don't win the Daesang just to see ELFs jizz their period blood in rage

  25. i wonder how do you come up with such awesome articles?

  26. you forgot to mention that Lee Hyori looked fucking hot.

  27. most awards right now are becoming irrelevant because of some 11 yr old fans

  28. I dont care for any of these kpop artists so..
    if at least shinee was there I would watch it

    anyways, elfs be annoying~

  29. Global Artists award won by SNSD who practically have more success overseas than Big Bang. Until Big Bang defeats SNSD success, VIP can shut up.

    ELFs should also shut up about Daesang since their beloved Suju are never good at digital sales. I agree that 2NE1 winning can be considered a joke too since they won with mini not full album. The Album Daesang should be given to Leessang.

    So, I'm not the only one who think Batoost getting Artist of the Year is very laughable. I'm sorry but this awards should be given to 2NE1/Big Bang/Leessang who are charting left and right with their stuffs. Almost (if not all) the songs at 2NE1/Big Bang/Leessang albums (minis/full) are charting & none of them won is a big joke.

    So, I'm not the only who think Sistar & Secret dance battles are lame. No great skills whatsoever are shown. Can you even call those dance battle? What a joke.

    Also, I'm happy that I'm not the only one who think that the shows are super boring.

    "The wank that arises from both MAMA and GDA is exactly what makes Kpop entertaining."
    I'm so agree with you. Please shares all the lame stuffs that ELFs, Sones, Blackjacks, VIPs, and other fan clubs do to support their beloved oppars & unnirs. Those are very entertaining. Thanks.

  30. Sistar>Secret.
    Lame dance battle but the former at least did something different while the lattter dances to their usual stuff. And no don't go with the but Hyosung wasn't there so it's not fair!
    She is not the only one that can dance so there was no need to be lazy.

  31. MAMA and GDA is a joke, its an award for their clown groups/fanbases. Glad TVXQ didn't nominated, I couldn't deal with the stupid fanwars. OMG ITS FOR MY OPPAZ/NOONAZ... uh I'm pretty sure they don't give a shit about their non-korean fans. Glad the general public is more sane. Big fanbases are a joke, yes I'm including Sones, ELFS, Cassies, VIPs and Blackjacks etc. They act like the whole world revolves around them, do they not have a life, constantly going on about them on twitter and such, god they're so fucking annoying esp on my timeline.

    1. then why do you follow these people in the first place?

  32. Fanwars are stupid but TVXQ not being nominated for a GDA although they have the 2nd best selling album is ridiculous. I didn't expect them to win and from what I've seen most of their fans were sure they would lose to SuJu but not even being nominated while others with far less album sales are...well, you can't blame their fans for being butthurt this time.

  33. still cannot see the cuteness in IU. sue me then lol.

    fucking elfs are giving me second hand embarrassment with that in-your-face desperate post. there goes 20582734 lives who will never get a boyfriend/girlfriend.

    and lolz @ b2st who are pretty much new found rejects who totally got lucky with good producers. yep, it's not them, it's just luck and producing, so keep that b2st is the b3st shit down b2uties.

  34. ^oh shietttt, when a group is successful lets put it all to luck and producers. when a group is failing its because the group sucks, not because they had bad luck.

  35. Awards mean fuck all. The truth is that most people watch, jack off and wipe up. Anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar.

  36. I want to see Suju loosing again at GDA.
    We all will grab popcorn and watch the show because ELFS will beat all the records of batshitness.

  37. @November 25, 2011 5:45 PM

    Yeah, can't really blame cassie for being butthurt because their oppas aren't nominated. Cassies put a lot of efforts to buy TVXQ CDs after all.

    However, at the same time, this proves that GDA is one of lame unimportant awards. Apparently, TVXQ aren't the only one who aren't nominated. Big Bang (digital/disk), JYJ (disk), T-ara (digital), the other strong contender, aren't nominated.

  38. This Awards show is crap. I watched it live stream last year and some asshole at K-pop live stream kicked out of the chat room when I didn't do anything. I asked him why the hell he keeps doing it then he bans.

    F*** you antikpopfangirl. I know that it was you he was modding that chat room(or someone from this site)

  39. ^
    The main author of this blog is actually friends with the person who runs that stream haha.

    None of us are involved though.

  40. 6:57 is a butthurt b2uty. aww.

  41. shit the dance battle was a joke. I thought u were just being harsh as usual. thanks for the warning. Sistar's round 2 "dance" of how dare you basically consisted of ONE KICK. Thats pretty messed up....
    LOL @ 2:07 u should of just enjoyed the stream or tried too.

  42. To all stupid ELF...
    U guys seriouslyyyy know how to waste your time by doing stupid things like that.. do u know what dear stupid ELF??? One day when u became an old granny n reflect all things u had done during ur lifetime... u gonna say 'omg i waassss sooo stupid back then when i worship suju n neglecting my studies my life my everything.. it did not give me any money or benefit at all.. even none of the suju oppa had become my husband...'
    PLEASE ELF stop being SCARY.. Suju is not always the best.. give chance to those group that really deserve.. obsessiveness is a disease.....

  43. My golly this gave me the laugh of the century.

    How can fans be more insane?!

    Seriously, these people need some serious medical help.
    Loved the choice of words, btw.

    SONEs, VIPs, Blackjacks, ELFs, FTW!



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