Thursday, November 15, 2012

BOYFRIEND "matures". I am not impressed.

Recently, Boyfriend, known for their flower-boy style and lack of blinking, released "Janus" full album and the MV for the title song.

Now, as I've said before, having an "unique" concept and then flip it for pastel colors and cute faces seems rather ridiculous from my point of view. Doing the other way around, though, looks like the logical step to take when the group members start getting old.
But here's the deal: there's nothing special about this. The song, the outfits, the sets and even the choreography look like they were just taken from MBLAQ's rejects' drawer.
Not only that, but this guys' "dramaticness" appears overly forced and i'm not even mentioning the "acting" of the twins (whoever decided to give them lenses needs to be fired right now).
Despite of everything, the change allowed us to catch a tiny ray of talent coming from Donghyun who is, according to WikiDrama, the leader of this clusterfuck and also the only member who actually follows the rhythm of the song when dancing.

The guy that doesn't look like Alf

If you think nothing conforms my lousy ass you're probably right. What is -somewhat- frustrating is not the lack of unique factors; but the issue of Korean Ent. Industry ignoring the existence of grey areas when it comes to concepts.
For what I've seen on tumblr, B1A4 is following a similar track. Just wait for BANAs commenting on how deep their oppas are.


  1. They're wearing skirts.

    They're wearing skirts.

  2. At least it was a song, with some effort put into it. It's a sad day, when I compliment a song for being up to minimum standard. Well, minimum standards for kpop anyway.

    How is it that no matter what these guys do, they always seem feminine?

    1. I found myself congratulating them for NOT giving me diabetes with this song
      Eh about the femininity part, they ARE wearing skirts and they have that "i'm fabulous" jump in the choreo; soooo... yeah, they always seem to have a feminine component somewhere

  3. The song is a lot better than their debut, but it sounds like weaksauce Infinite.

    1. It was made by Sweetune who are IFINITE's songwriter

      TBH I thought this was a BTD rip off, especially the outfits (although thankfully INFINITE didn't wear skirts). And the choreography reminds me of Paradise. Just switch hip thrusting with pretty jumping.

  4. i'm not even going to watch this.

    i was so fucking pissed when boyfriend debuted, because their teaser was at least semi-promising.

  5. I loved it,it was so much better than their two previous songs.
    And I still am trying to understand what is Kwangmin doing in that group,since he's not exactly the talented brother. @_@

  6. Replies
    1. ROFL those twins still creep the hell outta me ;;_;;

  7. Guy on the left for some reason reminds me of Shitteuk and that Gangkiz member.

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  9. Youngfish and kwangfish creep the fuck out of me.


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