Friday, November 16, 2012

Question of the Week 64

I think this week's question was pretty obvious:

What do you think Eunhyuk (of Super Junior) and IU's scandal? What is your opinion on LOEN Entertainment's statement of what "really" went down?

LOEN, that was one of the shittiest cover ups in the history of Korean music scandals.

No one "accidentally" posts pictures like that on Twitter. Her fingers should have been sticky; so I don't get how they "slipped" to the post button.

Oh IU. I hope he was worth it.

(and thank you, Guest14927, for sharing these photos)

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  1. At first I laughed, a lot, because it was such a funny mistake/scandal. Then I felt sorry for IU, as she's probably being harassed as fuck by rabid fangirls. LOEN's statement was really idiotic and honestly a bit unnecessary. They're both grownups, let them enjoy themselves.

    And everybody says "IU could do better". She probably could. But then again, they've apparantly known each other for long, even since childhood, which makes the whole thing pretty sweet, actually.

  2. about the scandal:
    tbh this goes a lot of ways
    things i thought were stupid:
    ->iu's shallow ass fans abandoned her
    -> hyukjae's shallow ass fans abandoned him
    -> hyukjae's overly attached fans attacked iu
    -> iu's overly attached fans attacked hyukjae

    at first i was like okay, they're fucking big deal. but then someone showed me this interview of iu's where she described how she's had one relationship since her debut, but it wasn't a proper one because the guy kept playing her and ignoring her calls etc, and then i kinda thought hyuk was a douche to do that to a nineteen-year-old. i feel even worse for iu because she's facing all this stupid backlash about her nation's little sister title.

    i just thought the way loen handled it was fucking stupid.

  3. I dont know maybe I familier with hollywood scandals but in the beginning everything looks normal to me,2 grown people banging each other than everybody OMG IU NATION SISTER GIRL BANGING A MONKEY AND UPLOAD TWITTER BLABLABLABJDJWDJ...I was like what o.O whats the big deal and then fangirls start burn iu photos, delete her albums and upload in the internet weird satanistic videos , yeah that was pretty fucked up especially for IU...

  4. My reaction: someone from Super Senior? Why?

  5. I seriously thought iu could have done much Better, I mean, nearly anyone would've been a step up from Eunhyuk. Ick. I mean, even that old Japanese guy IU said was her ideal type in japan would have better. (
    Loen's coverup was possibly more retarded than KKS/CCM's coverup of the T-ara scandal, for petes sake. I don't know about you guys but I don't generally visit sick friends without a shirt on, Then put on an after sex face and selca. *shrugs* I'm kind of confused why this wasn't a bigger deal than it is, but thankful that they might be able to get along with their lives and careers.

  6. My first reaction was - OH SHIT SON, THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC

    And then... nothing. We got like 3 days of scandal out of it and then everyone moved on.

    WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE. Back in the day something like this could have lasted us months; people really made an effort with scandals back then, someone's career would be over and hopefully at least one suicide somewhere unimportant (Malaysia or whatever). but now we have Korea's darling having her tonsils used for SuJu spunking target practice and everyone's moved on.

    This new breed of K-Pop fan just doesn't have the hate that we had. So disappoint.

  7. I thought it was pretty shit how IU's fans abandoned her

    Oh no the image that IU isn't actually a sweet innocent child 24/7 is false?! Well I'm going to stop supporting her now.

    Never mind the fact that she's still the same person who put together gifts for her fans on her own free will, or always went out of her way to provide fan service.

  8. I thought: wow these two are so lame that having a sex scandal only made them lamer.
    Is what I thought.

  9. Majority of Kpop idols are overrated and IU is no exception. Her so-called "three octave" is just another lame shit created by the Korean to make her bigger than what she actually is. IU is decent as a pop idol, but nothing spectacular. Not to mention the fake as hell cutesy lovely face she deliberately puts on to seduce Korea's horny closet pedos. And her fuck buddy Eunhyuk is just another member of the overpopulated Kpop idols who you will wipe off from memory as soon as he get off the stage.

    So these two can go on enjoying their sex and I couldn't care any less......

    1. All hail timechan's words of truth.

      Let the two posers have their "acorn to the bacon", while fans across Korea gets a well-needed reality check.

    2. I would like to disagree those 3 high notes (NOT octaves people) is "another lame shit", as it actually is higher than my vocal standard of kpop (which is pretty low). While idk if she is overrated herself, she sound MUCH better than those blatantly overrated groups.

    3. your vocal standard of kpop must be really low ><

  10. That three octave so fake! Biatch.
    Even I can sing better than her.
    If I didnt have yaeba id be next world wide star so fuq u all

  11. Betrayed...

    PS You're welcome Shinbi

  12. I thought IU could've done better. I mean, why not Donghae, Kyuhyun or Siwon out of everyone else in Super Junior?
    LOEN's statement is freaking shitty as hell. Apparently, Eunhyuk has his shirt off when visiting a sick friend. It's a common thing.


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