Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 21

This week's submission comes from Basilisk:

lol. Wikipedia.

All Oppas have that award, silly.

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  1. kyuhyun does have a very nice voice but the fact that he basically sings the same song over and over (both with sj and as a solo act) is ridiculously boring.

    also, someone once told me that they thought he was an humongous pervert, and the label just fits and explains him so beautifully i can't look at him the same way anymore.

    1. Don't expect too much from SM, the more popular a group becomes, the less they pay attention to them.
      He does look like a pervert. Idk, it's something in his eyes... (Do you have any details about his kind of perversion? You got me interested now!)

  2. Idgaf i still like Kyuhyun and his voice is my most favorite. I just wish he would put some emotion in his voice. Also he is a scarface but handsome, but he looks like YG eww!!

  3. When will people understand that saying someone is "awesome" and "perfect at everything they do" is not a real compliment? They just sound like hysterical stanners (but they are, right? lol)

  4. Real credit for this submission goes to Kuno, shes amazing and pointed it out to me, asked me to mail it in <3

  5. This is why some people just aren't fit to edit wikipedia...

  6. This reminds me of "Junsu feels sexy while jumping skipping rope" which (unfortunately) got deleted after about two damn weeks.


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