Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Son Dambi "Dripping Tears"

After more than two years, Son Dambi has returned to the music scene with her new album, "Dripping Tears." While I always go into a new song with low expectations, I'm pleased to say Dambi's comeback did not disappoint me. The title track, "Dripping Tears," didn't wow me immediately, but that's more a dig at me than the song. I like things flashy; what can I say?*

How have past Dambis compared on the glitter scale?

Good; could use more flash, though



But back to "Dripping Tears." The song describes a woman who is overcome with grief from the end of a relationship. She can't stop crying. She can't sleep. Hell, girl can't even get dressed.

Good thing I got my nails did last week, or I'd be a complete train wreck right now.

"Dripping Tears" sounds very much in line with Dambi's earlier songs. The track combines doleful lyrics with a surprisingly upbeat tune. It reminds me of "Saturday Night," which had a similar club meets I'm-going-to-cut-myself feel. 

The video details Dambi's figurative descent into madness. I've gotta say, though, it's chock-full of so much symbolism I got a little lost near the end. Wait, so is she actually being beaten by a sexy nurse in the crazy ward, or is this some sort of inner battle? I am le confused.

As far as style goes, Dambi looks gorgeous -- when she's not dancing around in a bad wig with human sock monkeys, anyway.

Wonder why they call you crazy, Dambi? It's 'cause normal people don't look like that; that's why.

BOTTOM LINE: Dambi delivers another solid, sad dance track, perfect for those who've got dance fever but no friends.

* Like you really expected more from someone who loves Tiffany.


  1. 눈물이 주륵 주르륵......

    SO catchy.

  2. Low effort song. Very lazy instrumentals. 3 minutes to come up with the piano loop, 30 seconds to mirror it on the synth, and copypaste it to about 4 minutes.
    She appears have range problems as well, around 3:19 to be specific.

    Is there any "good" wigs in kpop, by the way?

    1. ^ what oppar said. im disappoint pledicks ;_;

  3. were they trying to go for the Luna Lovegood look?

  4. song isnt catchy, But Dam Son, Son Dambi looks good

  5. I saw some weird teletubbies in her mv wtf!!!and song was boring as hell,usually I like soloist but she is nahh -.- ...


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