Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ga In is frustrated with being rated 19+

Well, there you have it folks, Ga In has recently given quite a speech that welcomes all you niggas that fap to her MVs and shit. I know there's some of you that enjoy her dancing and shit in her music videos - sulli_fag, you in particular enjoying her butthole if memory serves right and recently, Gain decided to pull the cork out of her bottle of contained frustration.

"“I understand the music videos getting such a rating, but I get hurt when my music gets rated 19+. “Bad Temper” got that rating because of one line that said ‘like the tongue in the mouth’. I don’t understand why the tongue in the mouth should be rated 19+.

MOGEF (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for you people who don't know what it stands for)  must've smoked a crap load of weed given by G.Druggin at the time they were reviewing her stuff. Or maybe the guy who put the rating was a sexist, religious fundamentalist or some other whacky as shit. Or got a laid by some anti of Ga In.

"The thing I can’t understand the most is Narsha unni’s music video. She edited most of her kiss scenes out, but she was still rated 19+ because she looked too sexual when she was driving.

I'm really not sure how one looks 'too sexual' when driving either, unless Narsha happened to be driving nude or some shit.

Funnily, K-dramas with kissing scenes and even guys in bulky armor with swords, axes and shit slicing and stabbing each other are given considerably lower ratings while Hyuna's Ice Cream still seems to be rated as 15+ only despite supposedly being under 'discussion' whether it'll be a 19+ or not (alternatively, Hyuna probably sucked old wrinkly dick of an MOGEF official to get it to pass).

Hell, maybe the guy in charge of MOGEF has a fetish for girls with no eyebrows.


  1. I'm really sad that my near-pornographic videos are rated for adults only ;____;

  2. If there is any good sign as to what limits the economic and cultural prosperity, it's minority ruling. Kudos Korea, you're becoming more and more like your cousin America every day.

    1. but Koreans aren't obese and know a little bit of geography
      also the pale Koreans don't have nasty pink skin like the pale americans, etc

    2. Shallow discern had nothing to do with my parallel, it was purely based on politics and cultural values.
      Your nonsensical aesthetic discrimination of westerners, is no where to be projected.
      However, if you still have some trolling left in you, then I suggest this site:


      Have a nice day, Appalling Adderall-Addicted Asshole.

  3. Bad Temper had an MV? can u link it for me

  4. She was fingering herself. Not even Hyuna did that in bubble pop and that got banned (I think).

  5. PS She was fingering her asshole too. Her pinky and middle finger smelled like shit when i put my nose near it.


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