Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dani the giraffe to debut into acting - WTF

And I thought SeeYa 2.0 was a bad idea.

As it goes, seems like the old pig still is squealing out really, REALLY baaaaaaaaaaad ideas by putting a 12 (or 13, IDGAF dammit) year old as a high school student in the KBS2 drama known as '2013 School' which is scheduled to air in December 3rd of this year. The irony is that Dani should be staying at school.

But....pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. This is as almost as bad (maybe worse for some of you) as putting Dani as a rapper in T-ara since she can't even speak the fucking language properly. Her level is comparable to that of a kindergardner or even lower. Even my 8-year-old cousin sounds like a rocket scientist in comparison.

So how does KKShit decide to solve the problem?

Sidenote - for a CEO, he sure as hell doesn't dress up like one or even try to be stylish and hipster like Steve Jobs' black shirt and jeans.

The scriptwriter for this drama probably had to redraft the whole script a couple of times just to make up for Dani's shitty Korean. Someone give the scriptwriter a medal or some shit for going through a hellish time (or trying to deliberately making Dani's lines hard as fuck in an attempt to have someone else replace her)

As one who occasionally watches K-drama, I've seen too many idol actors/actresses that bore me to sleep too much and lose my faith in dramas overall (good thing Bridal Mask, Ghost and the historical dramas don't have idols as the main so that's a bit hopeful). Suzy the fat whore who looks like a beaver is a good example. One time I was drying my hair after having a steamy hot shower with Boram and Soyeon, my friend staying for a sleepover told me I was spending too much time on the computer and that I should switch it with TV for a change.

So I say "There's nothing to watch."

Friend: "There's a star talk show that has a lot of famous celebs. Even Suzy's in it."

Me: "Suzy? That untalented dweeb of a beaver who keeps pretending that she's an actress and sucks JYP's scrawny as dick all the time?"

Friend: "Genius *thumbs up*. How about Deep Blue Sea? Nothing wrong with shark movies, right?"

Me: "Oh hell fucking yes. I'll be out in 20 minutes. Just gotta finish this article."

Sidenote 2 - that friend hates JYP but is lax on Suzy for reasons I don't want to know.

But now we have a Korean who can't speak Korean that's gonna be casted in a Korean drama - and has less than a year of training (and probably even didn't do much actual training either since KKShit would be too busy dragging her into his office and try fapping at her every day with his tiny as dick). At this rate, someone's gonna try put Chad Future or even Justin Beaver into a K-drama next year.

Existing faggots like these are probably also one of the reasons why Dani's debuting;

Either these guys are pedos like KKShit is or they're the same age as Dani, though I doubt the latter is more likely than the former - plus it's generally hard to believe 12/13 year olds would write like that in the internet when it comes to Kpop. 

For one thing, Dani does not have a sexy butt. Saying she has a sexy butt would be like me saying Jessica has the biggest boobs or CL a.k.a Dog.L/Dogface is the best female 'rapper' in Korea.


  1. I think it's hilarious how that delusional fan says they like Dani's butt when Dani is an anorexic giraffe girl who has no butt whatsoever.

  2. where is dani's butt?? I can't see it...

  3. You are just as bad as the fangirls and a very tryinghard

  4. LOL this reminds me of this one really fucking stupid (but exceptionally pretty) girl in my school who decided to go act in movies, so she dropped out before even finishing HIGH SCHOOL, but she can't speak Hindi so she has to learn the language before she auditions for anything.

  5. Dani can be like one of those token white chicks in K-dramas that come in and drop a few lines in English so the Korean actors can show off their [fucking terrible] English skills.

    BTW how is CCM not one of the big three entertainment companies? This man's eye for talent, charming personality and incredible business aptitude is unmatched by anyone in the Kpop industry.

    1. "charming personality"

      Well he's obviously got himself back into Davichi's good books...

    2. Maybe dani didn't want this lifes maybe her parent force her or kks blackmailed,

  6. Why would anyone watch idol-ridden dramas? Do you only eat your ice cream, after you purposely dropped it on the ground? Do you drive a car with one the of the wheels intentionally punctured?

    Step it up, scatter. I can see the fangirl in you oozing through.

  7. "...or CL a.k.a Dog.L/Dogface is the best female 'rapper' in Korea."

    Pffhuahahaha! Too true. But people actually say this..

  8. Ghost had G.O among the casts, although he's not the main..

  9. I've only watched one drama (fashion king) but I'd actually watch this just to see how bad it'll be.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. please tell me this shitface is joking..

  12. they better be joking because that bitch's ass be concave

  13. but the seeya sounds so good...
    It's like T-ara absolute first era amazing

  14. Photoshop this please oppa

  15. the seeya is doing great on the charts rn...and this drama will do wonders for dani who cares if she can't speak korean she had looks on her side.

    oop @ u

  16. Leave my Unnie Dani alone you bishes!!!! >_< MOLLA MOLLA MOLLA!

  17. Hahaah. Can these people actually be trolls? Because they do exist, afterall. I think them getting descriptive should have clued you in on that, no? :P

  18. Hahaah. Can these people actually be trolls? Because they do exist, afterall. I think them getting descriptive should have clued you in on that, no? :P


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