Sunday, November 18, 2012

Soyeon Fanboy Got His Feeling Hurts Because of AKF

After Scatter took a massive dump on Soyeon-Fanboy, he started getting all mad about AKF. I never had a problem with him, and while his rants were usually stupid, I found them entertaining. However, he is just like a fangirl and took what Scatter wrote to heart, getting mad and is now lashing out against AKF. Lawl.

While I get along with a lot of bloggers (example: IATFB at Asian Junkie, sulli_fag, Fany Pack and Soyeon Friend who write here along with their own blogs), I have a lot more enemies. "Oh no, fuck the guy who doesn't want us acting like fucking retards." "Oh no, fuck the guy who makes fun of groups for fun without malicious intent, yet I'll go post on his blog and/or email him saying I want to kill him*." (*Lol, I have actually received death threats from fan girls before. Talk about taking this site too seriously.)

An article talking T-ara antis on here.

A lot of anons are asking me to go to war with those chinese @ antikpopfangirl

Hiding behind anons to diss AKF? How lame. Stop being like those pussies in Hamas and grow a pair. You obviously want to go to "war" with my blog because Scatter showed people how fucking stupid you are. P.S. I'm Korean, not Chinese.

What happens is that slut groups like Sistar, Rainbow, Secret, SNSD etc are BEGGING for hate because they have sold their decency to make it in kpop whereas T-ARA hs not gone down that route YET become very popular through sheer determination and constant work.

You're just showing everyone how delusional you are. T-ara got popular because of their catchy songs, not determination and hard work. In the pop business, success is 99% luck and 1% effort. The second point I want to address here is calling the other girl groups "sluts". Stop acting like a 12 year old girl. All girl groups rely on sex appeal in some way. The cutesy groups are pulling the "innocent virgin" image that is loved in East Asia.

Oh, look at those sluts! They wear dresses that barely covers their asses and rub their body a lot during the choreography. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR LIKING THESE SLUTS!

The hate on T-ARA this summer was the height of FAIL coming from bored online loners and doesnt get any respect. Thats when online trolling becomes just sad hatred whereas trolling on slutty groups is acceptable.

See, you're mad that someone doesn't like T-ara. When CombatBaby wrote those articles, you probably got your panties in a bunch. The only thing I didn't like about those articles was that CombatBaby wrote those articles as if you possessed his mind to write like that.

As you'll see in this paragraph and later ones, Soyeon-Fanboy shits on this blog for doing the SAME EXACT things he does. Since he can't actually defend his own blog/opinions, he has to attack me and the other authors. This shit is like arguing with a child, which is why it's so funny to write this article. He says this blog is just about hatred, probably because we've ripped on Bom a lot and Bom is one of his favorite articles, yet his constant shitting of Hyorin is "acceptable". Lawl. What a hypocritical little kid.

In this second link, it's all about him getting mad because of Scatter's article about him.

remember: AKF “anti kpop fangirl” who is actually is a fat chinese boy who claims to also be a soyeon-fanboy

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hold on, let me get that South Park gif I always use.

I weigh 128 pounds, so I couldn't be fat. I already stated earlier in the article that I was Korean, so I couldn't be Chinese. Every reader here already knows I'm a big Soyeon fan. However, I'm not a delusional fan like you are. Some commenters on here rip on Soyeon, but if someone ripped on Soyeon on your blog, you'd be name calling them like you've been to me because you take insults directed at Soyeon (and T-ara) personally, thus making you a delusional fan. You think you're the best Soyeon fan just because you run a blog about her. Lol.

Makes me think this AKF is an old person using 1990’s troll insults. Like 50 year old perv

How would you know what a 1990s troll insult is? You seem to be 13 years old at the max, judging by your reasoning skills and terrible grammar. Oh, and I'm 22, not 50.

On my blog…I have blackjack anons with more bite and trolling skills than that flabby AKF who pretends to be both a girl and a boy. mmmm sexual orientation issues. Transgendered maybe lmao

Here's the thing: I don't claim to be a troll. If you would actually learn what a troll is, it's someone who deliberately tries to make a person mad in various ways in order to see them get pissed off. Yet here at AKF, we just write material that we want to write, disregarding whether or not it might piss off fans like you. The main goal of this site is to share opinions in a fangirl-free zone (yeah, we still have delusional fangirls who come here to bitch and moan) and to expose fangirl logic for what it is: fucking stupid. However, going against the status quo angers fans like yourself. When we review a music video and say it sucks, fans like you just say we're haters just because we don't like a song from your favorite group. If we like a song (especially from a group fans don't like), we got called biased just because our opinions don't agree with the majority. Fans like you hate AKF because we don't fall into group think like you do. We make individual decisions for ourselves, which is why reviews here are only the opinion of the author who wrote the review, not the opinion of all of the authors on the site.

Secondly, since you cannot defend yourself or your ideas without sounding like a mentally deficient imbecile, you resort to name calling me. That there shows you actual have nothing to argue about. People only think I'm a girl because of their poor English knowledge (the hyphen links Kpop and Fangirl into one noun, meaning that I'm an anti of Kpop fangirls.) I can forgive foreign readers for not knowing this, but there are plenty of morons like you from countries where English is the national language but yet cannot decipher the meaning of the blog title. So no, I have never pretended to be a girl. So, setting aside your lust for a 50 year old transsexual, you need to actually learn how to articulate your opinion without looking like a mentally handicapped kid could whip your ass in a debate.

AKF used to good like a year ago. Now its FAIL.

No, it's just that the "newness" factor has worn off for a lot of people. I've seen this a lot and I don't comprehend that except for missing some of the original authors here. They're gone, deal with it. Last year a lot of my articles were pictures I edited in Paint and one liners. I don't see how adding people like Zaku and sulli_fag, who are some of the most popular authors here of all time, somehow made the blog terrible. I don't know how actually writing more than one sentence makes AKF terrible. On the other hand, while I still check your blog out time to time, I'm not one of those "Oh, I think it's a fail" just because I don't enjoy it as much anymore. The newness factor wore off.

People actually defend AKF?

a girl?? haha everyone on his idiot blog knows its a guy ..except you. anti-kpop fangirl means he hates girls that fangirl over kpop..u dummy. also he always talks about cumming in the mouths of various kpop idols, including Soyeon…yet you praise him and think I am the one that shouldnt be a T-ARA fan.

Looooooooooool. No, I don't have fangirls just because they're girls. I've hired more girls on AKF than I have hired guys. Here we're fans of Kpop who share a common dislike for delusional fans like yourself who believe fans should live up to a certain image, believe that fans should support a group no matter what, believe that fans should love every song by a group, etc. That's just delusional. There are plenty of T-ara songs I like and plenty that I think are fucking shit.

You seem to be so mad about the dick pictures. I find them funny because of the content and because the pictures are so poorly drawn in Microsoft Paint. Yet you take offense to them. I'm just doing my part to make being a fan fun in my own way, and that's by drawing pictures that make me laugh.

its a fat fapping fool and youre one of the dumb kpop fangirls he hates…

Hahahahahahaha. Fat fapping fool, good alliteration, though coming from you, it was probably unintentional. You act as if it's a crime to find Kpop idols hot. Why do you think most guys who are into Kpop like it? Because a good number of them are hot.

From what I have gathered, Soyeon-Fanboy is a mentally deficient little kid who has a raging hard on for 50 year fat Chinese transsexuals. His delusions know no bounds, despite overwhelming evidence that he's a delusional fan. I only have one response to that Soyeon-Fanboy:


  1. T-ara got "popular" (okay... let's consider that) because of dumb people like them

    1. They had the most popular song of 2011, so yes, they were "popular".

    2. still one of my favourite groups, considering at least they have someone who can sing.
      TTL was their best imo, nowadays they are decent-good, and is always up to my expectations.

      Unlike snsd and 2ne1, which bores the fuck out of me now.

    3. It's honestly a good thing they aren't popular anymore. Now they can stop releasing the same song made by Shinsadong Tiger. There's a general pattern that less popular groups release better songs since they actually have to try to get new fans through their music. Groups like SNSD and 2NE1 release the same banal music without even trying to change anything about it since they know their fans will eat anything up. Sadly, it's happening to Kara. Step and Pandora are basically the same song, it's just that Jing and Hara rap before Nicole does in Pandora.

    4. You do have a point there. While their last 3 or so upbeat songs were produced by Shinsadong Tiger and their ballads sound similar to each other, for some reason I still enjoyed it.

      I also do agree on KARA, the best song they had was Lupin imo.

      Speaking of similar songs.. SECRET is definitely worth mentioning lol.

    5. this site has sucked even before i got here...jk

  2. U Shang Tsung Chuck, I can feel his soul burning reading this, woooh that was hot fiyah

  3. "That fat lozer at AKF tried to troll me by 1) making fun of Boram losing weight"

    Give some of your 128 pounds to Boram, then everyone will be happy.

    1. ^ Someone should give you a medal for that suggestion.

  4. "why are you being rike diz oppar"

  5. Lol, what a tosser he is.

    Even when we were on good terms I still used to laugh at how immature and childish he is, I myself didn't believe 95% of what he
    said and now I believe 0% of what he said.


    Follow me on tumblr:

    1. Jiyeon isn't my fav, but I followed you anyway. You like T-ara and Kara, my two favorite idol groups, so you're cool in my book...until you start writing like SFB lol.

    2. I thought you dropped on the group as soon as Hwaderp was added :P

  6. Rationalized hate/love is off the fucking charts nowadays. HURR Thanks hedonism.


  7. Fucking priceless LMAO.

    LOL I didn't expect that fucker to get that butthurt over a single article dumping on his faggoty ass XD. Hell, I didn't even know he actually visited AKF. I don't see how I even made fun of Boram's weight either.

    I should dump on him more these days just to see how he reacts :D

  8. SHIIIIT they look so bad in that performance. I didn't know that song was how they were planning to put on makeup for the first time.

  9. Yeah actually the site's title is confusing for everyone. It should have been called "No More K-Pop Fangirls" or something to that effect. Anti K-pop Fangirl does sound like you are a fangirl that is anti K-pop.

    1. they need to learn some grammar and know what a hyphen is.
      This is like elementary school stuff.

    2. I know many readers are from foreign countries but if you know how to read and write english, you should know what a damn hyphen is.

    3. I kept it the way it is for the confusion. At first I was like "God damn, how dumb are people for thinking that I'm a girl that's anti Kpop?" Then I just rolled with it, because it allows fangirls to come on here and make themselves look stupid.

  10. "Soyeon-Fanboy is a mentally deficient little kid who has a raging hard on for 50 year fat Chinese transsexuals."

    WTF it must be a Soyeon thing to have that fetish.

    Anyway thinking about dropping Soyeon and just being Friend. I don't want to be associated with this person. o_o

    1. For every retarded Soyeon fan, there are normal ones like you and me lol. So there's no need to change your name. Just don't change it to Soyeon-Fanboy Friend and you'll be good.

  11. "T-ara got popular because of their catchy songs, not determination."


    DAT DETERMINATION. Look at where that determination has got them today trolololol.

  12. I am fat

    I am Chinese

    I pretend to be a girl online


  13. began reading on akfg ever since the derp taeyang article, and thought this was a kpop anti site. It kind of reminds me of south park making fun of everything and shit.
    mak a kblog on tumblr and even posted photos framing Daesung for murder the responses were hilarious so I see y u wood make this blog

  14. AHAHAH can't believe some people take differing opinions so personally-dude, you aint Soyeon so chill the fuck out.

    delusional fans are the shit-stains of kpop-immature, annoying and making us all look like idiots. This is why I like the KARA forums...old ass dudes using emoticons and blacking their faces out in pics of them on "KARA tours," that's my kind of group. Can't deal with all the stupidity associated with other groups. Just cause you're online and you have your online "posse" of other dumb-asses doesn't mean you don't need to grow the fuck up.

    T-ara needs to get back on track anyway, nothing to stan recently.

  15. i'm gone two weeks...everytime i'm gone something juicy happens.

    well I like this website and always will. There is nothing bad about it. It's fun and never takes itself seriously. Also, secret, snsd, t-ara, and girls day are all sluts and they know it. They all suck on my penis.

  16. T-ara is a drama QUEEN created by KKS

  17. "Fat fapping fool, good alliteration, though coming from you, it was probably unintentional."

    best part of the whole article tbh
    well done, it was about time someone called out that fag

  18. Well at least Soyeon-Fanboy is showing you some love~ <3 :P

  19. it's too long, don't have time to read all of this

  20. This article made me so insanely happy. I tried calling him out on his bullshit, but instead he told me some bs story about him getting oral.

    "Last night there was a girl here that looks at me like Im a God and we ended up in bed and she was going down on me and I could only get half hard… so I ended up stopping the thing..and I blamed it on bad sleep and stress etc… but 2 hours after she left I fapped and everything worked out .. its weirddd. and the girl is goodlooking and all but life is funny sometimes"

    So I told him: That story is pathetic, and you're pathetic. But hey, if making up fantasies like that makes you feel better about yourself then by all means, fantasize your little heart out. Just know that you're pathetic.

    And of course he replied: "I know its a funny thing, but this really happened. If I were to make up something, it certainly would not include me getting only half-hard duh"

    Um, I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't even want to touch his own dick, why would a girl? SFB you are a sad, sad little man. Not even your followers will believe that BS.

  21. Seriously. Soyeon-Fanboy Style. Just psssh

    "Anonymous asked: Why do you hate black people?

    I dont hate black people. I watch the NBA games sometimes and I like some black singers. Hardly someone who hates black people. The best friend of my best friend’s uncle’s son is a black person"

  22. Sexy Love goodbye stage; cleavage, cleavage everywhere.


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