Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[MV Review] Kim Sori - Dual Life

Many of you (me included) may not have known who Kim Sori was prior to this release, but with the help of really shitty media plays, her comeback managed to grab my attention. Full review after the jump.

Sori's MV is your bog standard dance-in-a-box with a couple of closeups and strutting here and there for spice. I will give Sori bonus points for having a large portion of her closeups actually be showcases of her flexibility. Unique-ish enough to stand out a bit, yet with enough goods to keep a viewer's interest. It's nice. Very nice.

Werk it gurl.
For the most part, Dual Life delivers on its earlier tantalizing promises of gratuitous ass and skin and cooch flashing that would make Hyuna blush. Kim Sori is a lovely girl with a lovely body (if not lacking in the ass department, but this IS KPop so...), so all of the eye candy is greatly appreciated. However, I will say that the severe lack of lesbian grinding and innuendo promised from the first teaser ticked me off a bit.


As with most MVs these days, Dual Life also has its share of wtfwasthat moments. My personal favorites:

Who the fuck left the price sticker on her heels?
Click to EXPAND
Jo Kwon, wtf are you doing in this fucking kitchen right now?
Personally, I found the dance for this song to be quite shitty. It's basic as fuck and has no technicality or substance to it. It's just a bunch of random strutting and hand gestures straight out of the mid 00s. Quite disappointing, especially when the whole MV is spent shoving Sori's flexibility, agility, and cooch in your face. Yes folks. Not a single pussy is popped, not a single ass is twerked. Shit, she doesn't even do any sexy acrobatics outside of the random closeups.

Instead, you get this lame Seo In Young ripoff dance.
Also this decidedly unsexy/awkward leg grab shit.
She does throw you a bone with this booty roll thing though.
Aside from the criminal misuse of Sori's dancing ability/flexibility, she looks gorgeous in the MV. Some of the costumes may be a little on the wack side, but damn do they show off her wonderful body. The girl does Crossfit, you know she worked for that shit instead of dieting or lipo-ing her way there.

The song itself is pretty decent. Borrowing heavily from Eurodance, the song flows quite nicely. I liked how the song progressions built up to a point where you'd expect a pounding chorus but instead pulls back for a softer bridge before rebuilding into the actual chorus. It's still guilty of a lot of lazy production values, but it deviates enough from the standard hooksong garbage being pushed out lately to be solid on its own merits. Not to mention the song features a distinct lack of idol rap AND dubstep breakdown! That's more than enough to put it on my iPod to be honest.

And frankly speaking, after the horrendous trainwreck garbage that was SNSD's shittycomebackthatshallnotbenamed, any song that sounds coherent and flows as one continuous thread is fucking gold.

Eurodancey song with enough unique flair to be quite good, despite having a mediocre MV.


  • Sori cooch closeups
  • flexibility + bangin' body
  • Sori is gorgeous!!
  • Eurodance-y throwback
  • not SNSD's shittycomebackthatshallnotbenamed
  • basic as fuck dance
  • hook song
  • boring MV
  • kinda awkward autotune climax

I give this song a 3.5 out of 5.

PS: I really wanted to find an excuse to use this pic, but I couldn't think of anything. Instead, it'll be a cookie for reading this whole thing. If you haven't already seen it.

Does this prove that she has a nice rack or no?


  1. knew her from IY1, and she was pretty useless there.

    1. and I was not expecting much for the song, since she can't sing. The dance is an utter disappointment considering she was a B-girl

  2. just a bit too skinny for my taste.

  3. Teaser was false advertising I got my hopes up for nothing

  4. I'll say the same I've said about SDN48. If you act and dress like a stripper, you might as well stop being such a cocktease and become one.

    The song itself is ok, I like Real Lips far more.

  5. LIKE OMG! How dare yo use compare my SNSD unnies to this trash! MOLLA MOLLA MOLLA! Zakku- unnie/oppar you are so mean!!!! >_O

  6. Her face looks fake, but her body is probably the hottest I've seen in a Korean MV.
    Didn't really pay attention to anything else...

    1. Fake ? Well, I for one like my fappable idols to be perfect, you know.

    2. Sex dolls are less plastic than your "perfect fappable idols"...

  7. Her face isn't anything special, the song and dance is trash. BUT DAT BODAY MAAAN

  8. She used to look way better than she does now. Still got a good body, but her face got fucked up. Just google image it, she looked like Victoria's nastier sister.

  9. Her face is like a mix of 80% Gyuri and 20% Seungyeon + big cheekbones so yeah she's pretty attractive. And her body is awesome as everyone else said it. The song is pretty good but it doesn't really sound like a hit. She has been on the market for a long time and I don't think she'll get popular at all. But it wasn't bad at all and it was really hot so yeah 8/10 would fap again.


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