Saturday, January 12, 2013

Youme's performance grabbed my eyes

I don't know how many of you watch Immortal Song: Singing the Legend but I admire the show and its previous ones because it has shown singers with at least decent talent pull off wicked and solid performances that make idol groups performing in shitty music shows like MBC's Music Core, KBS's Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo look like chimpanzees and clowns in a circus, while also pitting them in a competition on who gets voted first place by the audience and wins prize money.

Note: Fast-forward to 1:20 if you want to start with the performance and miss out all the talking and all that.

Yea, sure there were idols like Hyorin, Jay Park and Taemin in the past in this program but most, if not all cast members were at least decently talented singers that could hold a performance on their own. Not shit like this Jiyeon/Soyeon duet in which the former pretty much ruined everything (some of you may still remember this from long ago - and Jiyeon stans to this day STILL try to find an excuse to make up for their deity's poorly subhuman vocals).

Anyways, the song is a remake of famous old-school singer Uhm Junghwa's Betrayal of Roses (whom some would remember for that atrocity known as 'Disco' back in 2008, which also featured TOP's equally atrocious rapping), sung by Youme, who debuted years ago - during which it was before the idol boom.

And to think she then went missing for 4 years straight.

With awesome talent like that, a banging body and pretty face, she definitely deserves some more spotlight and attention. Hell, she actually even sort of reminds me of Lee Hyori's younger years, appearance-wise.

Being a casual fan of this kind of music and that Youme looks hot and is talented with a truckload of potential, the remake grabbed my attention in a way how your dicks make you click on video links in Youtube that are titled 'X man and X woman sex scene, 'X movie sex scene', show boobs or some chick's face with an expression that she looks like she's having an orgasm etc.

While Youme was a bit shaky and nervous in her performance (not to mention she even had trouble putting on the mike on the stand), she still pulled off a great one worth listening and watching and the remake of Uhm Junghwa's original blew me away.

Aside from those slight flaws, I give this performance a 4.5 out of 5. Now I'm going to go convert the video into an MP4 file.

Lastly, I give a major 'FUCK YOU' to the assholes who didn't let her perform for 4 years.


  1. P.O.T ruins my BIG BANG experience with his wannabe rap and horrid dancing. Good job P.O.T. :P

  2. She has good technique, and she is certainly not a static singer like the gray and deformed mass that is the idolsphere. But her range is painfully obvious, probably 'cause of her restrictive larynx.
    She is not the best I've heard, not even in pop, but Youme is mountain ranges ahead of any idol singer.

  3. I hate when people cry when others sing. It's so pathetic and annoying exaggerating.
    The song(s ?) she sung sounded like shit to me, so I can't really judge her singing at all.

  4. Ivy's performance was so much better. She didn't extend herself to the ends of her abilities (and luckily not out of them). She definitely has the stage charisma that Kpop singers in general lack.

    *is biased*


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