Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MFBTY - Sweet Dream

Man, I thought I hated SNSD's I Got A Boy, Tiger JK hated it so much that he had to shit on it in his new MV with the project group My Fans Better Than Yours, consisting of himself, Yoon Mi Rae/Tasha and Bizzy.

The scenes in the jeep portray how crazy of a ride listening to IGAB was. You notice all of those scenery changes? That represents IGAB changing its sound so frequently. Later on, after Tiger JK had finished listening to the song, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy try to revive him. They succeed, forcing him to listen to IGAB again. He couldn't take it anymore, so he started going insane and they brought in a tiger to maul his ass. After getting mauled by the tiger, JK is shot up into space where he sees an astronaut and then starts falling back to Earth, eventually crashing into his bed.

That's one expensive way to display your distaste for what is possibly the worst song ever released in Korea. But hey, if I had that kind of money, I'd probably do the same.


  1. uggh, this is awful, it looks like something david guetta and kesha would do.

  2. Terrible. Generic, if it hadn't been for the rap break-ups.
    With the piano loop in mind, he should've just made this a progressive house song, hired some other generic singer for verses, pumped it full of trance synths, and waited for a spring/summer release, so all the graduated students, clubtards and trend-happy dj's, would've paid for his kitchen expansion, because they're young and have no taste.

    But no...Tiger is afraid of money.

  3. Lets be real
    Igotaboy>>>>>>>this crap

    Better sales
    Better video
    Better fashion
    Better looking hoes

    1. 2/10
      I've seen single-comment homo slurs from the anonymous-era that had more substance than your troll.

    2. Bitch I got a boy would be perfect if it wasnt for sunnies hair.

  4. dun know why but i find Tiger in here looks like an older and gayer Zico, he used to be much better imo
    this song sucks but it's kinda addicting, just like some shitz David Guetta or Flo Rida could come up with

  5. The beginning sounded pretty cool and good, but the rest is not that interesting.

    But ugh... rap... Ugh... in Pop songs... UGH... in K-Pop songs... 2xUGH

  6. I actually like it cause it was something different to the table.
    Other than that K-hip hop bores me to death with same played out disco and blues fusion hip hop. I understand that Koreans have learn the origins of hip hop can you please speed up to this decade and not just what it was 30 years ago.

  7. Oh this is so bad... And I don't have high standards for music. Also, why there are so many ugly people in this MV?

  8. I honestly think this is much better than IGAB, I mean all the non rap parts sounds house music ish but its legit, since there are hardly any parts in IGAB that is listenable.

  9. Replies
    1. I actually like it, because its not "K-Pop" technically(?
      They wanna have they own sound, not the "idol pop" style
      So I like it A LOT too:3

  10. I loved this video! Am I the only one who likes this video? It was weird but it worked for me....

  11. I like the song,because T Tasha in it and yes I am biased you fuckin bitch,even Tasha's fart sound is better than that IGAB shit...


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