Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sistar: successful girl group or front for nudist colony?

On a recent episode of "Shinhwa Broadcast," Sistar's vocal powerhouse Hyorin was revealed to sleep naked. Specifically, Shin Hye Sung introduced her by saying her name's Hyorin and she sleeps naked, which might be the best introduction for anyone I've ever heard.

While reading about this, though, I couldn't help but think, "Wait, Sistar's talking about being naked again? Didn't this just happen?"

The group's already confessed to walking around their dorm naked (except for Awesome Dasom who keeps trying to play the good girl card), sleeping naked, and sponge bathing each other. And while denying that she gets in on the action, Dasom's outed the other members for showering together.

Some snitches get stitches. Others just get snubbed.

I think it's time for Hyorin and the other girls to admit the truth: Sistar is actually a group of nudists (and Dasom) whose sole purpose in the kpop scene is to earn enough money to support their naked lifestyle.

Filming music videos is hard. These clothes are just so binding. 

I'm beginning to think the only times they wear clothes are on stage, in videos and at press conferences. Even then, this explains a lot as to why nudist leader Hyorin is so often seen trying to burst out of her wardrobe.

The girl just wants to reveal her true self ... and so much more.




  1. Omo I really want that outfit in the 5th pic...although it may have many spelling errors. Still cute!

  2. (and Dasom) seems to be the way most people view Sistar

  3. Well, it just all adds up to the whore image they want to produce.

  4. Dasom, baby, stop living in shame. You are sexy. These are your years of youth you will never get back. Own it.

  5. it must be nice when Hyorin walks around naked, as you have things to look at that aren't her face

  6. Replies
    1. Lesbian orgies occur everyday in the Sistar dormitory

  7. http://www.allkpop.com/2012/09/sistars-dasom-explains-she-doesnt-hang-out-in-dorm-in-only-underwear-like-other-members

    Dasom: "I didn’t know where to put my eyes.”

  8. Ahahaha! I'm a huge Hyorin stan, but this article is hilarious.

    1. many here are, hon. you seem to be new to AKFG

    2. except AKFG himself, tho </3

    3. Yeah, I <3 Hyorin. Even more now ...

    4. Ahaha it actually doesn't seem like a lot of people are Hyorin stans, here. I've seen lots of bashing, mostly for her face of course.
      Still, it's nice to know. And I am kinda new. I started following AKFG after he called out SFB, and article in which I laughed my ass off.

  9. I'm not a fan of fanfics but I would totally spend some sperm to a Sistar lesbian fanfic. Just Imagine Soyou and Bora cuddling naked, after having rough, but still kind, steamy sex.


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