Friday, January 25, 2013

One of a GAIN=Trolled 2013 (video included)

I was on when suddenly I see these 2 gifs.

ummmmmmmmmm wait WTF!?!?

Guess this is a parody vid BEG did of ONE OF A KIND by G-Dragon. This one is called ONE OF A GAIN. (see what they did there).

It's suppose to be funny, but honestly I don't see the humor really.  Changing a name from KIND to GAIN isn't really comedy people. And neither is this photo below of laundry detergent. Try not to laugh, niggas.

This video is full of TROLLING and it's not trolling GDragon. It's trolling us. HARD. Relentlessly hard.

Da fuck is wrong with this world when people this stuff like this is funny.
FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  STOP THIS FUCKING SHIT!!!

Well at lease we get to see Narsha bending over again. LOL Or is that JEA. Can't tell with the glasses. Friggin' asians ALL ROOK SAME.

HEY YO BEG IF YOU're reading this:

Don't get me wrong girls. I still love you but this was like a male fingering my mom right in front of me. Don't want to see it ever again.


  1. The only funny bit to me was the Narsha grinding on GaIn bit. The vocals were too try-hard for me and didn't end up funny.

    Yep, I'm 99.9% sure it's narsha because JeA is at the beginning pretending to be Lydia Paek.

  2. If it sounded better it would've been funnier

  3. Lol iis it weird if I found this funny

  4. that which one smells better is hilarious

  5. Narsha is just my most favourite horny alley cat. <3


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