Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Makes Breast Teaser Ever

Okay so there's no breasts exposed at all in the latest teaser picture, but I just wanted to make the pun.



I can't imagine why anyone would even complain about this aside from how lazy the whole thing must have been to conceive/execute.
"Hey guys, we need something to release to start promotion teasers." 
"Fuck if I know, the interns who usually do that shit are all in Japan with KARA right now." 
"Goddamn it, just have them draw a sign or someshit and pose with it." 
"Nah, that's too fucking boring. Rainbow's already irrelevant enough as it is, we need to add some umph to this shit." 
"Make sure no cleavage is showing though, save something for the rest of the teasers."
But lest we forget, this is Rainbow, a Worst Korean girl group and not some hussies from America/Japan. Netizens are bastards with no taste.
1. [+143, -9] Not really anticipating it. They're basically trying to win with skin exposure again.
           - Fuck you then, keep fapping to that IGAB garbage.
2. [+125, -6] Do girl groups think the only way they can succeed is if they strip? They're always stripping...
           - Only a virgin/fem-nazi would bitch about skin exposure.
3. [+114, -6] Their coordi has to be their anti. Their hair and outfits during 'A' were a tragedy.
           - Okay, good point. It wasn't ALL bad though.
4. [+95, -6] As if the lack of pants on girl groups wasn't enough, it's topless now? What will they have left to strip after this... Stop it already.       
           - Jealous fangirl detected.
5. [+85, -3] The MOGEF is getting ready
           - Fap first, ban later.
6. [+85, -4] They're always stripping       
           - This fucker makes that sound like a bad thing.
7. [+88, -10] It's like they don't know how to do anything else besides stripping       
           - It takes talent to sing and strip at the same time, you bastard.
8. [+70, -1] Pretty sure your parents didn't let you become singers so you could strip       
           - Pretty sure your parents didn't pay for your internet so you could bitch about titties instead of studying for your goddamn exams either.
9. [+71, -5] Soon they'll just come out naked       
10. [+62, -1] Their company's going crazy... KARA didn't expose that much skin before until they hit it with Lupin and it got much worse... Then they just made Rainbow expose skin right from the get go.
           - Still pressed about A, I see. Let's all just ignore Mister while we're at it.
You scrubs go bitch elsewhere. I will enjoy this teaser til the next one comes out. <3


  1. Even though I'm not a guy, I still think it's okay for them to be naked, it's not like they're fucking 13 year olds, they're women, and if they're old enough to star in porn, then they're obviously old enough to take a picture topless (albeit with a banner covering their breasts).

    Netizens are some dumb mothafuckers

    1. Also, yay, rainbow's finally coming back. It's about damn time.

  2. "Their coordi has to be their anti. Their hair and outfits during 'A' were a tragedy." DIS GUY.
    I thought a lot of the comments were pretty funny (you should get Chuck to translate top 10 comments from now on).

    1. I think Zaku got these from Netizen Buzz, which translated a lot of comments from netizens.

    2. Oh, maybe I should actually click links before I type anything. He did get them from NB.

    3. Yeah guys. Pls check my links for sauce before demanding it.

    4. Me clicked. Me liked. Me wanted more. Problem?

    5. I've honestly only translated for this site when Zaku wrote the HwayounGate article. I'm too busy translating for other sites lol.

    6. I can do it if you ask nicely, with my 3rd grade vocabulary.

  3. I bet all these bitches will fucking love topless male idols grinding on a stripper pole and shit, such double standards is one of the reason I hate fuckin kpop fangirls.

    1. Also the way how they criticize the least fuckin skin exposure makes me think that they are some kind of jealous fat bitch.

    2. That in itself is a clichéed answer, you know.

  4. This teaser was fucking great except that might just be my hormones talking.

  5. " - Only a virgin/fem-nazi would bitch about skin exposure."
    That's not true. There's something negative or sad (whichever side you're on in the fandom) that goes hand in hand with idols doing something like that.
    Of course I still fap to bitches exhibiting their titters.

  6. Yay! Woori! Netizens are stupid, they are more than likely posing in strapless bras, but either way who cares, they are getting people interested in them which is what they need. Hopefully they can actually win with this comeback and DSP can have more money to work with that just KARA's so rainbow can start actually making a name for themselves outside of Jaekyung and Woori.

  7. WAIT WHAT? is this rainbow? dafuq? i dont recognize ANYONE AT ALL (okay cept jaekyunf). was their hiatus that long we cant remember who just had ps or what?

  8. Woori and that other one are looking very alike. Not sure which is which!

  9. I don't think these Korean Netizens have seen SDN48... Japanese idols do this shit and make shit loads of money.

    1. bish their bodies (or tits) aint comparable to Rainbow--colorful arch of beauty after the rain..of jizz

  10. Well,nudity doesn't always come good for Rainbow *coughAdancecough*.But I've got to say,they look amazing,I couldn't even figure out where Jisook and Woori are for at least 3 minutes.If only it didn't look so...lazy.It's like DSP doesn't even try. *sigh* And I love Rainbow so much! TT_TT

  11. i'm so happy for a rainbow comeback i don't care if they show tits or not. just wanna see them. that said, i'm taking it as a good sign that netizens all remember who they are what with the hiatus and wave of new groups

  12. Trying too hard to be sexy on the end and Soccer Mom bangs aren't looking too great. The one to the left of Jaekyung is really gorgeous and No-eul keeps sneakily being the hottest member of the group. AND Woori looks weird. ...might as well finish Jaekyung looks like Jaekyung and short one is cuuute <3


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