Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Match Made in Hell

Taeyang to be featured on M-Flo’s upcoming album

M-Flo will be releasing their 8th official album titled “FUTURE IS WOW” on the 26th of March, and will be featuring many other popular Japanese artists.
However it was revealed that Big Bang’s Taeyang will also be a part of this album.
On M-Flo’s official home page on the 20th, a list of the featured artists was revealed, including artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki and main vocal singer, Washio Reina of Japanese girl group ‘Flower’.
Taeyang will be featured on M-Flo’s lead track “Go Crazy”, in which it will be a party song. M-Flo revealed that they put extra effort in to this song, where member Verbal edited his raps as much as 3 times and had them all newly recorded every time.
Many fans in both Korea and Japan are anticipating this album, especially as both artists have strong fanbases in both countries.
Source: Sports Donga

I can hear Chuck screaming already.


  1. Better Taeyang to sing the vocals than have GD or TOP feature a rap.

    1. " will be a party song"

      Expect raps instead of vocals.

  2. As AKF said, I'd still enjoy his singing (WD era, I really liked it) instead of having GD or TOP (or for worse, both) butchering the song, at least I still have a bit oh hope here.

    I'm giving him another chance after his latest crap.

  3. ringa linga was awful but if it had to be big bang it might as well be him

  4. Can we please pay attention to the *real* travesty here; the fact that Ayumi Hamasaki is going to feature on a track

  5. Taeyang's face in the picture.

    btw r.i.p cz

  6. I hate that picture.
    I won't be able to sleep.

  7. Better TryHardYang than G-Dragon.


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