Thursday, February 27, 2014

Netizens Bitching About Naeun's Admission Into Dongguk University

I guess after pulling a Shinbot and scheduling seven articles for the Fancam Appreciation series, I guess I should return to AKF's roots of discussing why I think certain opinions are retarded. Okay, I guess fancams are in AKF's roots too.

Anyway, the basis of this post is the NB article regarding Naeun's admission into Dongguk University.

My first reaction when I read the article: Cool, nice to see that she's furthering her education.
My reaction after reading the article: Why do these people even care?

Korean universities typically use idols for brand exposure, or else there wouldn't be any special admissions. And it is not as if idols are the only ones getting special admissions into universities in Korea. Unless someone shows me proof otherwise, I don't see how celebrities getting admitted into university takes away a spot from someone else. If it's a special admission, I would assume that there aren't relations to the people getting in through regular admissions. 

Anyway, I have two major problems with all of the attention thrown at this problem. The first one is about why do people even care and the second is in regards to people saying idols don't need an education.

Why do people care? Is it envy or jealousy? In life, what other people are doing with their lives has nothing to do with me as long as they're positively contributing to society in any way. I only care about someone's actions if they are a detriment to society, because then their detrimental actions may end up harming other people. Does the fact that Naeun goes to university causing any harm to anyone out there. Unless someone has Naeunilitis, where they get too much inflammation in their dick when they see Naeun shake her ass, I don't buy it.

On the contrary, many of the people feel spiteful towards Naeun and feel entitled to have the same rewards as her in life. Sorry, but wake up from you World of Fantasy and wake up to reality. People will obtain things that you possibly can't. It's your fault for focusing too much on the matters of other people instead of focusing solely on yourself. Focus on making yourself succeed in life, because there are plenty of obstacles as is, and you don't need jealousy and envy to be two extra obstacles in your life.

When people have such a way of thinking, they're externalizing their failures as a psychological self-defense mechanism. However, that's simply avoiding the problem. Everyone has failures in their life. So learn from them instead of blaming others for your problem. If you have time to bitch about your problems, you also have the time to fix them. For example, say you're the hypothetical student that got their slot taken away from Naeun. Supposing that's how the system works in the first place, even if Naeun didn't take your spot, it's not as if you were guaranteed that spot. You were on the cusp, along with many other applicants. Instead of going home and bitching about how Naeun took your spot, reflect (lol, now I sound like a true Korean) on why you most likely wouldn't have been admitted in the first place and look for ways to make yourself look more impressive the next time you apply. Being a miserable cunt is the easiest thing to be in this world, being someone who works for their success and happiness is much harder.

I'm just stupefied by these comments. Idols don't deserve education just because of their supposed good income. Sorry to break your world of fantasy again, but not everyone earns the same as Suzy does in the industry. Suzy is an outlier, one of the few idols who can live off of her CF deals for life even if she became irrelevant tomorrow, providing that she has invested and saved her money wisely. Most idols don't make anything at all because their group doesn't bring in enough revenue to cover all of the expenses their company paid to them. Most idols become idols for the attention and fame, not because they love making next to nothing.

Considering the average idol group has a short life span, why shouldn't idols go to university to get an education? Sure, many idols get their degrees in something like theater or music, however, they'll learn critical thinking skills in their other classes, which is a skill Koreans desperately need given their hive mentality in general and their high school education system. (There is nothing inherently wrong with rote memorization, but that system alone isn't enough).

Consider that a high school student enters an idol academy when they are 17 (in Korean years; their first year in high school) and train through all three years of the high school life. Then they debut when they're 20 and promote 3-4 songs a year in their group because their company needs to recoup the expenses of those three years of training for every member in the group. Well, that group disbands three years later due to the company not being able to afford to promote the group any longer. Now the person is 23 years old, didn't make any money during those three years of being an idol, and now has to apply for any job that she can and possibly end up working 2-3 jobs to support herself. I see nothing wrong with an honest living as long as you do your work well. However, in industrialized countries, we are indoctrinated to believe that certain jobs are below us. Going with that indoctrinated way of thinking, because of your envy and jealousy, you want to deny idols getting a university education, forcing that idol to work at jobs "beneath" herself a few years later because of your misconstrued view of reality.

Maybe it's just me, but I would rather worry about my problems and learning how to fix them, and possibly help others if I have the opportunity, rather than bitch and moan about someone else's success while having a pity party, cursing the world for not giving me the things that I feel entitled to. I guess I just find it preferrable to be someone who keeps working at what I wish to achieve than to be a sniveling cunt.


  1. My entire reaction to this was just...

  2. When there are things in life you just can't control, then you can bitch and moan.
    However, I don't see this as a problem. I would've thought they'd be happy for Naeun setting a good example for her younger fans….

  3. I'm mystified as to why people on Allkpop are so upset. Unless you're studying in Korea and feel upset because you worked hard but failed to get in, or your child is facing that situation, then it doesn't concern you at all. I'm pretty sure most of those people with the negative comments are the same fangirls going batshit crazy when Naeun was on WGM with that Taemin fag. Anyway, I find it pathetic to blame it on idols if they get into a university that you can't. Idols that to suffer a lot to get to where they are, and I believe that they are entitled to certain privileges especially when they dedicated most of their youth to entertaining the public. If the judgemental and overly demanding Korean public don't appreciate then for that and still complain, then we can only assume that it's impossible to please them. Oh, and netizens need to stop commenting so much, especially if they only see things from their biased perspective. Brains are awesome, I just wished everyone has one.

  4. These people try to sound thoughtful but just end up being fucking idiots.

    If I was the principal of the school, I would take Naeun w/o tests whatsoever, because it boosts the popularity of my school. Is it fair? Certainly not, but that's life for you. "just by being a celebrity" you think being a celebrity is easy? Look at how many nugu groups that no one fucking knows where they are now.

    The second comment is much more fucking dumb, they need to copy that and send it to the poster's parent so they got disowned.

    for jobs - how can you know that they have a good life? They're probably enslaved by their companies. Plus how many years more do you think their popularity is gonna last?
    for learning - idk but this seems unlikely, look at how many idols that doesn't speak a lick of English.
    diploma (is this even related) - look at Lee Jin from Fin K.L., she has got experience alright, but when's the last time you saw her? I saw her last on Heroes, that's it.

    Last but not least, why do you even care?

    1. I don't think my parents will be disowning me anytime soon for that comment. You see they will most likely understand it. Because where I come from if you look at new article's and all that; you will see a lot of news about teens committing suicide for not getting into the school they wanted. That being said I do agree with some of your points here. But it is true companies give tutors for their artists if it's necessary. The person in question here is Naeun, she is going for acting major. I am pretty sure all the idols that are in the acting scene (Suzy, IU, Yoochun etc) didn't go to university, their company gave them tutors. That's what I meant when i mentioned the diploma. If she already gets a tutor, the only reason she is going in might be for a diploma. Now let's talk about the first "for jobs" point. I am pretty sure they are having a better life than most teens and their parents, since their education is paid by their company. If you are talking about idols in general, it is true the contracts are a bit too harsh. And i also agree their popularity is not gonna last long and they should absolutely go after further education. Like some other people mentioned in the comment section of NB article
      "Yeah, but what happens when you're older? What job will you get..? Unless you are in the top idols earning alot of money then you won't have to worry, people go to university to secure jobs in the future."
      I absolutely agree with that and even commented on that saying "I have no problem with celebs securing a skill for future, like AJ from U-kiss, he is in psycology i think. But Naeun is going for acting for i have gathered. So i don't think that is good." (This was kindly left out by the editor of this article.)
      The only problem I have with Naeun going for acting major is.
      She can easily pursue music major and enhance her skill. Maybe that way she/her group can have a lasting popularity.
      This is all I have to say. My English isn't that good (probably). But you guys should not blindly believe an article without doing research first and look at it in the context. And i don't care. If i did, i would put up a petition to stop celebrity's from getting special treatment or some shit.
      I was just having a discussion with people in the NB website, much like I did here. Have a good day!

    2. It is a ridiculous argument. Firstly...they had to be "accepted" into to the university. If celebrities were not capable of doing the work, they would not allow them to enter because it would hurt the reputation of the school. 2ndly ...Why do they care? (and this is really basic instinct..LOL) "ugly girls hate pretty ones and pretty ones hate other pretty ones". No matter how nice this girl is, she will always have challenges because she is pretty.

      Stealing a spot: These colleges have a certain number of students they allow in...and THEN they have a certain number of idols they accept for promotional purposes. They can cry until they are blue in the face, but unless they are idols, those spots can only be filled by them. She didn't steal a generic citizens spot...she took a seat available only to her kind.

      Naeun is actually highly educated and book-smart. She was top of her class in elementary and high school. The girl earned it, but got in a different way than most. If people are jealous, why don't they just do what she did to get to where she is? Because it was HARD and took a lot of effort and dedication.

      I liked this blog needed to be said!!!!!

  5. I'm glad you blogged about this because reading Netizenbuzz comments about it was pissing me off.

    On another note, I noticed when I commented on the NB article that Disqus doesn't have visible downvote tallies anymore, so I can't gauge exactly how much butthurt I'm causing with my contrary opinions. Sad panda.

  6. This is basically how I feel when I-fans get all high and mighty about celebrity soldiers.

  7. i remember the previous article,, when naeun get accepted in dongguk,, the comment is all about how dongguk didn't give special treatment for idol,, how they proud of her.... but look now...
    she just get many haters now... and people need someone to blame for their own failure...

  8. It's also worth noting that this is a private university. They're not using taxpayer money to support Naeun's education.

    In the US (and probably also in Korea) you can also get into a university without meeting the usual admission standards if you're a good athlete. The rationale is that this policy benefits the school as a whole more than if they simply upheld strict academic admission standards across the board.

  9. Heh. As far as I'm concerned, the Naeun situation is a reality that the whiners should be prepared for when they go out into the real world. Try getting a job at Samsung or any other major Korean company if you look like a troll. There is a reason why more and more young Korean men, who are not in the entertainment industry, are getting plastic surgery and wearing cosmetics. Attractiveness and image seem to be a priority even in the corporate world.

  10. meh dont really have a problem with her getting in. her choice of major is kinda wtf though. i mean she's a celeb so she can network with actual actors who can mentor her if she decided to get into acting, why bother going to school directly for it? if it was something like theater or something maybe...but what can a university teach you that actual actors cant? and it's not like she needs a degree to audition. i would've picked something that i needed to go to school to learn, but neh that's just me.

  11. If this happened in my country there will be student riots everywhere. Favoritism/Nepotism is a hated like anything,specially if its related to the high and mighty celebrity crowd. College admissions are tough in my country, and if some celebrity got admission just because her was famous then her career will nose dive from all the hate from her fans.

    If its an Indian private university she is getting into then that University will probably have its license slashed off by University Grants Commission due to "unfair" and "illegitimate" admission procedures.

    But then this is a S.Korean university we are talking about, and we all know the poor standards of S.Korean education.

    1. Is this India your talking about?

      Because the Indian college system is exceeding similar to the South Korean one, and most Indian celebrities are much older. Also India's fucking corrupt as hell don't lie to yourself.

  12. I'm sure anyone can buy themselves into any university in S.Korea.

  13. Thank you very much for this post! I have been waiting and going back and forth (doki doki doki) over whether I should post here due to the controversy this issue raises. Reading the different comments and polarised opinions really discourages anybody. Finally, others in a worse situation have to endure such events very frequently, so I've decided to gather strength to post openly in hopes of encouraging a minority.

    Yes, I suffer from Naeunilitis. I wasn't myself aware of this condition until I started watching A Pink News. After a few chapters I really started to notice biased fapping patterns and an uncontrollable urge to watch the next episode. I tried to counter this fapping to Bomi or Chorong, even Namjoo, but it simply got too hard to handle.

    Nowadays just the mention of the name makes my condition worsen. I can understand the students of the Dongguk University perfectly well. Those who where accepted or are already there will start to suffer a decrease in their performance, being unable to concentrate on their studies at all. For the poor souls not accepted, the fapping goes hand in hand with hate towards their failure, which can result in tragedy if not treated properly in the short time.

    Please show your support for Naeunilitis. Those of us who suffer it in silence see our lives deeply affected, it is already tough for our close relatives to accept it. Keep in mind that you are not alone in this world. Res. Pect.


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