Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Park Si Hoo Returns To Drama Land

*You can read about everything on Asian Junkie, but I'll just be a skeptic and say that he raped the woman just for the sake of argument. However, even though he was never proven guilty, he was never proven innocent either, which is why he still has this cloud over his head. Here's the NB article if you like reading comments about translated comments. I won't comment this time about comments regarding translated comments.

Yes, yes, I can understand why Ye Seul hasn't been in a drama for a few years. She left the set. Was it the smartest thing to do? Absolutely not, but the conditions were bad enough for her to do so. She had been praised for her work ethic plenty of times before Spy Myung Wol. However, she gets shit for bringing attention to a legitimate problem that still hasn't been addressed in the Korean entertainment system. Sure, there are some regulations that minors can't work certain hours, but there is an easy way to bypass that: just ask the parents for permission. So, nothing has really happened on that front, and the Korean drama system suffers from Stockholm Syndrome when they defend the system. Ye Seul has had plenty of casting rumors since the summer of 2012, though there are rumors that some dramas won't/can't cast her because advertisers don't want her...

...but they're fine with someone who has potentially raped someone? They're willing to overlook Park Si Hoo's "criminal" (since he wasn't sentenced, he isn't an actual criminal per se) history, but will shun someone who didn't actually physically harm anyone? Maybe advertisers should overlook Han Ye Seul's Spy Myung Wol scandal so that we can see her tits lovely smile on TV again.

Whoops, I mean I only like Ye Seul because of her radiant smile.

Yeah, I'm sure I fooled about three people with that statement.


  1. Its okay for Sihoo oppar to return to TV because he didn't MEAN to rape her! He was only doing it for the sake of an argument and that justifies it. Yeseul is such a disgusting slut for speaking up about working conditions! She should reflect and disband immediately!

  2. he can do it because nobody likes a strong woman

  3. It makes sense if you think about it, or at least in my opinion.

    Ye Seul clearly displays a threat for any company's income, and I surely wouldn't want her to make me less rich if I were a producer. Also that she is a one-woman force and so she can be ignored easily. If there were more forces to oppose the current work conditions, maybe she'll get a better response than just being ignored completely.

    And this guy is not proven guilty, meaning that he is innocent (Pretty sure you can't not have both at the same time), and that's all that matters. Is he going to decrease my company's income? It would probably be the other way around, since people would be trying to watch that guy that was a supposedly rapist.

  4. " he raped the woman just for the sake of argument"

    that's a terrible reason to rape someone


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