Sunday, February 16, 2014

[MV Review] Bebop "I'm the Best"

So this is what happens when you leave Girl's Day.

A few days ago, rookies Bebop debuted with "I'm the Best." Creative name, no? The group has done a couple projects in the past year, an OST for some drama I didn't watch and a song with Humming Urban Stereo, but this is the group's first real showcase.

Bebop has a couple notable things about it off the bat. One, it's a girl band, something there's not enough of in kpop. Two, it includes Jiin, who Girl's Day stans might remember as being in the group originally. She bailed off the S.S. Girl's Day after only a couple months.

Can't say I blame you, gurl.

In addition to Jiin the refugee, the group includes drummer Ahyeon and tomboy guitarist Juwoo.

Maybe later, but I have to finish my review first, k?

"I'm the Best" is a fun, catchy song that sounds like the love child of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" and Secret's "Love is Move" (props to Soyeon Friend for the second part of that description and for the gif in the beginning of this post).

Lyrics-wise, the song follows the thoughts of a girl group that's getting impatient to debut. It's a fun poke at the lives of such groups and the reality of idols often having to pretend to be bffs with people they hate. Basically, each of the girls thinks she's the one carrying the other members.

I'd argue that this guy's actually the one carrying the group.

In the video, the members grow increasingly annoyed with one another until they take to the ring to duke it out in sexy style.

Bitch, that was my B.B. cream!

"I'm the Best" is one of the strongest debuts I've seen in a while. And that's from a group I didn't give two shits about before hearing this song. In fact, "I'm the Best" has so entranced me that I don't even know why I clicked on it in the first place. Hmmmm, that's odd.

Excuse me while I Bebop myself into oblivion.

BOTTOM LINE: Bebop debuts with solid, funny song that shows their potential. I can't wait to see what's next.


  1. All I could think about with that gif

  2. I'm going to reserve my judgement until after I see them perform on a music show to see whether or not they can actually play those instruments live.

    1. A wise decision. I'm the impatient type, though.

    2. There you go, no "I'm the best" though

    3. Thanks for the links! Guitar player definitely has a great set of pipes. Better vocalist than a lot of Kpop idols that I've seen recently.

    4. @John Doe: No one gets to play live instruments on a music broadcast show. No one. It takes too long to set up, it takes too long to clean up, and when we're trying to cycle in as many performances we can in an hour(?) long time slot it's too much of a liability. Maybe unless it's a show where these gals are the ONLY guest and they're the only ones performing. And even then, that's a stretch.

      Wait til they make it big and go on a concert tour.

    5. They are playing it, I'm in love with Ahyoung ♥

  3. I wonder how long before an inappropriate gif will be made of 0:34

  4. Finally a review!!!!! Nice review ...

  5. When I first saw this, the video interested me until the music started playing.

  6. I only heard of them because of Jiin.

  7. I hope they keep with this sound/style and don't do some aegyo shit song.

  8. Juwoo is my love. She did a good cover of the opening guitar for why so serious that sounded really good. and then it got taken down for copyright lol.


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