Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SNSD's Teasers Are Either Genius or Lame, But I Can't Decide


So, while we're waiting on the Mr. Mr. MV from SNSD to come out this century, SM has been releasing these short teasers of the members. While I can understand the appeal in the teasers, I don't honestly see the point. Is the data so corrupted on the music video that they have to resort to making videos like this, where it takes them 20 seconds to film a random scene while SNSD waits in SM's dungeon, feigning being slaves while in the process so as to show Sones a "normal" side of the SNSD members? In that regard, that's where I think these teasers are genius. In order to feed delusional Sones, SM is throwing Sones snippets of SNSD's "normal" life, making them more relatable...

And here you were, expecting me to defile Jessica by editing a penis that is jizzing on her face.

Even imaginary MS Paint penises need to take breaks once in a while.


  1. OMG it's just like one of those "sleep creep" AVs. And I thought Minkyung was pushing it.

  2. I toot thought about dick moves when I saw the Jessica video.

    tbh, this don't even seem like teasers for a MV and more like previous to a new show.

  3. Where is the video of them in the change room?

  4. Where is Sunny's version of the video?
    That one was longer and it involves the girls "eating" a plenty (of junk food) and Tiffany's finger-licking couch-wiping subtlety.

  5. AKF officially has a jessica fever

  6. These are brilliant. They made me realize that I really want an idol Big Brother.

  7. jessica stan ..right? thats why you dont draw wierd penis on her mouth ^ ^

    or you just afraid that sones will attack you

  8. And they keep coming:




  9. These videos have made me realize that I'd probably pay to watch Jessica and Taeyeyon sleep.

  10. Still waiting for another MS Paint masterpiece. You can't delay the inevitable.


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