Monday, February 24, 2014

Question of the Week 79

Wow - I just realised that there has not been a Question of the Week since September of 2013. That is insane. I cannot promise that I will be able to think of a Korean entertainment related question weekly though, so this is not exactly a revival of my first weekly feature. But, I will certainly try to get this up and running again.

This week's question is: 
If you could take one idol of your choice on a Valentines date (yeah, I know. I am a little late), who would it be, why, what would you do, and how would you attempt to woo him/her? 

Note: In this hypothetical, you are meeting for the first time; so you cannot merely say "we would bang all night" because, well, I am pretty sure they would not want to do that immediately (that is called rape, boys and girls). Essentially, you have to convince them why they should be with you for this one passionate night (or even stay in your life for longer!). This question is meant to evoke the romantic and charming personality deep inside all of you FISHies. Let's see everyone's sensitive and emotional sides. 

Ten bucks says NONE of you will listen to the rules and will just say your usual "I WOULD TAKE ____ AND DO HER ALL NIGHT LONG IN EVERY POSITION KNOWN TO MANKIND (etc)" in some grotesque variation. I only trust that my dear 아저씨 will actually answer this properly.

I know that I usually properly answer the questions in QotW posts (whether they are my own or a submission), but I don't have a lot of time as I have to finish this lab report. But, I am pretty sure that you all know by now that I would pick TOP (Big Bang) and desperately do whatever it took to keep him interested in this faux date (and get his number so I could harass him in the future). Honestly, I don't know anything about him. So, I couldn't even say something like "talk about his interests" or "do activities that he likes", etc. I don't know shit about him other than the fact that he 'raps' in Big Bang. But if I did my research, I would try to charm the shit out of him.

Also, we don't need to read a play-by-play on how you all expect the night to end. Keep it relatively clean for our younger readers' sakes. Especially for my innocence, please. Please. 

If anyone has suggestions for future Question of the Weeks, please send them by: e-mail to, tweet them to @akf_shinbi, ask them at, or leave them in the comment section below. Remember your rights on this site: anything you say or do here can and probably will be used against you. Thank you, FISHies!


  1. I imagine shinbi is a really cute girl....

  2. I would take Taeyeon out to a nice bar, and ply her with booze and trash talk Jessica all night.

    I would take Jiyeon out to a nice bar, ply her with booze, replay Hwayoung's Roly Poly rap over & over again on my iphone while mocking her and then suggest we leave and go throw eggs at Hwayoung's house.

    I would take Way out to a nice bar, ply her with booze, and suggest that she really should have pushed Sunny after all the shit Sones have given her.

    Basically, get idol drunk. Get on idol's good side by kissing up to her by taking her side on controversies. Manipulate drunk idol into saying horrible shit for my amusement, since sex is not on the table.

  3. I would take Hwayoung because I know she'll lack the determination to actually go out with me and I'll get a free night off!

  4. I would go for Kikwang, since he is about the only manly-attractive idols out there.

    I'm pretty sure gay people doesn't do dinner/romantic bullshit if they liked each other, since we know what we both want, so I'll ask him straight up.

    Oh and prepare to compete with Zaku, now that you chose TOP.

  5. Jongup bc
    1. UNF
    2. UNF
    3. UNF
    4. UNF
    5. Everything else.

    We can sit and watch paint dry.

  6. Taeyeon.
    I'd have to take several weeks of planning before doing that, though.

  7. idk who but my ideal date is just chillin at home and like watching crazy fucked up movies and discussing our favourite hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stuff

  8. If I have to pick someone who speaks English, Sera, and I'd do everything she'd let me.

  9. Wooing Kyuhyun would be difficult because I obviously don't know him. However, I would show up looking beautiful (notice I didn't say hot) and try to hold a conversation without drooling. His voice alone could put me into a coma though. I assume my fairy godmother would grant me the ability to speak Korean fluently and to walk in 5 inch stilettos without any pain for hours. We do have a fairy godmother/father, right?

  10. Taeyang- I would cut his dick and after that ,I'll put him in a wedding dress.

  11. Nana if only so clothes shopping is made fun

  12. I would take Qri out on a date. I'm not even interested in sleeping with her, she just seems like a chill as fuck person with her aegyo bag eyes.

  13. I would take Onew and Kai out for chicken. That way all three of us can be happy.

  14. Sungyeol from Infinite
    I assume because I'm a girl it will be easier to convince him to sleep with me than those male commenters trying to score with female idols.

    But lord I'd do anything that man asked.

    1. infinite are pretty hard up this will not be difficult

  15. I would obviously be the effing hottest girl in korea that day. so imma need all the idols and about a lot of the non idols to get the eff out that day. this includes man. all except taeil. on this day, this glorious day. korea would be set up like the hunger games, and i would be the game maker. taeil the only contestant. and i would make him explicit explicit explicit all the explicit explicit. monkey explicit explicit. and it eat yogurt. victory will be mine.

  16. I'll take Shinbi out for a drink as 'friend' and pretend that I'm interested in every little bullshit she says in hope that at the end of the day she'll at least give me a lap dance.

  17. Since my birthday is on Valentine's day I have the right for a threesome.
    I choose FEI and SOJIN.
    Besides from the fact that they are smoking hot, they are older than the average kpop idol therefore I assume they have lots of experience.

  18. this might sound so cheesy but i wanna take IU to a garden. i'll give her a guitar or a ukulele, and i'll ask her to sing for me. and we'll sing until she says she hungry and i'll take her out for dinner .. dinner hehehehehehehe >,<


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