Saturday, February 15, 2014

STFU Submissions

For those of you who enjoy our STFU feature but don't like how irregular they come out due to Shinbi's schedule of attending university by day studying to become a doctor and being the world's top stripper by night, she isn't able to schedule out the STFU articles on a regular basis, which is why there are always long stretches between STFU articles. The Valentine's Day STFU was the last one Shinbi scheduled when she wrote all of her STFU articles over Christmas break, so there most likely wouldn't be any until summer break or so.

Therefore, I will take over in the meantime. If you have any suggestions, it's basically the same as the requirements as before. Send me a screenshot of the comment, and linking to the video/thread/tumblr post/etc. is optional, but preferred. You can email me the suggestions, post them in the One Hallyu AKF thread, or if you link to one in the comments in an unrelated article, just put "(STFU Submission)" before linking to the screenshot (upload them to a site like imgur), and I'll look at them.

As with Shinbi's system, I'll schedule these all out so that they come out once a week, so you may have to wait a few weeks before your submission is posted.


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  2. BUT NOT THRU ASK FM CUZ AKF IZ MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 >:)

  3. "Shinbi's schedule of attending university by day studying to become a doctor and being the world's top stripper by night, she" - I am not sure if I wanted to know these three facts !

    I'm active on a board where most people just pretend to be stupid fangirls, so I douubt I can filter out the "serious" people.

    1. What is wrong about knowing those facts about me?

  4. Or you can submit them by using the contact form in the FAQ:

  5. We don't need submissions when EXO fanpages exist.

  6. I don't have an imgur so you have to deal with photobucket.
    I dunno if this qualifies enough, but I certainly said "wat" so...

    Original Post:

    Someone must be new here, because CL is definitely the most pushed member. Also, this member-blame is why your fandom can't get along.

  7. Oh shit. Did NOT realize that I ran out after Valentines Day.

    brb gotta go check my e-mails and ask.fms apparently.


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