Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ladies' Code involved in accident, EunB passes away while other members are seriously injured.

At around 1:20 AM, today while traveling to Incheon, Ladies' Code's van slipped on a rainy road after a wheel on the van they were traveling in fell off. While information is still coming in, EunB has died after she was ejected from the van during the crash, while two other members onboard, Rise and Sojung were critically injured. The other members as well as the manager were not seriously injured.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.
Statement from Polaris Entertainment via Koreaboo:
We would like to explain everything regarding Ladies’ Code up until now. They were returning to Seoul after their schedule at Daegu, then around 1:30AM around Suwon, their back tire of the van fell out. This caused the unfortunate death of our member, EunB.
Currently, our other member Sojung and Kwon Rise are receiving treatment. The manager and other members received no major injuries. The members are on standby to move to a hospital in Seoul.
The location for EunB’s funeral has not yet been decided.
With an apologetic feeling towards everyone, including the fans who have received such a great shock [today], we hope that many of you will pray towards the members’ fast recovery. We will report back further details regarding the accident as soon as possible. Thank you.
Another statement from Polaris:
Polaris Entertainment released the details of EunB’s wake, which is being held at the Korea University Anam Hospital.
EunB’s wake will remain in Korea University Anam Hospital until September 5th.
Meanwhile, Rise and Sojung are currently being treated at the University Hospital in Suwon. Rise, who underwent surgery for nine hours, is currently being monitored, while Sojung is stable and will receive treatment for her fractures.
Rise’s parents who are living in Japan is said to have flown to South Korea to stay with Rise whilst in hospital.
Ashley and Zuny did not sustain any major injuries but are said to be in great shock. They are still undergoing several tests and treatments.

Images taken from this thread on reddit.

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Image 5 (Caution: Very soul crushing)

News video covering the accident.

Fancam of their last performance in Daegu.

Koreaboo is posting live translated tweets from other Korean celebrities.

Police have said the accident was likely caused by slippery road conditions but are investigating.

Update: Rise and Sojung are in surgery. Rise for major head trauma and Sojung for unknown injuries. They have been/will be transported to Seoul.

Update: It sounds like Sojung's condition has improved.

Update: Rise has now been in surgery for over seven hours.

Update: The hospital Rise and Sojung are being treated in is refraining from giving updates on their conditions.

Update: Rise has successfully ended surgery after 9 hours.

Update: It's been confirmed EunB was not wearing a seat belt.

Update: ultraman88 at onehallyu has given information on the extent of Rise's injury:
I am sorry to throw cold water to your post but RiSe is not okay. I am reading the tweets. She is in a critical condition.

They did a nine hours of surgery. The surgery was done.

They said the injury is so severe they will have to wait and see. They are saying her brain is severely dented in areas.

They had to do pulmonary resuscitation with defibrillation. That means her heart stopped and they had shock her heart either
with the electric charge or by hand.

They had to do the surgery on her brain three times.

Again, the surgery was for NINE hours. They say the afternoon will be the hurdle.
And again here. 

Update: Sojung's surgery has ended.

Update: Rise was transferred to ICU after her blood pressure dropped too low.

Update: The van they were traveling in has been transferred to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

Update: The manager is being charged with negligent homicide in connection with the incident.

Update: EunB's family: 
"We went to the hospital after being contacted at daybreak," "She entered the hospital in a deceased state. There was no medical malpractice," and, "We heard that she was on her way to her dorms after attending the recording of KBS's 'Open Concert' in Daegu."
Update: The airbags in the van did not deploy according to police. 

Update: The van in the accident was a rental.

Update: Ashely and Zuny will attend EunB's wake when no one is there.

Update: Sojung no longer in critical condition.

Update: There is video of the wake but I don't know how I feel about linking it since it's just really sad and seems like an invasion of privacy. You can easily find it if you want to.


  1. This was bound to happen eventually. There are so many reports of idols getting into car wrecks that it was only a matter of time before one turned fatal.

    Rest in peace, EunB. Ladies Code will be in my prayers.

    1. The Question here is that......where did Eunbi and other members Sitting at the van? Why did Ashley and Zuny only got Minor Injuries? I Think Eunbi is sitting in a bad position, making her to take most of the damage. same with the two other member who is in critical condition. (Rise and Sojung)

  2. Oh dang, I really liked this group too. :(

  3. Fancam of their last performance:


  4. Sorry for the constantly changing text. It's difficult to figure out exactly what's going on as information is still coming in.

  5. I wonder if they were chased by paparazzi or fans.

  6. I'll put this in the post but police have said it's highly likely it was due to slippery road conditions.

  7. I just stared in horror at the soompi article when I found out about this. Ladies' Code are my favourite rookie group and EunB was my bias. I hope her family and the members can all find strength.

  8. This year man...

    I wasn't a fan of the group, but wow. It's almost sadder because it WASN'T stalker fan traffic death. That's become a hazard of the job, but this was just a slippery road. Life is cruel.

  9. Omg Omg I'm seriously in shock. Rip , baby girl.

  10. Damn, I feel sorry for them. It was bound to happen with all of these car accident reports. My heart goes out to the friends and family of EunB.

  11. RIP EunB. She was one of my favorite members of this great group! :'(

  12. I thought this was just the usual dark humor used on here. I don't know who that is, but it's sad that she died at such a young age.

  13. RIP EunB. She was my favourite in the group, I never thought I'd give a fraction of a fuck if something like this were to happen but next thing I know someone's dead and I'm in complete shock.

    1. Same. She wasn't my fave but I'm crying like a baby.

    2. I was doing fine until I heard this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md-g7v8TaCg

      And well... Yeah.

  14. Glad to hear Rise is out of surgery. Hope she and Sojung can recover quickly.

    1. They'll have to see how she is after she wakes up. Who knows what kind of brain damage she might've had.

  15. God... South Korea really needs to get their shit together and enforce better traffic laws. Shit is just as slippery over here, but I don't see anywhere near as many car accidents as South Korea. Who knows how many other traffic fatalities happened that aren't kpop-related and didn't get as much web attention.

  16. This is so tragic, The night lost a star...

  17. I echo the sentiment that South Korea needs to toughen up its traffic laws; in fact all of Asia should. I would also like to say to the drivers for these idol groups: slow down, it doesn't matter what the situation is, harsh weather or delusional fans following. What's worse? Sasaengs getting a few extra photos, or the loss of a human life? Though in this case, the driver also passed away and it's reported the vehicle lost a back wheel. My thoughts and prayers go out to EunB, her family, friends and members. Wishing a speedy recovery to Sojung and Rise and all others who were hurt.

    1. Or worse? the rigid scheduling. Every second is seen as profit lost to the company, the driver will be in as much heat as the idol if they miss their schedule by one minute

    2. Yes, it scares me that the companies have such little regard for the lives of their idols. It's the industry; all songs are hot for a time, and the companies will always do whatever it takes to milk it for all it's worth, no matter what. I'd rather not get to pointing fingers and all that though, as this tragedy really hit me hard, having faced something like this personally. Rest in Peace EunB.

    3. I thought it was strange that only EunB was thrown out of the van, but now that it has been confirmed that she wasn't wearing a seatbelt only makes things more depressing. Blaming the driver and the company is one thing. You can't control the driver or the company, but you can control putting on your own damn seatbelt. No one deserves to go like that. RIP, girl. Ladies' Code or no Ladies' Code; I hope everyone in that van fully recovers soon and can move on past this tragedy. And remember, kids, buckle up.

    4. Really though. People downplay the importance of seatbelts. It takes 3 seconds to put one on and 3 seconds for something to happen that'll make you wish you had.

    5. I heard that it isn't uncommon in smaller companies to put as many people as possible in one van to avoid the expense of a second van. That means some of the group members or staff are seating on someone's lap.
      I have no idea if that was the case here, it's just one of the various reasons why some people don't wear seatbelts.

      RIP EunB and let's hope Rise makes it, it sounds like she's in a really bad way.

    EunB was even on my list of "groups where one member is infinitely superior to all the others".
    I always thought that if an idol was going to die it would either be at the hands of a saesang fan or because they've been cyber-bullied by netizens.
    Regardless, she's in a better place now, because anything would be better than being a South Korean idol.
    I think I'm still in shock, part of me cannot believe this even for a second.
    I usually refrain from discussing my relegion online but I pray for Rise, SOjung and especially Eunb and the driver.

    1. >Regardless, she's in a better place now, because anything would be better than being a South Korean idol.

      Wow just wow. Are you perhaps 10? Or are you legally retarded?

    2. You are a stupid fucking idiot. "WHY THE HOT ONE" say a more insensitive thing asshole. I get it's a joke or whatever, doesn't make it OKAY. And I know a bunch of people are gonna comeback at me saying "This is AKF what do you expect" or "Jesus what are you a SONE or Blackjack" but someone DIED, and you make light of it. And "because anything would be better than being a South Korean idol." WHAT. THE. FUCK. You are an IDIOT. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN DEATH FOR SOMEONE WHO DID NOT DESERVE IT OR ASK FOR IT.

  19. This is incredibly sad. I am truly shaken by her death. It's so tragic.

  20. I've followed them since "Bad Girl". Her friends and family as well as the others in Ladies' Code must be devastated. RIP EunB, and I pray that Rise and Sojung get well soon.

  21. I really pray that Sojung and Rise will be okay. I also hope the other members are fine too, I worry about their mental health because this must seem traumatizing...
    R.I.P EunB.

  22. Damn! I feel like a jackass for thinking it shouldn't have been the hot one that died...
    Condolences to the family and her friends.
    No rip no prayers, because that only make us the living feel better about ourselves. She's dead, and that's tragic!

  23. I'm devastated. R.I.P EunB. This tragedy shows just how much company's value profit over the fragile lives of their idols.

  24. RIP. I don't really follow Ladies Code but this is so sad.
    On another note, seriously? All of the wheel nuts just loosed without anyone noticing? It's kind of strange.

    1. I just read this online. can't tell if legit or not but..

      "That grand starex is said to be the trashiest work of the brand. Years ago, university students were in the same kind of car and it flipped a bit on grass. The roof of the car ripped hard and 6 students died. The car is a definition of a weapon resulted by using cheap materials. It should never be ridden by celebrities or children. If it gets into an accident, it totally destroys itself. If it was a starcraft van, it would've been different. They might've been seriously injured but they wouldn't have died or get into a critical condition. This is very unfortunate. Seeing how an innocent person can face a sudden death, it darkens my feelings. I have nothing to say. I can only pray for the dead and hope for the injured ones. Never buy the starex. It's a total trash that can't even be exported"

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Very heart wrenching news, to be undergoing slave hours, most likely getting tortured physically and mentally on the way, hoping that it would take them somewhere better, but just ended up getting killed in the process.

  27. Live updates on Ladies Code's accident via reddit: http://www.reddit.com/live/tiacm1x4ztbd

    Their manager is gonna get sued for negligent homicide, and people are discussing the safety of the car they were riding in. So many fingers pointed at things and people, I honestly just hope the remaining members of the group, their family, and friends can just get through this tragedy in one piece.

    This is a really sad day for the industry.

    1. the safety of the car has nothing to do with it when people won't even wear seatbelts

    2. 100% agree. I keep seeing people say that the cars seatbelt would have been crappy so it wouldn't have mattered if the girls were wearing them. Which is compleatly false, a crappy seatbelt is better than no seatbelt at all.

    3. To be fair to the girls, I've heard that not wearing a seatbelt in the backseat is not illegal in Korea - so this wasn't simply a silly decision on their part; it's part of a greater problem with vehicle safety in Korea. Also, while even a crappy seatbelt could be the difference between someone living and dying, it's not like no one has ever died in a car accident while wearing a seatbelt - and from what I've recently heard, the vehicle was not safe to begin with, seatbelts or no seatbelts: the airbags did not deploy properly upon impact, if they had, EunB would not have been thrown from the vehicle. I do acknowledge that seatbelts are incredibly important, though, and I wish they would have been safer and worn them - it might have made all the difference.

    4. Too many morons talking about the vehicle's durability or the manager's driving skills.

      None of that shit matters if you don't wear a seatbelt!

  28. My condolences to both the group and their families. So are Ashley and Zuny okay? Hopefully this will convince S.Korea to tighthen up their car saftey laws since apparently this car has taken other lives.

  29. I was about to close my PC when i saw the news. i was like "This cant be real!"
    Is she the first IDOl that died?
    She was the only member I liked and not because she was pretty.

    I wonder how will the members feel when they wake up :((

  30. I don't know why this has hit me so hard; I didn't know her, nor did I follow Ladies' Code at all.

    Yet somehow the combination of her being so young and with so much potential, plus the fact that this accident could have so easily have been avoided makes it all the more tragic.

    R.I.P. EunB :(


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