Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oppar really didn't mean it, promises not to do it again.

The girlfriend, known as 'A' of Kim Hyun Joong has put in a request to drop the charges of assault and battery, essentially letting him off the hook aside from an apology and damaged public perception. The lawyer went on to say that 'A' was planning on dropping all charges on no condition or receipt of settlement money as soon as Joong made an apology.

While it's acknowedged bullshit that he is getting off with beating his girlfriend for literally nothing we can all at least rest assured that his domestic abuse was probably just an isolated incident. Like I said in the title I'm sure Oppa didn't mean it. Oppa was probably just under a lot of stress.

Well at least his fans probably look at him with a shit load of scrutiny...

It was all part of God's divine plan for him to beat the shit out of his girlfriend. God saw fit for Joong to get off scot-free so he can get back to torturing us all with shitty SS501 raps. Praise Jesus. Actually, fuck you.

So in conclusion, nothing has changed at all.


  1. Stupid bitches like this NefissaB are exactly what enables jerks to continue doing their disgusting shit.

  2. And Dahee may go to prison? Not excusing what she did, but her career's pretty much over while this guy gets off with just some negative publicity. I'll miss GLAM.

    1. Okay, I've seen Dahee's name floating around like this and I'll bite, what did she do wrong? And I swear, if its something from before she even debuted like Bom or Chanyeol's controversy I'll bomb an internet cafe

    2. her & some actress tried blackmailing actor Lee Byung-hun for money, with some comrpimising video that turned out to just be flirting, or something

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    literally what i would rather do than put up with these idiots

  4. Sometimes a comment is so utterly hilariously terrible, I can't help but think it's clever trolling.


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