Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This is not a post about Jessica leaving SNSD, so why not just skip it?

Actually this is a post just to let you know that the "2NE1 shittiness survey" results are now in.  Click the sexy A.KOR bitches below, then scroll down to the conclusion to see the results!

akorakor copy

I must say though, it's great that Jessica left SNSD because now I can write whatever bullshit I want over the next few days and as long as it's not about her nobody will bother to read it and there'll be no repercussions for me!  Awesome!




  1. Jiyoung is so damn hot. I don't even know what it is about her. She's just got the hotness. Makes watching A.Kor worth it all by herself.

  2. now is a reeeeaaaaly good day for burying bad news stories

    Hyuna gets another abortion, SM's dungeon finally discovered along with Kibum's dead body, Daesung admits "lol i totes used that guy as a ramp" etc

  3. Jessica leaving could potentially be fantastic news, because it may mean that they'll do what TVXQ did and be forced to release actual good music to keep the ship afloat. That's assuming that this will have a big enough impact on the group's popularity.

    1. It seems like it already has. The amount of sones I've seen saying the "soshibond" is bullshit and they feel betrayed blah blah blah. The fans seem pissed off enough already that I can easily see SNSD's next release not doing well at all.

  4. release actual good music?
    I only remember 'Keep your head down'.
    And it was not sung well live.


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