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Ok, everyone's shitting themselves in either rage or schadenfreude right now but let's take a step back to look at the bigger picture that netizens have yet to pick up on.

Jessica posted the following message on her Weibo to kickstart this all off:

"...shockingly informed by my company AND 8 OTHERS..."

"I'm deeply saddened and hurt by those WHO I TRUSTED and hope that you don't ever have to experience THIS KIND OF PAIN."

Oh?? Not only is OT9 deader than a doormat but is that extremely circumstantial evidence that could possibly be construed as proof that Jessica was literally BULLIED/BACKSTABBED out of SNSD? T-ara who? SNSD are the new iljin bullies ready to be crucified on the internet.

Here are likely* beefs each member has with Jessica that you can pretend led to these shocking turn of events...

*and by likely I mean full of bullshit, but why can't we just T-ara logic SNSD for the sake of argument?


"Cannot wait for this show to be over so I don't have to sit next to this bitch anymore."
Too long has Tiffany been in Jessica's shadow as the "other" California-born member of SNSD. Ever since their debut, the two of them have been packaged together as some freaky Korean-American English-speaking twin couple. But that was totally fine until this fateful interview.

(skip to 8:48)

Transcript for those on mobile or too lazy to watch:
QUESTION: Which Girl's Generation member are you closest to? 
Jessica: Tiffany. I'M JUST KIDDING HAHAHA.  
Tiffany: (clutches Jessica's arm and points in her face) *unintelligible muttering* ...That hurts even more!! 
Jessica: *laughs harder* 
You see, Jessica unwittingly shattered Tiffany's heart this day, instilling a burning hatred in the latter's heart that lasted til this day. Tiffany never expected to be publicly humiliated like that, not expecting her to break the sacred Calisisterhood they shared. Turning to Taeyeon in her emotionally delicate state, the TaeNy ship was born and with it the seeds of revolution.

Just look at Tiffany shove this cake down Jessica's throat, Jessica
could have choked on that...


"Bitch, you'd better take your filthy paw off my shoulder or I'll chop that shit off."
Everyone (and by everyone I mean mostly SONEs) knows Sunny as "SNSD's Energy Battery" or "SNSD's Aegyo Queen." However, there's been one person throughout the years who could not stand that shit for one second.

For more watch this fanvid...
You see, Sunny's just out here tryin' to do Sunny nawmean, but Jessica adamantly puts her foot down on it each time. Jessica's clamjamming Sunny's aegyo hype train and Sunny does not appreciate it one bit. When Sunny saw an opportunity to be rid of her constant annoyance and anti-free spirit enemy, she leapt at the chance to finally be able to live her life the way she's always wanted.


"I hope you get fucking AIDS from this bukkake, you fucking slut."
Sooyoung has made a reputation out of being the resident high fashion beauty on the SNSD team. Pictorial after pictorial, she leveraged her SNSD fame, exotic good looks, and long model legs to claw out a niche in the fashion world for herself. However, that all changed once Jessica debuted her BLANC fashion line. 

Jessica told her fellow members to wear her line of sunglasses as free promotion to kick start her dream of being a fashion mogul to join the likes of Givenchy, Balanciaga, and Prada. She did this thinking, "Yo these girls are my sisters, sisters do favors for each other right?" but she did not anticipate Sooyoung's discontent. You see, Sooyoung saw this as a direct attack on her livelihood. If Jessica were to gain notoriety as a successful businesswoman on top of having fashion acumen, what would be the point of having Sooyoung around when Jessica could and would fill her niche more efficiently? This was an attempt at self-preservation.


"If only this mic was a knife..."
Ah Hyoyeon. One look at her career (or lack-thereof) outside of SNSD tells the entire story already. Let's count how many solo pictorials, endorsement deals, drama roles, variety show appearances, and scandals she's been in. Finished? It shouldn't take long. 

Let's look at Jessica's life on the other hand: Popular, prominent role in SNSD, plenty of screen time in MVs, always gets cute outfits, more endorsement deals than she can keep track of, solid number of drama roles/appearances, founded a fashion line, dating a wealthy man. What more do you need to foster a burning jealousy in Hyoyeon's heart?


"B-but Zaku," you might object when you see this. "Yuri loves Jessica, that's why the YulSic is so popular?!" O you foolish fool. Sure they might have hammed it up for the SONE fanfic writers to lap up, but any affection Yuri might have had for Jessica quickly shriveled up and died in the furnace of Yuri's bitter heart.

You see, Yuri has always been known (for better or worse) as the "fat" member of the group. Sunny may have had the big titties and Sooyoung might have been the one who *in public/on camera* ate the most, but YURI has had her weight scrutinized possibly the most in SNSD. Her gorgeous thighs, aka The YulThighs, have fluctuated from their Perfect Cell form to Skeletor sticks and everything in between because of STUPID ASS NETIZEN CRITIQUE. Ahem. Anyway, what does that have to do with Jessica?

Jessica has never had to deal with the public opinion circus like Yuri has had to. Jessica gets to eat whatever the fuck she wants and STILL keep roughly the same figure?? Where's the equality in that?  


I got nothing on this other than potential jealousy that Jessica's boytoy is richer than Yoona's boytoy. Shrug. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


"... --- ..."
It honestly doesn't take much for Seohyun to turn on Jessica. All it takes is a simple reformat of her hard drives and for someone to conveniently forget to backup her "Jessica Memories" folder. Shit, you could even just install a couple of viruses on there and poof goes SeoSica.


We finally arrive at the main culprit for all this mess.

Over the years, people have theorized that Taeyeon and Jessica have had a long standing feud for reasons ranging from the delusional to the grossly exaggerated. You have any number of explanations floating around the internet from unresolved sexual tension between TaengSic, Taeyeon's jealousy over the JeTi Cali-girl bond, or even Taeyeon's deep-seated loathing of Jessica's stuck-up bitch princess attitude. Whatever the cause, it's been fodder for SONE speculation, fancam focus, gifs, fanfics, fan accounts, and general interest for ages.

I mean just look at how blatant* it is in this gif:

*and by blatant I mean full of bullshit T-ara logic
Clearly, Taeyeon has been out to get Jessica. This isn't the first time she's allegedly made moves to ruin Jessica's career/life. Rumor has it that the original line-up of TaeTiSeo was supposed to be TaeTiJe (as in Jessica), but Taeyeon convinced SM (through God knows what devious sexual techniques) to drop Jessica and replace her with Seohyun instead.


Surprise buttsex?!
Now that Jessica's been kicked from SNSD, Taeyeon has finally succeeded in her anti-Jessica campaign. Taeyeon orchestrated the whole thing, planting the seeds of hatred, jealousy, and discontent in each SNSD member's hearts. Throughout the years, all the times Jessica copped an attitude and pulled an "Ice Princess" were not forgotten by Taeyeon. She went up to each member, saying "Yo, is it fair that Jessica gets to half-ass her SNSD responsibilities, fuck boys, AND get more money than the rest of us who actually bust our asses on stage?"

It doesn't stop there. Taeyeon took it straight to the top, figuring it worked once* already with the TaeTiSeo deal. She went to SM's corporate management saying, "Yo, is it FAIR that Jessica gets to make all this cash on the side with BLANC while you don't get to see a dime of it despite her using the SNSD name to promote it?" She ratted out Jessica's impending wedding to Tyler Kwon to SME and the Korean paparazzi saying, "Yo, you wanna see SME have to pull the same shit with Jessica that JYP had to pull with Sunye?" This would have been relatively okay with SME though, considering how much damage control they've already been doing between all the SNSD relationship confirmations and the coverups of Sulli's fooling around with Choiza. She played on SME's hatred of all things YGE by mentioning how close Tyler Kwon is to YGE staff and idols.

You don't have to look very far to see the immediate fruits of Taeyeon's labor. At their recent fanmeet in China, the first one without Jessica, guess who sang Jessica's lines in the SNSD songs? TAEYEON. Guess who didn't cry or show visible signs of being upset unlike the rest of her members? TAEYEON.

But that's not to say Jessica didn't see the writing on the walls. Take a look at her official statement, specifically the last paragraph:
I also wanT to ApologizE for causing concern to all the fans. Please understand that this situation is not at all what I had wanted, and that I’ve alwaYs trEasured Girls’ GeneratiON, anD that I will continue to Do so. Thank you for always supportIng and loving me To this day.

Guess what the hidden message in the statement is? TAEYEON DID IT.

WAKE UP SHEEPLE, Jessica was done dirty by Taeyeon and SNSD like Hwayoung was by T-ara.



  1. I can't believe you didn't use the GIF of Jessica being bullied with cake: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l9hbzrnOUJ1qam0cl.gif

    1. I couldn't figure out an angle to include that for because I went for the "Why does each SNSD member hate Jessica" rather than "Here's 'proof' that SNSD bullied Jessica thoughout the years." l0l

    2. Easy: you just put it under the Tiffany section and write "look, Tiffany hates her look at this cake-shoving bitch, Jessica could choke on that" etc.

    3. I see you fixed it - good work!

  2. This is so fucking exciting, sonefags already babbled how there is actuallypno sister bonds (yeah more like bondage with actual ropes) between the members, hahahahahha and now jessica said she got kicked out, god I cant wait to see what shitstorm is gonna unfold next.

  3. For some reason that picture of Taeyeon in the coat turns me on so much. I just imagine that scene from Dance For You/Poison were she comes into my office and reveals that sexy outfit Beyonce and Hyosung wear, revealing enough to excite me but conservative enough to make my imagination wander

  4. you might want to include this proof from j&k as well when tiffany and jess played with a lie detector, tiffany got caught by telling a lie that she want to be jessica's friend for long time.

  5. Time for 'Nam flashbacks, strap up for the ride!
    Also I am a believer now, I shall preach your gospel.

  6. sounds legit.

    actually, this is way legit than Hwayoung/T-ara thing...

  7. The last paragraph is sure legit. LOL!

  8. sorry but i think this is worse than t-ara's bullying scandal,in t-ara..proofs were rumors and made by the antis obviously...but here(snsd) seems to be that jessica is the one making the move to reveal the evilness. Hwayoung never said anything bad to t-ara...she just wants her name to be cleared and to look innocent. She could have been in the most popular group(hwayoung) but she blew it all by playing safe. And also if hwayoung was bullied why does she want to be back in the entertainment industry?she could have said that she was bullied(if she really was >_<),after all she was already removed in t-ara. What i see here is Jessica being brave..she has to,she's not controlled by SM anymore and that's the difference between t-ara's scandal. Only mad Koreans and biased kpop fans(other groups)believe in Hwayoung. While almost half of Sones believe that there was unfairness in SM or snsd

    1. T-ara's bullying scandal was about 90% bullshit. i mean they were probably mad that they had to drag an untalented shit around, but the "proof" that netz put out was ridiculous.

      Hyoyeon and Jessica admitted that they almost physically fought each other during their debut days. Every group isnt going to get along, so i think some disagreements and fights were happening bts, but SNSD were definitely not bullying Jessica like they were the lost members of Co-Ed School, which is what Knetz are making it out to be lmao.

    2. I agree. Just to add more it was Hwayoung who did everything to T-ara ( my favorite) I don't understand why there are still net bullies around (youtube, blogs all kpop etc.) even using T-ara member avatar/icons proofs are already here at Queens fansite


      Jessica Fighting!

  9. So... What was once the "Divine Nine", is now the Hateful Eight.

  10. "I hope you get fucking AIDS from this bukkake, you fucking slut."

    hahaha SNSD are sluts except jessica because she is being bullied right now <3

  11. I laughed my ass off from top to bottom!

  12. In Krystal's case, can it be 'surprise buttsex' if she was hoping for it all along???


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