Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[MV Review] T-ara - Sugar Free

After (a) solo songs from Jiyeon and Hyomin and a drama role for Eunjung, T-ara is finally back as a group. After going with B-tier composers such as Duble Sidekick and Brave Brothers for solo songs, T-ara returns to the A-tier by re-teaming with Shinsadong Tiger.

If you have liked any Shinsadong Tiger-produced track from T-ara, Sugar Free should be up your alley. As usual, I love what Shinsadong Tiger produced for T-ara, and he adds another song to great hits that he made this year. This song will free you from your sugar addiction and replace it with seizure addiction, as you try to fight your way through fapping to the MV without suffering from a seizure. I know you have it in you, so find a way to fap without succumbing to a seizure.

The editing of the MV is really the worst, ever. I thought I Go Crazy Because Of You had some shitty editing, but this MV wanted to make sure that those Japanese kids who got seizures from watching Pokemon got seizures again from watching this MV. It really is such a waste as Soyeon is almost as good looking as she used to be.

For most people, the Cyclops Overlord will be the main visual treat again, and I can't blame anyone.

You can even find more Jiyeon to fap to if you wish. However, I cannot worship the Cyclops Overlord this time as Soyeon is probably as close as she'll ever be to being as hot as she was before the infamous 2013 nose job.

When Soyeon is hot enough that I deem photos of her edit-worthy, we're going to have a good time.


  1. Replies
    1. exactly.
      I cannot even remember the rest of the song, if there was even any.

  2. This is one of my favourite songs ever. Too bad Korea doesn't know this or they won't be tanking on the charts. At least we have a million remixes of this song to dance to

  3. Soyeon will never look the same to me after her nose job, yeah she is looking much better compared when she filmed for QBS, but she still look a bit weird to me.

  4. Sso is looking the best ever in a really long time, dazzling.
    Also no mention of Qri either? Tsk tsk, she's been shining super hard this comeback.

    *insert joke about buying all the military grade light casters from the DMZ*

    Also as the dude somewhere above said, the chorus is awesome and it's awesome that Sso is at the center when they do the chorus so it's double awesome.

  5. Now where would a (wo)man go to find some hot, steamy and sleazy pics of Soyeon ?

  6. I love S.Tiger but it seems like all the stuff he has produced this year has totally flopped on the charts - including this.

    Korea has shitty taste in music.

  7. I'd rather watch Eunjung poop than watch this MV.

  8. Chorus + Eunjung's head about to fall off Saves this song

  9. I fapped to this and there were 15 cuts between when the first squirt of jizz came out and when it hit my in the eye.

  10. Since I just saw it on a board:
    Some MV statistics.

  11. Loved the song. I even got my friends hooked on it.
    Wow Soyeon looks great!

  12. CCM completely ruined what could have been a really cool video. I expected Ver. 3 to be less seizure-y, but it was the same thing with different cuts. If they make a video for the real English version, they're gonna need to take out 99% of the lights, or AT LEAST put a warning on it. It's one thing to leave Korean lines in an English debut song, but to add a shitty video on top? nahh. Hopefully they get that shit together, if they even release a video for the Eng version.

  13. A friend thought it was Tsunami. I was like "wtf is tsunami?". Quickly searched on YT, yeah it sounds similar, but I got no boner from that one. This one on the other hand... and the first hand... and the otehr hand again...

  14. T-ara: Song contains the lyrics "Sugar Free" throughout the song - Great Song

    SHINee: Song contains "Everybody" throughout the chorus - named one of worst songs of 2013.

    Seems legit.

    1. It's not because they repeat a hook, most pop songs do that. It's because Everybody was try hard as fuck, riding on a dying trend that should have been dead long before it started.

      Nobody likes dubstep.

  15. Very disappointed with the MV...choreo looks like RunDevilRun + Abracadabra plus some more of I dunno what.
    Song not that bad but pales in comparison to No. 9 and What Do I Do.
    -They forgot that Soyeon should be the only one singing most of the song
    -They STILL haven't realised that EunJung eternal my bias and Jiyeon pale in comparison to Hyomin when it comes to dancing talent
    -they forgot that QRi is the CURRENT leader

    Finally...I don't get the label.
    Why does HyoMin's body not exist?

  16. Its Fun finding Soyeon Special Wink to each live performance awesome!! thanks for sharing


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