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Kpopalypse Ice Bucket Fap Challenge - the complete k-pop girl list

Many people had questions about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Some people wanted to know "what is ALS?", "how can I donate?", "is this trend a good idea?", "is this objectifying?", "will I feel like a dumb trendy fuckstick if I do this?" and more.  My question was simpler - "which Ice Bucket Challenge among k-pop girls is the most fappable?".  This post seeks to answer this important question.


Ah, we're all trying to forget about this Ice Bucket Challenge shit now aren't we, now that the trend has run its course.  Everyone except me, naturally.  Kpopalypse is always absolutely fine with being hated so is only too happy to publish an Ice Bucket Challenge post when you're as least receptive to hearing about it as possible.  Of course I couldn't post about this back when it was trendy because people were still making the videos.  Now everyone's basically given up and moved onto whatever the newest viral trend is, it's time to collect 'em up.

A few fun points before we begin:
  • I'm very pro-Ice Bucket Challenge (hereafter referred to as IBC to save typing) - and who isn't?  Money being raised to fight a terrible disease through the virtuous means of providing fap material?  I fail to see a loser in this equation.  A few people complained about it of course because complaining about things on the Internet is apparently even trendier than tipping buckets of iced water over your head was in August 2014, but they were just being hipsters and hating on something because it was popular.  The best rationale haters could come up with was something about the money not going to the right place, which of course was total bullshit, but unfortunately didn't stop people sharing the myths on SNS anyway like a bunch of stupid sheep.  Oh, and some laughable nonsense about "wasting water"... which is nothing compared to all the wasted jizz from the extra fapping that it generated.
  • The whole point of the IBC was to raise awareness of Lou Gehring's Disease, which is a pretty fucked up neural disease that people can get, that is bad and kills people and that there is no cure for at this time which is even more reason for you not to be a complaining cunt about it.  At least you don't have the fucking disease and I don't see anyone with the disease complaining about ice buckets.  Apparently the physical sensation of the disease can make you feel like you've had a bucket of iced water tipped on you, hence the connection between raising money for the disease and girls getting wet - someone over at the ALS Association definitely had their fucking thinking cap on the day they thought up this shit.  This completely justifies me compiling the following list of girls getting their boobs wet so shut up.
  • I couldn't find a video of every single female idol out there who I know did this, so there's probably a few gaps to be filled.  If you know of any that I've missed feel free to link me to their videos in the comments below and I won't add them to the blog post because I'm too lazy but I'm sure someone else will be grateful.
  • I'm not featuring any guys (although some are incidentally in the videos anyway) because it would make this list too long as far more guys did it than girls so I prioritised what was relevant to me personally which is girls, but if any of you bloggers out there wanna make an all-guy list so you can fap then you should go right ahead and I may even link to you.  Also, Shindong didn't even do one despite being called other Super Junior members, and if I can't include "the Dong" then honestly there's just no point.
  • Because I'm Kpopalypse I write about k-pop so only people related to the world of k-pop are eligible.  No k-drama stars who have never sung a song etc.
  • "But there's no ice in the bucket" - think I give a fuck?  I think a lot of them interpreted it as "Iced Bucket Challenge" (i.e water that is icy cold rather than with actual ice cubes) but who cares anyway.  You can have the conversation about lack of frozen cubes in the comments if you really must, I'm just here for the boobs.
Here comes the list of clickable YouTube links and ratings out of ten for everyone.  Enjoy!

Ailee's commitment to the cause of getting her shirt wet is impressive even though we've all already seen her boobs but I'm certainly not complaining about having more of a good thing.  She even wears a white top which is great, pity she wears a thick bikini top underneath it and her boobs are covered by either her hands or a towel for the duration.  Still, Johnny Noh is an asshole so I'm going to give Ailee an 8.

75% of BESTie appear for an IBC video, and it meets required standards, with tops getting wet, and even some light bouncing from Dahye.  Why only three of them though?  Oh well, at least my personal fave Hyeyeon didn't miss out (her ugliness is cuter than the other members' cuteness) but she's not wearing very good clothes for this.  They should have done the challenge in those police uniforms, now that would have been nice.  It's still a good effort though so let's give the three BESTie members an 8.

At first, I was like "what... Dara?  Nobody wants to see that" but then I noticed that she was wearing a mostly blue top against a mostly black background and I couldn't really see much anyway.  Thanks Dara!  Also, Dara doing this shit means that it lets 2NE1 off the hook for IBC participation which means that I don't have to see CL doing it out of perceived obligation to light it up and let it burn like we don't care.  For diving in front of that particular bullet for us all, Dara can have an 8.

Min talks in fluent English which is great but more importantly, she's wearing white.  Sadly she has a few layers on and her boobs seems fairly carefully strapped to her (also see Ailee) so not much is revealed when the water hits.  Still, she nominated Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon so that alone deserves an 8.

It must be sad times in idol-land when you don't even have a single friend you can call on to come over to your dorm and tip iced water on you.  Jia gets the job done anyway though with the help of a bathroom mirror and shows impressive strength by lifting a whole laundry tub of water over her head with little difficulty.  Pity about the T-shirt, which has some text that reads "there is something seriously boring" and I can only assume the rest of the words read "...about Ice Bucket Challenges that don't display boobs in the best possible light" but I mainly just feel sorry for her because she obviously has no friends so I'll give Jia an 8.  p.s I'll be your friend Jia, look me up.

Who is that person on Suzy's shirt?  Whoever it is they are very distracting.   Maybe it's a picture of Suzy in a few months when she finds this blog post and grimaces with disapproval, meaning that unlike phonies such as John Titor, Suzy has figured out the secret of time travel.  Even though her IBC is crap and not fappable at all I'll give her an 8 in the hope that maybe she can share her time travel techniques with us by taking herself back in time to 1 minute before this video was shot so she can put on a different shirt without a stupid face on it.

It's probably not the best marketing idea for Eunji to do the IBC while wearing a T-shirt with the word "generation" on it, lest it draw viewers' attention to certain other "gosh haven't they been disappointing lately" k-pop girl groups aside from Apink.  Eunji also is another idol lacking in friends to hold a bucket for her and seems to have trouble keeping it steady on her own.  Let's give her an 8 just because it might encourage her to go to the gym and hone her bucket-lifting skills some more.

It looks like the rest of Apink are equally in struggle-town when it comes to finding willing accomplices to splash them - is their agency really this short-staffed?  Even more disappointingly, they're all wearing black... someone needs to tell them how to do this shit right.  Mind you the girls in the back do have a nice shiny boobs-catching-the-light thing going on after they dump the water on themselves so I feel comfortable giving them an 8 for that.

Crayon Pop do the IBC and it's a bit of a failure in fapworthiness because after each girl gets the water dumped on her she spends the rest of the video hunched forward so I can't really see anything.   However I'm still going to give the most thugged-out girl group in k-pop an 8 just because I don't want to wake up with a horse's head in my bed tomorrow.

They're all wearing white, this is how it's done, folks.  However, where's Ahyoung?  The hottest member of Dal Shabet not being present is honestly unacceptable and so they only get an 8 for this despite their obviously superior wardrobe to most IBC participants.

Subin ups the ante on the rest of her group by not only wearing white but also undergoing multiple surprise JAV-newesreader-bukkake-style iced-water squirtings.  I can watch this and kind of squint a bit so I can't see her face properly and imagine that I'm watching my favourite JAV stars instead so Subin gets an 8 despite not really being my fave in the group.

Do I want to see Amber from f(x) do an IBC?  No.  Can I fap to Amber?  No.  Am I impressed that she called out miss A's Min and Eat Your Kimchi?  YES.  Amber gets an 8 for indirectly servicing the fapgods as well as showing great taste in female boobs not to mention essentially also confirming her much-rumoured lesbianism.  The only problem - it looks like we're going to be fighting over the same girls, and Amber's probably also a lot stronger than I am so that's a fight I'm probably gonna lose.  Damn.

Luna not only is looking great these days but shows determination to keep a straight posture while getting water tipped over her - impressive given that most of the other girls in these videos hunch over or freak out when confronted with the soaking.  Luna's new short hairstyle also works great here because it's not long enough to cover her boobs, another common problem with many IBC videos.  Luna receives a well-earned 8.

Whoever is doing the water for this one really must love/hate Sohyun, because they really let her have it, squirting her with such enthusiasm that I half expected the camera to pan over afterward to see some guys fapping.  If you're into those videos where Japanese guys suddenly appear and masturbate onto girls in public places before running off a few seconds later then this video might remind you of some of your favourite scenes.  Deserving of an 8, obviously.

Jiyoon looks like she's praying before she gets splashed here and it's obvious that she's not really digging this at all.  I consider it appropriate penance for that terrible 2Yoon song, the Australian 4minute gig being such a short sharp ripoff as well as "What's Your Name?" and all the other trash her group have released since 2013 so she gets an 8 here for this fap-friendly apology.

I was very impressed with Jihyun's rack when I watched 4minute in person so why she has to do the IBC wearing some of the baggiest, frumpiest shit seen on a Korean idol since Shindong donned a karate uniform I don't know.   She looks impressive anyway despite it all so I give her an 8 even if she (unbelievably) couldn't find anyone to squirt her.

Juniel may know how to use a Shure Super 55 correctly but she still hunches over like a leper when the iced water hits her, ensuring that fap value is drastically minimised.  She's nugu enough to have ignored the IBC completely however, plus she seems genuinely shell-shocked at the end of the video so she gets 8 just for being a sport and doing something that I'm sure was her pervy manager's idea.

The boring, sexually conservative concern-trolls that are k-pop's netizens didn't like Hyosung's IBC because they felt it was too sexually provocative.  A complete fucking joke of course when most western celebs did IBCs that looked like this, but netizens are never ones to let logic and facts get in the way of a good bit of female idol-bashing.  I agree with them on one point though - netizens say that Hyosung shouldn't have been wearing the black bra under the white t-shirt because it shows too much.  I agree with them, no bra at all would have been much better!  Hyosung still gets an 8 anyway for pissing off Internet idiots which is always good.

Jieun didn't make the same amount of waves as her groupmate because she chose the typically boring route of wearing black clothes during the nighttime (a theme often repeated during this list, unfortunately).  Still gets an 8 though because she's hot.

IU has been showing unprecedented amounts of boob volume lately, and her IBC is no exception - she certainly didn't look as busty in that nightie shot with Eunhyuk as she does these days.  Pity she's wearing a loose fitting t-shirt here instead of the black clingy stuff she's been rocking lately but I'll still give her an 8 just for throwing her "cute" image firmly to the winds and doing something that her career wouldn't have been able to withstand a couple years ago.

Already featured on Anti Kpop-Fangirl and for good reason, WaveYa might only be a dance troupe instead of a k-pop act but who's going to split hairs about that when we can instead split the Red Sea like Moses with the copious amounts of jizz that we'll be expurgating from our genitalia while fapping to this video.  Only an 8 though because I know there are more hot girls in WaveYa than this and why are they hiding from this.

The best bit of this video is the other girl who has the job of tipping the bucket over Chanmi's head.  She's so shaking with revenge juices that she struggles to even lift the bucket to head height, and after she's done walks off with such I-don't-give-a-shitatude that you just know that working as part of AOA's support staff has to be a right cunt of a job.  This video easily gets an 8 for revealing juicy behind-the-scenes tension (at least in my own mind).

Check out the big-ass shower cubicle where the girls are doing this.  That prison-style shower block could fit a lot of people in it at once.  Do you think that all the members of AOA get naked in there and shower together?  Do you think sometimes one of them drops the soap, and then Jimin bends down to pick it up because she's the shortest, and on the way back up she accidentally brushes against some genitals with her wrist and says "sorry, I didn't mean to" and then the other girl shoves her hand back down there and is like "no... keep doing that" and that's how k-pop orgies happen?  Actually I bet it's nothing like that at all, but I still think that it's a good idea for a k-pop-inspired porn film and that these two get an 8 for their inspirational fap power.

A last-minute addition to this post, Jimin's IBC was as difficult to find as Jimin herself at an elevator maintenance seminar for ex-basketballers but it was worth the effort to track down because it's actually in a radio station during a radio program which is totally giving me ideas about how viable this might be on-air if I have guests willing to comply.  Jimin can have an 8 just for this relevant inspirational factor alone despite her IBC being sadly low on fap content, why can't she have done this while in her "Miniskirt" outfits?

Park Jimin is 17 years old these days which is legal age where I live so that means she's also old enough to go into a Kpopalypse IBC fap post.  Pity she's wearing a black t-shirt and not any of the hot outfits in the "Sugar" video but she still can have an 8 because obviously she realises that there are guys out there like me who are complete chubby-chasers and really wanted to see her do this.

Chocolat are one of those groups that have been around for ages and that will never get anywhere.  Everyone has heard of Chocolat as "that group that has been around for ages and that I don't actually listen to but gee I like posting their 'Black Tinkerbell' song on forums just to troll", but that's okay because IBC is for nugus too!  Tia gets an 8 just for furthering the cause of nugu equal rights and no other reason.

Lizzy looks great doing her IBC, gets extremely wet, and even though she's wearing a black top it's still sheer enough to provide fap value.  Only problem with this video is that because she did an IBC, Raina didn't have to.  I'VE BEEN ROBBED!  Therefore Lizzy only gets an 8 despite her IBC's excellent quality.

Doing the IBC while wearing dark clothes, outdoors during the night?  This is definitely not doing it correctly.  I'm still gonna give her an 8 though because the people casually strolling by in the background make this video really surreal and entertaining.

This one's a bit crap, she barely gets any water on her.  Plus, it's in incorrect aspect ratio.  Still, boobs get wet, so 8.

Hyoyeon gets slapped with more buckets than a sandcastle builder's swapmeet, meanwhile BoA and Son Dam Bi hardly get any water on them at all but still look good so whatever.  8s for all.

Sooyoung is wearing some ridiculously sheer white shirt that becomes saturated and see-thru as soon as it gets with 100 metres of water - good work!  Pity that it's Sooyoung wearing it and not somebody else who I'd prefer to look at but I think she deserves an 8 just for setting a good example for other k-pop idols to follow.

Flanelette shirt, really?  You're in the world's biggest k-pop group, not Nirvana, you fucking twit - dress like it, dammit.  Still she does look cute anyway and this video made me realise just how often I confuse Yuri for Seohyun so it was educational for me and I think that's worthy of an 8.

Yoona looks good here (well, good by Yoona standards) and gets a double-bucket but this video is crap because it fades out before we even get to see the effect of the water.  Zero.

Possibly the most watched girl group IBC video of them all, Sunny's attempt was notorious because netizens commented that "her shirt doesn't get wet".  This is because netizens are pussies and they can't just come out and say what they mean which is "Sunny has ginormous boobies and I really noticed them because I'm obsessed with tits but I don't feel comfortable admitting that to myself".  Although this may be the perfect IBC video, Sunny is wearing black, plus the video may have given netizens some pleasure, so only an 8.

Minah has a firm commitment to iced water, dumping on her own head what seems to be the drip tray from her refrigerator.  Why's she on her own though, why isn't that sports jock boyfriend of hers soaking her?  Maybe he's too busy soaking Yura on the side.  Minah can have an 8 because even though she's wearing black so I can't see shit I still feel sorry for any girl so obviously being cheated on, especially after she worked so hard to get laid in the first place.

Of course, Bora had to do this wearing lame hip-hop clothes, that are black no less.  K-pop's favourite swimsuit wearing group should have their members able to do a bit better than this.  Look at the chubby dudes in this video tipping the buckets though.  See, you don't have to be super-fit to hang out with k-idols.  Bora gets an 8 for giving hope to fat fucks everywhere that they might get laid by an idol one day.

Hey doesn't Dasom look great here.  Obviously the people driving by in cars think so because they're all going super-slow like people do when they see an accident and pretend to go slow for safety reasons when really they're doing so because they want to see human flesh baked onto car radiators.   Wearing fucking black of course like 90% of these people but Dasom gets an 8 for revealing the ugliness of human nature in a fun way.

Soyou wears grey which shows up boobs a bit better than black, plus she looks cute in glasses.  Pity she didn't leave them on during the challenge, but she smacks herself on the head with the guard rail at 1:15, so that makes up for it and is worthy of an 8.

More nugu action and Wassup really freak out over the iced water, for a group that spends so much time courting South America I thought they'd be used to cooling off in the Braziliam sun with a few ice buckets... or maybe that's just their marketing working on me really well.  In any case they spend the whole time crouching or doubled up and you can't see anything but hey at least they did it even though they're more nugu than a packet of nugu crisps so have an 8.

At home in the bathtub, I guess Tiny-G really run on a shoestring because this is as homespun as the IBC your crazy friend at school did.  Still gets an 8 though for wearing the internationally recognised appropriate colour for wet t-shirts (white) - good work Dohee!

How fucking fast is Mint, this girl intros the challenge, nominates three people, gets squirted, screams a bit and shakes it all off in just 14 seconds without skipping a beat or even pausing to take a breath.  The video itself isn't much to look at (black and at night again wtf) but I'll give her an 8 just for the impressive speed that only a Korean pop idol with a ton of schedules per day in a foreign country (this was shot in Thailand) can muster.

Ferlyn, one of the Singaporean members from Skarf was called out by Tiny-G's Mint but actually does her video in the opposite style to Mint, making it as long-ass as possible.  She even fucks the whole ALS cause off, instead talking about a local Singaporean issue of helping out street dogs, effectively promoting two causes at once (because people will associate it with ALS anyway so they might donate to both) AND getting her boobs wet.  What a fucking champ, now that's thinking outside the square.   Only giving her an 8 though because this video is so bright that I can't even see what effect the water has, also the guy's bucket-tipping skills are really lame.  But she's still ace.

Baek Ji Young isn't much younger than I am, proving that it's okay for old fucks to do this shit too.  Anyway she's great, dressing appropriately and not wussing out.  However I can only give her an 8 because the aspect ratio of this video is so completely fucked that it's nearly unwatchable.  Why can't you kids who upload things to the Internet get this shit right?

These girls are hot... but AGAIN with the black clothes, outdoors at night, whyyyyyyyyyyyy.... I'll give them an 8 anyway just to encourage them to do better next time an Internet fad comes along involving wet shirts.

Too much white can sometimes be a bad thing - this is just a little too over-exposed so you can't really see any relevant detail.  The gratuitous squirting however is great so this still gets an 8.

Outdoors, at night, wearing dark clothes.  Did the trend for this hit Korea late at night and these idols with their ultra-insane schedules just couldn't fucking wait until the next day dawned for some sun to shoot with or what?   Still, they get an 8 because a T-shirt with Jesus on it gets wet which is like some sort of pervy k-pop baptism and hilarious.

Speaking of batshit crazy religious nutters, Sunye's currently being a missionary in Haiti poisoning the local population's minds by shoving down their throats some shitty organised religion nobody cares about but at least took the time out of her busy schedule of emotionally manipulating the locals to let some guys tip iced water over her head which is kind of cool and restores my faith in humanity slightly so have an 8, Sunye.

That little pan that Lim is holding doesn't really meet minimum required "bucket" standards, but then she probably knows this because video comments have been disabled.  There was probably a ton of "where's the bucket" comments she had to endure so I'll give her an 8 because I'm feeling sympathetic.

The shortest, crappiest IBC video ever - it's at night, outdoors, she's wearing black and it only goes for four fucking seconds... hell, I'm only taking it on good faith that it's even Sunmi in the video, for all I know it's some coffee-machine-changing intern with a similar hairstyle.  Still it's a pretty hot intern so have an 8 anyway, Sunmi or whoever you are.

Megan makes a point of showing you that there's ice in the water for those who care and also makes sure her song is playing in the background while she wets herself, now that's consideration and clever thinking!  She barely gets wet though but I'll give her an 8 just because she called out Park Jimin.

Kara's Seungyeon has obviously been reading Kpopalypse blog because she's wearing a correctly-proportioned striped top - however it's a bit too loose to get full marks so she only gets an 8.  Also a missed opportunity to pull her weight as a veteran member and make new member Youngji do the IBC.

Younha's IBC is so cube-heavy and with the cubes dropped from such a height that I'm amazed she didn't get concussed by the event, have an 8 for exhibiting cranial fortitude.

JuB is dressed really nicely for this shit with some sexy office wear.  The top is black though, plus it's at night - I'm convinced that this is some fap-prevention conspiracy.  Forget your Illuminatis and your One World Governments (and for those wanting me to blog about any of those wacko conspiracy nuts - no fucking way, Kpopalypse will not even consider it, let's not give those pieces of shit any more attention), it's the black tops for IBCs that we really need to fight.  8 anyway because she's a babe.

These two don't have JuB's fashion sense and of course they wear fucking black but at least they scream appropriately and seem to be going through discomfort which they totally deserve for wearing the wrong type of clothing for this, so they can have an 8 because justice is served.

LE looks great here.  How come she never looks anywhere near this good in any music videos?  This revelation is almost enough to compensate for the... once again... wearing black outdoors at night, so let's give her an 8 just to show that we care.  Also she didn't bust out a rap while getting soaked which is a plus.

Hani performs her IBC in the same setting as LE but wears something slightly more appropriate colour-wise, but less clingy.  The positives and the negatives counterbalance each other so it's only fair that she also gets an 8.

Hey this one's great - outdoors in the daytime, with a nice light-coloured top, several other IBCers could learn from this.  Pity the camera's so fucking far away that I can't even see anything.  Have an 8 anyway for at least getting most of the important points right.

A whole fucking nugu group decided to do the IBC, on a stage no less, while wearing "cute concept" (read: fap concept) clothing - that's white!  Rejoice!  PIty that the video fades out just a little too soon so we don't get to see much, but I'll still give this an 8.

The gods of luck were smiling on me the day that Simon and Martina played "rock paper scissors" to decide who was going to get the iced water on their head.  Martina lost so I got to see her boobs get wet AND lots of fanservicey slow-motion bouncing which I really appreciated.  However she's wearing the wrong fucking colour of course, I really wanted to give you guys a higher score than 8 to troll everyone because I know how much EYK divides opinions around these k-pop blogging parts but I'm sorry.  I can't do it.  You guys must try harder to give boob fanservice.  8 for you until you do a reshoot with a clingy white t-shirt (you know you want to, Martina - if you do one, so will I, I don't give a fuck that the trend has already died in the ass and the ALS foundation are probably now making two cents per day).

Clara did actually make a k-pop debut so she does count for this and it's just as well.  You can tell that Clara is a model with lots of experience under her belt (and over her belt) and she gets a 10 because she's a pro who shows everyone how it's done.  Light coloured top that is clingy, outdoors, during the daytime, doesn't hunch over when hit with the ice but realises that we're watching this to see her pert boobies get wet so she maintains good posture and looks unfazed.  She's probably done this already dozens of times.  Thank you Clara for showing the k-pop world that boobs matter.

clarapre copy

Boobs were shown and money was raised to fight a terrible disease, it's a win/win strong enough to bring a tear to the eye.  That's all for now, rest assured that the next time some pervy trend sweeps the k-pop world, Kpopalypse will be there to cover it in unnecessarily creepy detail!


  1. This is an interesting compilation.
    I'm just waiting for Taeyeon to do it...
    And since Yoona nominated her from what I understood, I'm still hoping !

    1. Heechul also called her out but she never complied. I think the trend has died now but I'll cross my fingers for you.

  2. You missed FIESTAR's Cao lu :(((((((((((((((

    1. Great t-shirt but elbows mostly in the way - so she gets an 8

  3. so you like park jimin...........nice

  4. 8 looks like boobs sideways. A fair rating for all.

    1. I think I've been playing The Stanley Parable too much

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Fantastic "game" or whatever it is, by the way. I enjoyed very much, more than i think should.

  5. That Lizzy one was fucking adorable.

    "Aw, sorry man!"

  6. Replies
    1. "Gate list mate. I gate you a 8/8."
      I'm pretty sure that's not how it's done. XD

  7. Lizzy wins it for me.

    - good attempt at english (also "oh sorry maaannn")
    - high quality footage
    - challenges a billionaire like it's nothing
    - adopts a demure demeanour before kneeling in front of a group of men, like some of my favourite bukkake vids
    - takes several loads at once (see above)
    - even in a black t-shirt, the lighting allows for excellent breast definition

    superb stuff

  8. I lost it at The Dong.
    Making a male compliation sounds titillating.

  9. I give everyone on this list ZERO because they all wore their bras thus preventing me from seeing their titties.
    I give my bias Jaejin an eight
    Even though he did everything wrong (wore black, held the light in the wrong place preventing me from seeing the contours of his body etc) I was still able to fap because it's Jaejin.

  10. Kim Boa (SPICA)

    1. Very good but only an 8 because she's not Jiwon which is who we really want to see from Spica do this.

  11. I don't know if I'm missing something, but that Jungah isn't the one from After School. The on from AS is Kim Jung Ah. This one is from Jewelry or something.

  12. Some people in my FB just can't fucking shut up on how anti this challenge they are, and yes they say it's waste of water and that the donation isnt 100% going to the research and shit. We waste like a thousand more times water through our daily activities (flushing, shower, bath, etc), it's the lamest excuse anyone can get.

    Also some people compares it to those pointless cinnamon, fire, etc challenge that can kill them and is pointless, like what's the worst you can get from the challenge? A cold?

    Baffles me how a good trend like this still has a hater.

  13. Nugu singer Z.Hera


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