Sunday, June 21, 2015


It's been a year since the last Kpopalypse ass post, so that means we're due for an update!  What's changed in the world of k-pop ass?  Which k-pop asses are generating the highest amount of faps?


The results from the Kpopalypse ass survey are in and it's time to find out the greatest k-pop ass masterpieces of 2015!  Read on and discover the trufax about k-pop ass!

WARNING: post contains lots of high quality GIFS of ass, they take a while to load!

I wanted to do another ass post, but I'm not really an ass-fapping kind of guy, I'm more of a boobs man, that's why my boobs posts are my own selections whereas my ass posts are popular vote decided by surveys.  So I've decided to make the ass surveys a yearly thing and I'll do them at roughly the end of every financial year.  Lucky you, right?

The last time I did an ass survey, I made a huge list of k-poppers and people could tick as many boxes as they wanted, but of course they were restricted to the selections that those boxes represented.  This time I thought I'd try doing it differently, by giving people free text fields to fill out.  Voters got to choose up to five female options and up to five male options, anyone they wanted within k-pop.  This way there would be no problem about people being upset that I left out their fave, a fairly common complaint with last year's survey.  Another common complaint is that I neglected the male asses last time, so this time you could vote for any male ass (even though most readers didn't).

The 2015 survey was carefully designed to prevent bias of any kind.  No lists, images or nominees were included in the survey deliberately, so as not to exploit the "power of suggestion", and also to not unfairly advantage particular k-pop performers.  (The exception was the GIF of Qri's ass that contained the survey link, but I didn't mention that the ass belonged to Qri and I knew Qri wasn't going to be one of the top contenders anyway.)  A lot of people who voted last time voted for ALL the asses (which in terms of poll effect is exactly the same as voting for no asses), so even though I had about the same amount of participants as last year there were less points across the board because the numbers aren't being artificially inflated by people who didn't really care and just liked ticking boxes.

The 2015 survey was also shared in a few more places than usual, because I wanted to get a broader feel for how people felt about ass than just my own readership.  Reddit/kpopfap helpfully agreed to host a link to the survey, and when that happened this changed the results across the board significantly.  Certain k-pop stars who had no showing in the poll results whatsoever under my own blog readership started heavily collecting votes once Reddit/kpopfap got involved, most notably Fiestar's Jei and several members of Hello Venus.  The leaders also flip-flopped several times due to valuable input of Reddit/kpopfap's seasoned perverts.  Thanks very much to them and also to, grey-nim, Perving On Female K-pop and all others who are documenting or fapping to k-pop ass.  This post wouldn't exist without you... well, actually it probably would - but it wouldn't look as good!

The results were completely up to you.  Here they are, starting from the top down, because when posting about asses we always move downward.  The winner of the Kpopalypse Ass Survey is...


(2014 position: #22)

Seolhyun didn't make a huge splash last year on the ass radar, but over the last 12 months the influence of the AOA camp has gradually increased and Seolhyun's ass popularity has skyrocketed as a result.  After starting off slowly, AOA's Seolhyun obtained a commanding lead in the survey once the Reddit/kpopfap community fired up their web browsers, but then was overtaken again several times before finally finishing the race ONE VOTE in front at 92 points!  If you didn't want her to win and you forgot to cast your vote for the opposition, now's the time to kick yourself, in the meantime it seems that the pretty asses are AOA!


(2014 position: #2)

Yura had a very strong showing which probably will surprise nobody, and streaked into the lead early on in the competition with double the votes of anybody else at one point until Seolhyun gradually caught up.  Even though Girl's Day haven't really been rocking the ass-waving as much this year as previously, there's no doubt that Yura's reputation as a masterpiece of ass has by now been heavily consolidated.

#3. CHOA - AOA

(2014 position: did not chart)

Choa didn't get on the radar whatsoever last year, but AOA's ass-friendly dance routines and rising public profile have changed all that this time around.  With nearly 80 votes to her name, Choa shot straight into the realm of the top contenders with little effort.  Many people who voted for Seolhyun also swung a vote Choa's way, and the gap between her and the #4 position was over 20 votes.  (It's also possible that a few of you meant to vote for Crayon Pop's Choa, that's why in the survey I asked people to also specify the group name, fortunately most of you got this right.)


(2014 position: #1)

Last year's leader (to the disbelief of many, but don't blame me - you guys voted for her), Hyosung still picked up a strong chunk of votes for 2015.  For someone best known for her boobs, Hyosung has nevertheless continued to ingratiate herself to the world of k-pop ass-fappers to an admirable extent, especially given that good quality ass footage of Hyosung is harder to search up than you might think (because her boobs generally get in the way).


(2014 position: #14)

BESTie are still languishing in nuguland to some extent, but Dahye's ass at least seems to have found recognition.  Maybe the rest of their group will follow closely behind her behind into the mainstream of k-pop consciousness, or maybe they'll continue to languish at the rear, but in the meantime... hey are you even reading this?


(2014 position: #5)

Yuri has retained her top-10 billing in the ass world as far as the raw data is concerned, but there's a catch - almost everybody who voted for Yuri also included the important caveat "...but I mean the OLD Yuri, not how Yuri looks now, fuck that" or words to that effect.  Should Yuri even be included here given that her poll results are hardly relevant to 2015?  Well, you voted for her, so here she is, along with some GIFs from two years ago because apparently nobody wants to see what her ass looks like these days.


(2014 position: #20)

I'm not sure what Hyunyoung did to raise her stakes in the ass game this year.  Maybe it was all that black-swanning around on live stages, maybe their agency finally worked out how to promote Rainbow to fappers properly, or maybe something else, but who really gives a shit?  I'm too busy looking at her in the red dress above to come up with a witty conclusion to this entry so let's just move on.


(2014 position - #9)

With her group being regular high achievers in "best body" polls Internet-wide for many years, Sistar's Soyou now reigns at the top as "the k-pop girl with the best ass in that group of k-pop girls with the best asses".  Maybe her songwriters haven't been able to write anything worth a shit in the last two years, but I'm willing to tolerate all those horrid "Love The Way You Lie" clones as long as Soyou gets to rock tight-fitting clothes on live stages from time to time.


(2014 position - #3)

Soyou even beat out Bora by a vote or two.  Trufax.


(2014 position: #8)

I don't recall Hyuna doing much in the way of showing her ass this year, but I think people vote for her in ass polls for the same reason that people in third-world countries vote for Britney Spears or Megan Fox in beauty polls - she's somebody they know, a recognisable brand name of fap.  They might not have seen a picture of her in three years so they don't know she's all different now, but once you get to that level of brand recognition where Hyuna is at, what you actually look like hardly even matters.


(2014 position: #10)

Do you know how hard it is to find recent high-quality GIFs of Hyolyn/Hyorin/however the fuck you spell it's buttcheeks?  Harder than the penis of the judge on the right of the below GIF.  Nobody gave a shit about Dasom in this survey by the way.  Poor Dasom.


(2014 position: #12)

I used to go out with a girl who had a body a bit like Tiffany's.   Seeing her ass rotating in front of my face here gives me memories of when I rotated my face in front of that other girl's ass, and then rotated my dick inside.  Maybe some of you have had similar experiences, it would explain Tiffany's enduring popularity with ass voters.

#13. CL - 2NE1

(2014 position: did not chart)

No, really - how did CL even get here?  Most of you who voted for her also included "I'm not trolling, seriously, check out CL's ass" or words to that effect, and I'll admit that she does seem to have a finely toned rear end... but better than Minzy's?  You folks seemed to think so, and who am I to argue?


#14. Hani - EXID (2014: did not chart)
#15. Nada - Wa$$up (2014: #7)
#16. Minzy - 2NE1 (2014: #15)
#17. Gain - Brown Eyed Girls (2014: #32)
#18. Jei - Fiestar (2014: did not chart)
#19. Hwasa - Mamamoo (2014: did not chart)
#20. Hyomin - T-ara (2014: #4)
#21. Jiyeon - T-ara (2014: #11)
#22. Krystal - f(x) (2014: did not chart)
#23. Naeun - Apink (2014: #35)
#24. Nicole - KARA (2014: #6)
#25. Jimin - AOA (2014: did not chart)
#26. Uji - BESTie (2014: did not chart)
#27. Sunny - Girls' Generation (2014: did not chart)
#28. Min - miss A (2014: #29)
#29. Hyejeong - AOA (2014: #41)
#30. Eunsol - Bambino (2014: did not chart)
#31. Youngji - KARA (2014: did not chart)
#32. Eunjung - T-ara (2014: #19)
#33. Qri - T-ara (2014: did not chart)
#34. Victoria - f(x) (2014: #18)
#35. Seoyoung - Hello Venus (2014: did not chart)
#36. Nari - Wa$$up (2014: did not chart)
#37. Ailee (2014: #16)
#38. NS Yoon G (2014: did not chart)
#39. Joy - Red Velvet (2014: did not chart)
#40. Minhee - Stellar (2014: #42)
#41. Bomi - Apink (2014: did not chart)
#42. Fei - miss A (2014: #17)
#43. Jaekyung - Rainbow (2014: #21)
#44. Taeyeon - Girls' Generation (2014: did not chart)

And here’s a video compilation courtesy of isaymyeolchigr!


I wanted to do a proper poll for male asses but you guys mostly didn't vote for any male ass at all, so that kinda fucked me up.  So much for all those claims of wanting male eye candy, I guess that was all bullshit.  On top of that, there doesn't seem to be any equivalents of for men, you ass perverts need to lift your game and start some high-quality GIFfing if you want a proper Kpopalypse post!  For what it's worth, the clear leader was...


Junsu and his "duck butt" (what the fuck is a "duck butt"?  I don't even know, but apparently he has one according to JYJ fans) had 59 votes, 20 in front of the nearest competitor, a huge lead.  Rest assured that SM's evil, corrupt influence doesn't extend to Kpopalypse's blogging... or at least, not until they pay me!

Here's the rest down to #13:

#2. Junho - 2PM
#3. Jimin - BTS
#4. Sehun - EXO (if this gets moved to #1 later you'll know the money transfer from SM cleared)
#5. Minho - SHINee
#6. Shindong - Super Junior
#7. Kai - EXO
#8. Rain
#9. Doojoon - Beast
#10. TOP - BigBang
#11. Sungjong - Infinite
#12. Onew - SHINee
#13. J-Hope - BTS

After that there's so few votes per individual that it's barely worth even counting.

Thanks to everybody who voted for this, I appreciate your patronage.  As a bit of bonus content, if you ever wondered how people choose to answer my "Hi!  How are you?  Answer in as much or as little detail as applicable" question that I put at the start of every survey, here's a dump of all the answers from this time around, with some comments by me (in bold text)  Kpopalypse will return again soon, but in the meantime happy reading!

Seolhyun has the best ass. Hyosung WON'T WIN AGAIN - wow incredible foresight, I should have fucked the survey off and just asked this person!
Health-wise fine but mentally tired
I'm great, thanks for asking.
I'm good. Currently, I'm eating breakfast, watching stuff on YouTube, and am basically doing nothing with my life.
Sick and a bit stressed thanks to finals but otherwise ok,thanks for asking. I hope you're doing well :) - Yes I am.
Okay. Why? - why not?
i'm ok
Really hungry, but too lazy to cook anything.
Pretty well. And you? - Good!
I'm fine, thanks, and I hope you're fine too - I'm good!
Good! That ass though!
I'm alright I suppose. Finally have inspiration to work on art, which is nice because, y'know, that's what I've chosen to do with my fucking life. Funny because the inspiration came from a kaleidoscope I got at a store. It's a fucking kid's toy but I was like "holy shit I want to draw suddenly". Recently graduated college, don't have a job yet, don't know where I'm going... but I just want to draw, man. I just want to draw. This got long and ranty. My bad. - what can you draw?  Are you good?  Do you want a drawing project?  Get in touch if you do.
Clearly too bored
I'm OK, I gotta pee really bad though.
I am sorta fine
I love how this is the only question requiring an answer in this survey. I approve.
Oh, yeah. Just finished finals, so I'm doing pretty good.
Oh I'm swell thank you very much for asking me that question!
Same Shit Different Day
I'm excellent and how is are you? I just back from my mate's Slayer tribute gig and am spending money in the Steam sale! - I picked up "The Marvellous Miss Take" at the Steam sale, recommended.
I'm really stressed out because I might fail at school! :(
Professional Bullshitter and Human Trash Duchess
I'm good.
Hi, I'm fine but you obviously don't give two shits about it -  yes I do, Kpopalypse cares about all his readers and survey-doers!  Glad you're fine.
really happy, yesterday i went to a festival, where one of my favorite bands performed (villagers of Ioannina City aka VIC)here is a song from them, in greek
they play a mix of stoner and psychedelic rock with the addition of the traditional wind instrument from Epirus , the "klarino"if you liked the song, here is their bandcamp where you can listen to their music their songs are covers from traditional Greek songs with rock musicif you have a Greek friend in Australia you should recommend VIC to him. - I might recommend to my stoner-rock-liking friends, got plenty of those.  Thanks!
Hello. I'm okay; you're probably fine, too.
I'm good. I'm taking a break from studying.
i have diarrhea
i'm ass
I'm great. thanks for asking!
I'm fine and willing to vote ass. That's it.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Get fucked, you skank cunt. I hope someone really close to you, like your brother or your daughter, gets cancer. I hope you have to watch them go blind and shit blood and beg for death. I hope you burn in hell you Aussie nigger faggot whore. - glad you could make it.  Thanks for doing the survey!
I'm aight cheers
I am fine thank you.
Hello!I'm fine today. I'm listening to Nokturnal Mortum right now, "Veles' Scrolls" is an amazing track. So it is not bad. - I can't take this "Nazi Black Metal" seriously when there's a noise in the background of the verse that sounds like Sona's spells in League Of Legends.  They want to be tough badass edgy Nazi kids but they gave away their hands as nerdy trolls who type "ez" in global chat whenever they win a round of Howling Abyss.  If anyone wants a listen, here.
Hi! I'm good! Got an assignment to finish today :D
Quite fine. And you? - Good!
good! yourself? - Good!
Super stoked to be filling out another KPOPALYPSE survey. How are you? - Good!
I'm hot as fuck! My a/c is broken and its fucking 100 degrees here! - sorry but the asses in this post probably won't cool you down.
I'm good and ready to analyse some nice butts because the rear-ends of idols can be criminally under-appreciated. Hope you're doing good too.
fuck off cunt, and you? - Good!
tfw no k-gf - I'd pass on that opportunity even if it was offered.  All the Korean girls I've met all want to get married and have kids, eww, I'll take fuck-society's-rules western girls thanks.
Im great.. have a little bit more of kpop knowledge and Im exited to share
Fuck off with this question already, you wanker.I'm well though, thanks.
It's midnight on a Sunday here and I'm filling out a survey about the asses of celebrities that are thousands of miles away for a blogger that lives thousands of miles away. The wonders of technology.
I'm fantastic, thanks. How are you?
Hey! I'm okay, how about yourself?
Tired and exhausted but its summer vacay so im excited to sleep.
hi kpopalypse oppa, I'm doing not very well these days but it's okay *keep rolling*
how about you? have you recovered from your accident? - mostly, yes!  I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow because my arm is still a bit fucked (a van's bull-bar will do that).  Other than that, recovering nicely!
my life is a joke, i'm taking a survey at 3 in the morning, it's fucking pathetic - no it isn't, doing this survey actually makes you 0.036% more awesome.  Thanks for your patronage!
Good, good. Thinking about asses makes one roughly as blissful as thinking about boobs does, as you must know. I have no complaints.
I'm good. I just finished my first semester of college and Aced the majority of my classes. YAY!!! But right now I just came back from the beach and am nursing burned shoulders b/c i was an idiot who forgot to put on sunscreen again after i got out of the water and then laid down on the sand to read for half an hour. But aside from that i'm great hoping to enjoy the rest of the week as I have to return to school starting thrusday :(
I hope you are doing well and listening to new Kpop music so that you can do another best/worst list as i am too lazy to search the depths of the internet to look for new music to listen myself. Love your writing and thanks for educating/entertaining me every once in awhile. - no problem!  There might be one more list like this before the end of the year... or there might not be.  But when the year ends you'll get several!
Melbourne's winter is cold as f can't sleep at night without my heater pad.
im fine. just want to vote on some butts.
I'm good
Totes fine.
cao ni ma
I'm just here for ass
Enjoying this weird ass summer weather and 8pm sunsets, how 'bout you? - I'm good!
Fine, thank you for asking.
i am cool
suffering from math
Been traveling for the past week, feel like shit
I'm fine... How are you? I'm super excited doing another survey... But knowing this time it's about ass, well I gotta say it lessen my excitement.. But bring it on!!! - I'm good!
Cao ni ma
Alright. How you doin'? - Good!
I felt like talking about ass, so this survey is just right.
Wanna fap
Great. No job tomorrow so I'm losing time.
Just peachy!
So-so (at picking out good ass, but I'll have a go).
Alright my dear Oppar, quite alright indeed.
I'm good. lol
I am well.
I'm fine. Thank you.
I'm in need of a pussy - here, you can have mine.
hi. i am fine. sure.
Good thanks, you ? - Good!
great, thanks!
im aight
Doing pretty darn well.
fuck you
Well I'm not a faggot bitch, so I guess I'm pretty good. - someone who is a faggot bitch might be doing alright too though.  "Gay" used to mean "happy" so we can assume that gay people are generally happy and enjoying life.
Never talk to me again - Hi!  How are you?  Answer in as much or as little detail as applicable.
Great thanks
I have finals next week so it could be better ;f
Stressing over finals
I'm fuckin great man! Life is good!
wat?? i just had diarrhea =\
I'm terrible because I will never fuck Hyosung.
I'm a decent man,I hope.
eagerly awaiting heart attack
hello! yeah mate i'm australian so we are always fucking top. Thanks for asking by the way man, much appreciated. I've been accepted in the army as a soldier so i leave in January so i'm excited. enoigh about me, how are you going? - good!  Good luck and don't get blown up!
Hey. I'm great. I just woke up with some nocturnal penile tumescence, so I decided to check out /r/kfap. But then, the first thing I see there is a link to this survey. - thanks for your patronage!
Okay, as usual...
Ready to fap to some firm, Korean butts!
i'm fine
Dank Memes
Fine ^__^
I like big butts and I cannot lie.
im good
Fine. Thank you.
Hi. Doing fine.
I fucking love you kpopalypse, you should come to Finland and have a fan meet. I'd be the only one there, we'd get drunk and do questionable stuff. - I don't drink but I'm perfectly capable of doing questionable things while completely sober so if I'm ever in that area look me up.
i'm pretty much fine
thanks for asking
I'm fine.
Im fine
doing my nails. so far they look awful.
how are you doing ? - good.  Would a manicure post be helpful?
fine thank you
I am fune
I would kill a baby to lick Bomi's asshole.
Really good!
I am great, thank you for asking you big sweetie!
great. cant wait for the result ppst
Tired af
I like that you ask this in every survey
Searching for new fap material
I'm great. How are you my lovely? - Good!
I'm pretty good
I'm doing just fine
Will do.
Hello, I am not the most knowledgeable person in that matter, since I only got into kpop girls about a month ago, but I love their asses more than anything in the world so why not vote
About to take a survey on Kpop ass, feeling appropriately excited.
Great, thanks!
it's 2 am and i am procrastinating so badly about writing my anatomy essay that i am literally convincing myself that this is a necessary form that i have to fill out.... -.- thanks for asking.
Decent. How are you? - Good!
How is it that I am? By coming into existence, of course. - Woah.
Ready to fap
Hey, I am preparing for my final exams to get my Bachelor's degree, so now is a perfect time to evaluate some asses. I hope you're doing better!
i'm ok
Fuck you
I'm good how are you? - Good!
I am kind of depressed tbh - I hope this post cheered you up.  If not, try this site.
Feels great, would love to fap to some ass though
Hi, I'm fine, thanks. How are you? - Good!
I have to go to the wedding of a relative I hate but I look hot as fuck so the positive outweighs the negative. - most marriages end in divorce these days so think about that while you're sitting around waiting for the formalities and you'll enjoy it more.
I am wonderful good sir.
Fine, since Hyuna's b-day had pics.
Great, after all this survey is about ass.
I'm pretyy good
I'm fine^^ Here to help you in this difficult mission^^
I'm good.
I'm good.
Hi! I'm great, how are you? - Good!
All good, reading your blog with a cup of tea
i want to die - don't die, there is ass unfapped that you may not have fapped to yet.
I'm okay.
Literally fab n all, urself? - Good!
Hi, I'm fine
Tired as fuck.
I'm fine lol.
Not unwell
Real good, thanks!
everyday i wish for death to come - it'll get there one day, just like it will for all of us.  In the meantime don't think about it so much, enjoy life and fap to ass.
how.high are you? - od!Go
I'm gr8 m8.
deez nutz
i'm bored af
Fine, how are you? - Good!
Pretty good.
fine, thanks
Not bad, not bad, a bit better after thinking about what to answer for this survey
Im doing fine, thanks :)
Great and ready for another survey
I'm sad because lack of fan girl rages. - the comments on this article may help!
i'm fine thank you and you ? - Good!
Plz notice me oppar - you are officially noticed by Kpopalypse.
I'm good. All about dat ass.
I'm disappointed from last year's ass-ignorance and I know the winner is gonna be another flat-assed chick, but hopefully this year people understand that nice thighs and pretty face=/=a nice butt. - I wouldn't be too hopeful about that if I were you.
Other than the migraine, I'm pretty good.
Hello, I'm eating spicy noodles!!
Haha I like how only this box is required
Kinda sick of studying, but fine overall.
Good. Possibly mentally unstable but otherwise good
I'm OK. How bout you? - Good!
I'm super thanks for asking!
Fine, A bit Sexual Frustrated on Girl Groups Esp. APINK ;A;
i'm good got a boner though.
Heavily medicated for your safety.
Hi, I'm okay 👌
I'm doing great. In Korea right now but MERS is around and people are assholes who don't go to the hospital when they're sick so I'm stuck inside.
Fucking hyped because I love ass
i'm so high and eating chips
Hi, Im here to vote Kpop Bums
Who are u asking me such question? - I'm Kpopalypse.  Who are u giving me such answer?
I'm fine, I think. Is it really matter?? 0.o - Yes!  I think it's important to be self-aware and know how you're feeling at any given moment.
That's none of your buisness. - no, but it's certainly my pleasure.
I'm sick.
Doin' a-okay.
I'm fine, thank you.
I am fine oppar :D
I'm fine, thanks! Happy to participate in such a important survey <3 - thank you for you valued contribution!
I'm cold, thanks, and you? - Good!
kinda upset you made this required - in time you'll recover.
Stressed and drinking coffee. Might pull an all-nighter to play League of Legends and listen to KPOP. Life is good.
I'm weird. I broke up with my bf and now I kinda want to be a slut but kinda not. I already slept with a guy and kissed a beta loser top kek. And I'm on summer break so I have nothing to do. Should I whore myself out? Advice me, senpai. - you can make a lot of money really fast whoring, but it's super-easy to spend it just as quickly.  If you decide to go down that path, get an investment account and bank 50% of your disposable income, then later in life you'll be able to afford a house deposit and you'll be pretty well-positioned financially.  Also, try not to get involved with any brothels that have organised gang connections because some of them will kill you if you try to leave, use reputable brothels only, they're usually the ones that are run by women (but don't assume this).  Also practice safe sex and don't get pregnant.  You're welcome.
A black female K-pop fan.
I'm okay I mean I just got dumped yesterday so I'm okay as I can be - chin up, the next one is always better.
Currently reading your blog while taking my third dump of the day. Life is good.
are you doing a survey for best boobs? because i'm not into asses either lol - I don't do boobs surveys, as a boob pervert I just judge the boobs myself.
I'm fucking awesome and so are you, oppar
I just gained 5 kgs in 3 weeks, I have 2months vacation left. So how do you think I am? - you're great!  Enjoy your two months!
Pooping guy, back again.
Carpal tunnel kickin' in strong but pretty okay
was thinking of 2pm playfully dry humping my face while i try to suck him off through the fabric of his pants.
Fine, I guess.
I'm okay, thanks bro.
I'm great actually. How are you? - Good!
My cat, both parents, turtle, dog, mistress and grandmother have all just died, my house has been foreclosed and I am spending the last of my money on internet bills to do your shitty survey. - thanks for taking time out of your day to do this survey!  I hope it met required standards!
Still fapping :)
idk cao ni ma
I am a burrito. Thanks for asking.
Hi there
I'm good.
I'm good.
as fine as eunjung looks
Hell-oh, doing well, thx breh. I just finisished fapping.
I am fine.
Hi I'm great :D
I'm fine..
Im okay thx
Yes. Hello - I opened the window, and softly whispered out
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Mornin' - The morning's come, a morning of pouring rain
Tick-tock - Somebody, wind up my coil...Hello - In an old anime, that was how it was
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Sleepin' - Don't say anything stupid, I have to prepare
Cryin' - To hide the traces of my tearsNow...My favorite phrase is "fine, who cares"
Suddenly, yesterday's words come to mind
"Well, I don't have any hope for you anymore..."And well, but, I...
I don't have any hope for myself,
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So today, once again, I'm precious
Wasting my words, I live on...
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Is it so scary to laugh, I ask?
Do you not want to see anyone, I ask?
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I'm really so weak...
Amid preparing to proceed not at all,
I think in my dim head,
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No, no, I understand, I say
I just tried to say whatever I could
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Happiness, perhaps, unhappiness, perhaps
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What would be my ending time?
And the wages for my hours alive...
Who's going to pay them, I ask?
Thank you - I just want to say thanks
Thank you - I just want to say thanks
Thank you - Just once would be fine
So from the bottom of my heart, weeping away, I just want to say thanks...!
Why hide away, I ask?
Do you really want to listen, I ask?
You've never smiled or laughed,
So I ask, can't we try to talk?
If you don't open your mouth, I don't know;
What you're thinking doesn't get told
Such troublesome creatures, aren't we?
It's just being human...
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
So I ask you: hello, how are you? - Good!
fine ty
Hella bored, therefore I could use a poll. College's been driving me insane. Anyways! How about you? - I'm good!
Very exciting with this quizz
Not bad.
great.answering without looking at any pictures to remind myself of whos out thereP E R V B O Y S
Which would be worse, a 3 hour flight followed by a 2 hour gap, then a 9 hour flight, or one continuous 12 hour flight?
God, I hate planes. I don't even care that they allow human beings to experience flight and travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours, with regard to neither land nor sea, nor whether it is night or day, all while being served honey roasted peanuts by pretty women in nice uniforms. They would have been considered miracles a century ago but I just plane (huehuehue) hate them. It's been 17 hours since the flight ended but I still feel like shit.Also, seats in planes and buses have the most annoying headrests. You can never lean your head back, or even just have it sit upright. It's always at an almost-90-degree-but-not-quite angle. Like I don't care about neck injuries, I just want to be comfortable enough to get even a couple hour's worth of shut-eye on a 9 hour flight. - bring one of these, they'll help you sleep on the plane.
I'm wonderful and womanly.
Hi, Ï'm a thighs person but I'm seeing a new light thanks to this survey
I'm good thanks for asking.
I'm great, thanks for asking!
Cool, waiting for the summer girl group fapbacks
I've answered this question so many times but I STILL DON'T KNOW
Terrible because my sister is making me watch a stupid reality tv show about rich kids in Beverly Hills. What about you? - I'm good!
Fuck off? -
Lady, 18, former shitty fangirl. Takes butts very seriously.
Victor Hugo de Peru
Like an arse.
I'm alright.
Hi. My summer is slowly slipping away and I'm freaking the hell out... :) but all right I guess. - don't freak out, take each day at a time!  Enjoy life!  Fap to ass!  Live your dreams!



  1. It's horseshit that Victoria is down at #34.

  2. "I wanted to do a proper poll for male asses but you guys mostly didn't vote for any male ass at all, so that kinda fucked me up. So much for all those claims of wanting male eye candy, I guess that was all bullshit. On top of that, there doesn't seem to be any equivalents of for men, you ass perverts need to lift your game and start some high-quality GIFfing if you want a proper Kpopalypse post! For what it's worth, the clear leader was..."

    Well, that might be because male ass is not nearly as much objectified as female ass. You will have even less success trying to do a pole on male boobs compared to female boobs. So I don't see whatcha raging about when you do a pole on ass, and I won't be accused of hypocrisy so blatantly and unjustly. I love me some more male candy on this site and in general, 's just that I don't consider ass of all things the most attractive thing about a man. Also, Xiah? It should really be telling you something that #1 for male asses is the gayest male you can possibly find in all of K-Pop. He's practically a girl, so you can shove him off to that female-ass list just as well.

    Now if you did a pole on say... abs, or pecks, or biceps, you'd have the same result for the male/female ratio as you do on ass and boob posts. There are tons of gifs and pics of male idols showing off their muscles, but try finding some on females. Basic biology, man, most females don't judge a man's attractiveness by his ass or his boobs (latter is disgusting anyway). It's mainly the muscles and the face if you want to go by strictly outer qualities.

    On another note, you should also be aware that the majority of your readership are probably guys, given what 80% of this site's posts are about. The female demographic is small already, so you can't expect the response on topics that appeal to females to be as ample as they are on topics that appeal to males, unless you begin attracting more female readers to your blog and your posts.

    So there. Your accusations are unfair, Oppar. I demand an apology because that really hurt my feelings!!!!!!1!!!oneeleven!!!!1!!!!

    1. A pole on ass, that sounds like a good idea.

    2. This site has more female readers than male readers, but the overwhelming majority of people who participate on the site are males.

    3. That's an interesting statistic. Would explain why there's never been any shortage of female authors.

    4. Why do you keep calling it "pole"?

    5. 'cause obviously, it's much more thought-provoking than calling it a poll.

      Also, didn't know about the statistic. Kinda surprised, really, but that's the interwebz for ya.

    6. actually interestingly enough females are biologically attracted to tight buns on a man because it indicates the man's prowess at strong pelvic thrusts

  3. "a recognisable brand name of fap" you should trademark that.
    How many votes did Taeyeon?
    Seeing as how she's #44, I guess just mine.

    1. I can't remember the exact number of votes because I threw out the data, but pretty sure it was double digits for everyone on the honourable mentions list.

  4. Boram needs more determination to up her ass game.

  5. Sucks Hwasa didn't make it to the top but I'm glad she's on the honorable mentions. We need more love for the thick thigh girls of KPOP. Her booty is my everything.

    1. Amen! She had my vote.
      I don't get the 'as thin as chopstick legs' trend.

  6. I can't believe I missed the ass poll. At least Seolhyun was #1 as she should be, but lately Eunsol from Bambino is rivaling her. It's nice to see she even placed despite her level of nugu. I could have provided you with better Tiffany gifs. Dasom has a cute tush BTW but she's no top-class ass.

    1. I can't believe I forgot Eunsol. God damn her ass is glorious. The jiggles kill me. And her cute dimples. Girl clearly wants to torture me slowly.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Many years ago when i got into kpop Minzys ass was a legitimate topic of conversation.


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