Sunday, June 21, 2015

[MV Review] AOA - Heart Attack

The pretty girls are AOA!

AOA starts off the summer deluge of girl group comebacks, which means that this summer will be pretty fucking awesome.

The MV starts out with the AOA girls sans Seolhyun playing a game of lacrosse. Seeing as how bad the girls got raped in the game, I would say that the team they were playing must be playing for Duke.

During their pitiful attempt at playing a game, Choa gets knocked down by an opponent. He takes off his helmet and Choa falls for him.

Choa definitely wants it up the ass from this guy.

However, once the song actually starts, it shows the AOA members and the other lacrosse team in the same classroom. I know Duke has high admission standards, thus the whites and Asians in the classroom, but did they stop affirmative action because I didn't see any other minorities in the classroom.

Seolhyun is introduced as the new student, and all of the dudes want to bust a nut on her ass.

Later on, Choa writes a letter to do dude she's lusting after, but the rest of the AOA members cuntpunt her, stopping her delcious pussy from devouring any dick that night. The AOA members just wanted to keep Choa's mind focused on their revenge game.

Seolhyun enters the locker room, and instead of having an orgy with the other seven members, the whole group undergoes a montage in which Seolhyun teaches these scrubs how to play lacrosse. So, you're telling me after all of that hard training, the girls couldn't have taken a bath to relax their aching muscles and given each other massages?

We get a sexy montage of the girls stretching in the locker room (this whole scene demands plenty of gifs) right before the game. The game commences and AOA happens to win this time, and the members don't even try to cuntpunt Choa when the dude comes up to her.

"You destroyed his ass in the game; now conquer his dick in bed."

I just wanted to say my waifu Mina looks great in this MV. Now onto the song itself.

I'm surprised I'm saying this myself, but Brave Brothers is on a roll with AOA. The hook and sub-hook are both addictive, and luckily the verses aren't devoid of an interesting instrumental. I like how this is a straight-up dance track that has a faster BPM than what we've come accustomed to in the past few years. Instead of focusing on a heavy bass, the song focuses on a fast, addictive melody. This will definitely be song I see myself listening to a lot this summer.

AOA started off the summer strong. I have zero hopes of SNSD putting out a good song, but I'm excited to see if groups such as A Pink and Sistar can match AOA with this comeback.


  1. Things I learned from this video:

    - Lacrosse is a sport.
    - To make an idol really fall for you it's best to hit her hard.
    - Girls don't do helmets.
    - The video misses the chance of properly explaining CPR after waifu and chipmunk collide. I'm sure Aoa will be banned from popular music shows unless they do a safety helmet & CPR happy song to compensate.
    - I want to be Choajumma in the video, she get's a free pass touching other girls' asses.
    - Seolhyun reads this blogs and knows about clothes with horizontal lines.
    - She is also a witch controlling the other pretty girls as soon as she comes into a new place, turning it into her domain/lair.
    - Dressing for sports correctly is important.
    - The way Choajumma and Witch look awkwardly at each other in the locker room spells trouble, which has been conveniently censored out or the video would end up having too much gore (he's mine, biatch!)
    - Nice choreography displays how important pectorals are for physical activities.
    - Waifu deal-with-it hair attack is deadly.
    - Lack of helmets is properly exploited during last match to avoid goal among other things.
    - Youtube sound mixing quality is terrible, sounds like shit. The audio alone sounds intelligible. Who cares anyway.
    - This summer is going to be really hard. Fapcams will be treasured.

    1. Yeah, I love the "Here, I'm cupping my tits" move.

    2. I'm going to have to audition for one of these videos
      "Okay guy I'll take one for the team and let Mina beat me with her hair mercilessly"
      hopefully I'll get in the credits "Random foreign guy #2059"

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  3. Welcome back AKF. Finally a worthy review

  4. Seems like much of the knet/ifans have shit taste and don't appreciate #edmmasterrace.

    I love this song so far for pretty much all the reasons AKF stated; it could do with a little less of the MLG-montage style backing instrumentals but the track overall is amazing.

    1. Also my waifu Yuna is 100/10 banging hot in the MV. Many faps will be had

  5. I'm disappointed with "Heart Attack." The MV is great, but the song's a mess.

    1. Yup. The song felt like the parts were everywhere.

  6. SNSD has a higher chance of releasing a good song than a group so awful even based Shinsadong Tiger couldn't salvage them

  7. i cant wait for the dance ver to come out. Less jump scenes so i can fap to the full glory of the dance move where they sort of grab their own boobs.

    1. watch their live concert.. they look fab.. Jimin's tripping in the end is hilarious

  8. It was probably an East Asian studies class at Duke. We may like kpop, but we're not about to go learn about the whole region.
    The holy trinity, ChoA, Yuna and Jimin looked great in the mv.
    But I must be seeing things because Hyejeong used to be Yuna's twin, and in this mv, I didn't even recognize her like what the fuck happened to her face?
    Also, welcome back MS Paint drawings. They were dearly missed.

  9. I like it. It reminds me of a song from 2010-2012.

  10. Well I didn't really feel the song at first, but after the next 2133058408093 times it starts to grow on me. But no matter because Choa is a fucking goddess in this MV. All the other girls are also smoking hot, especially Yuna and Seolhyun. When fapcams are released, many faps will be had.

  11. Seolhyun, Yuna, and Hyejeong. I guess this song is a winner in my book. -_^

  12. The song is meh, but decent compared to the recent releases

  13. Paint edits were funny as usual.

  14. Yep. Jimim started the song again -184861939281 chipmunk nuts


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