Sunday, June 14, 2015

EXO's Love Me Right - MV Breakdown

Nah, that title was a complete troll. I may not know much, but I do know that one would have to know what the actual fuck is going on in a music video to be able to break it down, in which case I don't. If I had an observation though, I'd say SM tried to pull a T-ARA with this shit.

I will, however, explain what SM was trying to achieve in this music video - which, in its own way, is pretty fucking genius but pretty fucking dumb at the same time.

Notice that this MV, just like f(x)'s Red Light, is packed with a shit load of symbolism, but altogether it doesn't make any sense. It's almost like SM showing off how much research they put into symbolism by stuffing them all into one music video, hence the end result is a big load of what the fuck is going on?

But I figured out exactly why they do that. Look at all these people writing articles trying to explain what the story of the MV is, but the truth is - it doesn't have one in the first place! That's the point. SM is experimenting with the fans. Imagine how damn amusing it would be reading all these articles trying to make sense of something that was not meant to make sense in the first place. Pretty amusing, I'd say. And pretty fucking evil too.

SM is using the fans for their own entertainment. In their defense though, that agency must be full of Ajusshis who aren't getting any action from their fat wives anymore. I understand that they are compelled to resort to other forms of entertainment. Besides, who wouldn't wanna watch those idiotic fangirls work their tiny little brains into figuring out something that has no meaning to start with?

Ah well, never let it be said I didn't share my findings with the world- you're welcome. This one goes out to all the smarter ones out there. Be careful, you don't wanna fall into their dirty little trap.

In return for the amusement though, SM pays the fans back with some fanservice.

Kai is seriously enjoying himself back there.
I'd be lying if I said SM doesn't know how to have their way with things. Sketchy little bastards...


  1. It's fucking obvious what the song is about: the guy goes around playing football, running in the streets with a baseball bat, planking on top of some plants there, and when he goes home, he suffers of sexual dysfunction. So he wants to be loved right, his fangirl delulu can't start his dong!

  2. That's not fanservice thats a homosexual

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  3. Exo orgy MV would make this shitty song a bit decent


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