Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The B Team: Pocket Girls

What's The B Team you ask?  It's my series in which I introduce you to the girl groups who aren't as popular or well known as there competitors; by introducing you to each member, and sharing their various videos. This week the focus is on 'Pocket Girls' a group you probably have heard of because of that one video that actually got some recognition, but my bet is that you have yet to learn who is who in this group, and exactly why you should be praying for their return.
/Image - Gif heavy/

This four member girl group debuted with the beautiful Bbang Bbang, a song about getting a man out of their lives or something, which is irrelevant because all you're there for is the choreo and the girls themselves. Because honestly, who ever thought of that aeroplane move they synced together, wins my week because holy mother of cows everytime I see it I still laugh. Anyway, the girl group is comprised of four racing models (who have all had some form of plastic work done, which in certain members cases isn't great, but in others is wonderful), and this is their only song. Which again isn't a major hit, but it's not the reason these girls should peak your interest. They're under Danal Entertainment and were race models under MissDica Entertainment, and they debuted on the 9th of April, 2015. Not much is on the internet about these girls, I couldn't even find their birthdays, but let's just assume they are all legal in Korea, if they weren't I'd be worried.

SeA (leader)

So Yoon (rapper)

Yeon Ji (vocal)
 /also x/

JuA (vocals)

Status: Recently over-promoting their terrible song. Although I think SeA has left the group or has fallen ill, as in their more recent videos she is no where to be seen...

They may be plastic, but they do have fantastic bodies

Videos to note

/^starts with a speech feel free to skip it/

Why did I decide to cover this group? Because I simply wanted to draw focus to Yeon Ji's modelling days. Because I can.

You're Welcome.
I look forward to a comeback if they get one. I hope they don't end up like Chaness who was also under Danal Entertainment. Chaness being a subunit of LPG (Lovely Pretty Girls). They are now just performing in night clubs in Taiwan or something. If they do get a comeback though, can we just all pray for a decent song (or some more T&A at the very least).


  1. I have a friend who lives in Taiwan, I'm gonna ask him to find out where Chaness are hiding so I can cum over

    1. well at least chanees is doing something I really like this chaness group and pocket girls is good too

  2. Perhaps Sea is getting prettier

  3. This plastic high-class hooker look does a lot for me.
    Soyoon's body is driving me insane.

  4. SOYOON BOOBS OMG..... She has that (T-Ara)Soyeon look in her face tho...

  5. Sea left.The new member is Bom Suyeon.She's shy and lazy at dancing.I haven't seen her singing/talent.

  6. awesome eye candy, not good for anything else. but they and everyone else knows it. So who cares. May they keep going!


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