Friday, June 12, 2015

The B Team: Purfles

The B Team is your one-stop introduction into the horrible, horrible world of lesser kpop girl groups. After some extensive research into the world of the best of the best, I have come up with a decently long list of girl groups that need your attention. Every week, I'll do a focus on generally one group at a time, introducing the members (if possible) and tracking down some fancams. Granted, these groups may no longer be active or still together, but if that's the case, then I will do a focus on two groups in the one post. Because I can.

For them to be classed as the B Team, they have to not be mentioned in any of the several sites I went to that listed the top however many girl groups in Korea, and I just have to feel like they aren't particularly well known and need some exposure. Feel free to let me know of any nugu girl groups that you feel deserve an article.
/Fairly gif heavy/

So we're gonna start with: Purfles

A three-member girl group who debuted October 21, 2014.  Formed by Crescendo Music.

Gunhee (born 1990)

Wooyoung (born 1993)

Eun Yong (Born 1991)


Status: I am very very very unsure, but I think they're still together, not doing anything.
But hey who cares, because at least when they debuted last year they gave us:

Bless them.


That I slaved oh so long over to find, that I definitely did not have bookmarked at all.
 /Also I am a girl & I am showing what is a+ to watch to my standards.
And nobody cares for audio quality amirite/

Bonus: Dance cover of Purfles' "1,2,3" with better outfits

Extra bonus: Sick of the song? Have a dodgy remix.


Keep an eye out for any news of a comeback, because I haven't seen anything in a while.
And feel free to comment with who should be featured next.


  1. Biggest plus: None of the stage names are already taken.
    I hate that when stupid nugushits do that.

  2. Replies
    1. Wow, you're right. I didn't think it was a real word.

      (an ornamental border, typically one inlaid on the back or belly of a violin.)

  3. Their Twitter account has also gone silent for a few months now. I hope they're still around. Their debut was amazing.

  4. How about Labium for the next one?

  5. First thing that came to my mind was SPICA. On a somewhat similar topic, legends like BOA are barely discussed. I know a lot of KPOP teenage fans,including SMfags who dont know who BOA is. Seriously is her music considered "for oldies only" now?? They need to be schooled on quality Kpop music

  6. Purfles is the most uncatchy name ever. They need to reflect and return with a name people can remember.

  7. Is it Pur-fulls or Pur- fles?
    Also, the song aounded like there was only 1 singer

    1. pur-fulls I think, or that's how I pronounce it..


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