Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Australian adverts need to learn from Korea

What I've learned whilst enjoying the k pop scene, is that Korean adverts do it better than Australia. Might be different for you, but down under, our ads are terrible. Take Sprite for example:

Suzy for Sprite

Ads for Sprite in Korea happen to include well-known idols and fan service.

Do you get the point? Boobs. Fan service. Great, perfect, love it, I want more. Now.
For comparison, let me show you how these ads are for Australia.

No fan service. No well-known celebrities. No fan service. It's a wasted opportunity. If our ads actually had something worth watching in them, I would watch more TV, but they don't and so I won't. Are ads better in other places of the world? Or am I just not watching TV at the right times?

It's also not just Sprite that takes use of fan service for their own goals. Kellogg's has recently released photos of their new model. And it's a damn shame we don't utilize this in Australia.


  1. The thing I like best about those Korean ads is the symbolism. I'm not sure equating sprite to jizz would make me want to DRINK it... but it certainly was hilarious to watch.

    The Aussie ads... the thing I've noticed with Aussie ads is that basically the ad execs think they're comedians doing sketch comedy -- but forget that it's supposed to be relating to the product in some way.

    The Korean ads are at least trying to visually capture what it's like to drink a sprite.

    It's like being jizzed on.

    --Andrew S.

  2. They're better than American Sprite ads. America uses basketball players for Sprite ads. Tell me, would an actual player be drinking something as bad for their health as Sprite?

  3. That was probably the first shower Bobby had taken in a very long time.

  4. We don't have sprite ads here, but I guess this is the next best thing


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