Friday, November 6, 2015

Black K-pop Idol Lives Matter

So we have a K-pop idol who is now black, so that means Korean police officers (such as Girl's Day) need to be on the lookout.

Let's be clear: I have no idea who the fuck or what Rania is. All I know is that some black chick who couldn't make it in the States joined a Kpop group that's so nugu that I have no idea who the fuck they are.

Seeing how this group is extremely nugu, this black chick's idol life is going to end up dying fairly quickly. She'll have some shitty rap breaks in Rania's songs, and when her mangled Korean raps cause all three of Rania's fans to stop listening to the group, the group will disband and Alexandra's Kpop life will be over.

Black tourists in Korea will start rioting and trying to kill cops. Alexandra's fans(?) will stick up for her and say "She dindu nuffin", which would be a lie, because she's an idol rapper, and they're the cancer of Kpop. She would have effectively killed Rania's career for good.

So, with the future mayhem that will be going in Korea, will your favorite idol be mistaken as a police officer?


  1. what a nice way to signify the downfall of humanity and kpop

  2. You wrote this while you were high.

  3. Oh, no... I have to fap to IU while she's still alive!

    1. Good luck trying to not fall asleep.

  4. Rania is T-ae and some other random people as far as I'm concerned. Couldn't give a mad ass fuck if the other people are men, women, old, young, straight, gay, black, white, vegan hipster paraplegics, whatever.... just get out of the fucking way when T-ae is on screen kthx.

  5. When Kangwon Police gave Tahiti actual uniforms, they didn't look that great. On the other hand, Girl's Day using OTT costumes works really well.

  6. I just found out some weird site is mirroring AKF posts:

  7. Thank you for featuring my fave Seungri in yet another Rania post. Can we read something else rather than discuss Rania agaiiiiin?

  8. Having black people in kpop groups is cultural apropriation

  9. K-j-C-POP without asian or half asian is not kpop!! jpop!! or cpop just be f#king normal!!
    a white singing in a bollywood movie !! no gurl that is eww !!
    just let this cultuur be asian or els go to hollywood or sit home !!



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