Monday, November 23, 2015

"Lovelyz Don't Have The 'Skills' to Win #1"

So I was reading this article over at Netizebuzz about how Lovelyz had their phones taken away from them until they reach #1. I mean it's pretty obvious that Woolim is just as shitty as every other company in K-Pop when it comes to respecting their idols and it's also obvious that Lovelyz is an amazing group that deserves everything. However this comment just made me laugh:

3. [+129, -40] Do they even think it's fair that a group with their skills and their song wins #1?

First of all, a group winning #1 has never had anything to do with skills. In fact, it has little to do with the actual song. 99.9% of the time group winning #1 just means that group is really popular and has a lot of fans which is why the amount of times a group wins #1 is only really a big deal when it's happening to nugus because of how hard and rare it is. 

AKF said it best:
"In the pop business, success is 99% luck and 1% effort."

Secondly, if they aren't (and probably aren't) talking about popularity as a "skill." Then what "skills" exactly are they talking about? Lovelyz sounds better than most nugu groups out now and this is coming from someone who doesn't care that much about vocals at all, and most importantly, they work together as a team instead of having each member try and out vocal-wank the next which works for the songs they sing. If their talking about dancing, well one of the things I see people constantly give positive feedback on Lovelyz for is their dancing and how synchronized they are.

If their talking about visuals, well, to each their own, but I honestly think they're one of the prettiest girl groups around. Plus groups that the public collectively doesn't find attractive have won #1 before. Remember back in 2009-2011 when 2NE1 was publicly called "The Ugliest Girl Group" while also gaining an insane amount of popularity and winning music shows left and right? None of the netizens brought up song quality, but I will just for the sake of argument. If they're talking about song quality, again, like attraction music is subjective and plus Lovelyz aren't the producers and composers of their own songs, nor do they chose which songs they sing so that isn't really a skill they're required to have, and if you have a problem then you should bag on the skills of who produces their songs (which I find to be doing a great job so far.)

And thirdly and most important, since this is netizen I will assume the "skills" they are referring to are vocal skills since every netizen seems to be overly obsessed with vocals: Lovelyz's acapella cover Michael Jackson's "Beat It"  has been pretty damn popular overseas (covered greatly here and here.) For what reason you may ask? Their vocal skills.

And that's why I laughed at that comment because if having "skills" was all it took to win #1 on a music program show then Lovelyz along with a lot of other rookies would have been winning since their debut.


  1. Clearly they're talking about the skill to bulk buy albums and manipulate the charts.

  2. Not a big fan of the Lovelyz type of music but I can't deny that they are talented. Your article is spot on.

  3. Not a big fan of the Lovelyz type of music but I can't deny that they are talented. Your article is spot on.

  4. If Lovelyz were with SM or JYP, all the hypocrites would be praising them instead.

  5. To me, they're just like most nugus from the past few months. All kinda cute, but ultimately boring faces. CLC, gfriend, OMG and whatnot (I don't even know their exact band names in some cases).
    The last nugu group that seemed to have some REAL potential was Bestie, but I really only like 2 of their songs.

  6. Woolim just have to accept failure, abandon their "school-age girl next door" concept, and switch Lovelyz to a sexy concept (unlike Apink, they don't sell tacit/implicit "sex" well). Popularity will sure rise. Just ask reference from the forgotten Angel in the dungeon, Yookyung, of AOA how much a difference will that make?

  7. I honestly don't care about their vocal skills nor their looks (although I think Jisoo and BabySoul are pretty), but I really liked the whole 'Lovelyz8' album (exept Rapunzel).

    1. Neither do I however netizens seem to be obsessed with this shit and then go around prancing like they owe them something when they get their feelings hurt which is annoying.

      What I like about Lovelyz or anh group first and formost is their music. I honestly wouldn't care if they were guys, ''ugly'', ect... if the music is good, that's all that should matter in the long run.

    2. Rapunzel is good then the english part starts and ruin everything


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