Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[MV Review] Rania - Demonstrate

Rania demonstrates why it should disband because this fucking song sucks.

When I review songs, I usually listen to them a few times because the first time you listen to a song, it's hard to catch everything. For some people, they're masturbating to the main vocalist hitting a certain note. To others, they notice some complex chord that makes him or her touch himself or herself. To people like me, there's usually just too much going on to notice everything on the first listen. However, this song sucks so much that I'm listening to f(x)'s 4 Walls while writing this review.

This song is so underwhelming and basic that I really only needed 30 seconds before I knew this song was bad. It sounds like a B-track from the early 2000s when R&B dominated the airwaves. Unfortunately, R&B is garbage, and this song's basic R&B beat did nothing for me. I spent the whole time looking at the timer at the bottom left so that the song could end. None of the girls are attractive, and this is coming from someone who would bang Boram. (Well, that's probably just because she's Kpopalypse's mom and not because of Boram's actual appearance.)

Rania will probably disband before Alexandra can obtain a visa to work in South Korea. That's how awful this group is. 


  1. I guess you missed the jams that were Dr. Feelgood, Style, and Pop Pop Pop.
    The beat isn't R&B at all. A bit repetitive, but definitely way too high energy to be R&B. It's just a basic, catchy, urban K-pop tune that probably could've been on Secret's mini album.
    Then again, we shouldn't be taking music suggestions from an APink stan lmfao

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed. Also, Alexandra is fucking hot: https://instagram.com/thealexreid/

    2. "Fucking hot"? No, absolutely not.

    3. We should also not take suggestions from someone who finds Joy ugly, yet Way hot lmfao

  3. I'm totally okay with you banging Boram as long as you document it via fanfic.

  4. I liked it, even without Jooyi's killer vox. They are not your typical looking K-Pop tarts, certainly not ugly. 4 walls...now there's a big P.O.S if I ever saw one.

  5. You're garbbage RNB is not, and this shit aint even RNB

  6. kpop without asian or half asian is just not kpop....
    it´s like a white person singing in bollywood movies °°°°°°°° yass giirlll that is just a big NO... but whatever we wil see°°°°


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