Friday, November 13, 2015

Seolhyun Needs to Learn from Namjoo

If you are a regular reader of Netizen Buzz and/or K-Pop, K-Fans, you probably noticed the 30 articles about Seolhyun every week. Naturally, Seolhyun would have an interview that addresses the comments about her.

Let's just take the most recent example of the Seolhyun hate bandwagon (as of the writing of this article) from NB.

This is to address not only the Koreans who hate on her, but the international bandwagoners who ride the cocks/clits of Korean netizens to satiate his or her inner Koreaboo.

1. You are not sick of her because of media play. You go to her articles and take the effort to leave a comment. You must care about her to some extent. It's the same with me. I don't give a crap about plenty of idols, but I give enough of a shit to write a quick couple jokes about them or edit a picture of them in MS Paint.

2. You say shit about her face because no one wants to jizz on your face.

Once Seolhyun realizes that it's mainly fat girls hating on her, she'll quickly learn to not give a fuck.


  1. Seolhyun has slowly been becoming my favorite in AOA just for how much shit she's been getting. She's honestly perfect the way she is and I hope FNC won't force her or any AOA member to loose weight because they all have nice bodies.

    1. Seolhyun is pretty much the only one that isn't kinda disgusting.
      She's quite hot.

    2. It's seems like everyone who Seolhyun encounters calls her a fat fuck, FNC Managers, Drama directors. Either its a running joke to say the chick with the best body in kpop doesn't meet required weight standards or its one of those situations where the person looks different in real life than they do on camera and Seolhyun is, in actual reality, a morbidly obese manatee

    3. You'd bone that manatee and you know it's true.

  2. Seolhyun - the only relevant member for me although she is neither a great singer or best dancer

  3. Seolhyun is best aoa. Still have a hard spot for jimin.


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