Monday, November 9, 2015

What do the lyrics of BEG's new song even mean?

Brown Eyed Girls recently came back after a two year break with "Brave New World". The first time I heard the song, I was like 'what the actual fuck is this shit'. It sounded like one of those many disjointed messes in Kpop that just make you wanna scrunch your face up in disgust. The second time I heard it though, it wasn't as bad, and the third, I fell in love. This song is so fucking good. Although I gotta say I am disappointed with the Miryo rap break. I think it started out okay but halfway through her flow disappeared into thin air. Nonetheless, I kept replaying this song, and I'm not the type of person to replay songs so that's saying something.

While the song is great, I have to ask myself this: what the fuck do these lyrics even mean? First we have Gain talking about time bending and a 'blue-colored scream' that is apparently 'brown like her eyes' (I'm sorry Gain, you lost me there). Then we have Narsha talking about something tangled -- possibly Rapunzel's hair (or mine). Then there's JeA talking about someone shooting... something ('trip into there shoot um um um trip deeper inside shoot um um um', you can go ahead and make of that what you will) and then suddenly she's wondering about the world. Lastly we have Miryo talking about old people problems like blood pressure. That's probably (and sadly) the only point that seems relevant to BEG.

Is it just me, or have they gone batshit crazy with these lyrics? I bet the lyricist was all like 'Ah, fuck it. Let's just write some random shit down and everyone will think it has some deep meaning behind it because, duh, BEG'. That makes me think though -- the best thing about Kpop is that we can't understand these lyrics anyway so we can just listen to the song without wanting to gauge our eyes out. As for all you Korean fans out there, I feel sorry for you. Or not.

Fuck, my head hurts just reading these lyrics and trying to make any sense of them. I gotta need some fresh air.

(On the contrary, their other song "Warm Hole" has very straightforward lyrics.)


  1. Some of the meaning might be lost in translation, but even if the lyrics are truly weird at least they will get credit for originality and being creative.

  2. Ya'll have gotten way too trigger happy with the phrase "disjointed mess." This literally went Verse PreChorus Chorus Repeat Rap Break Chorus End Like, it's simple song structure people.

  3. I actually read this book recently and this song seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Brave New World

  4. Aside from the lyrics of the two title tracks the whole album is really good


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