Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't Make Fun Of Oppa's English

Tough shit. It's okay to dog on SNSD, 2NE1, etc. for having poor Japanese pronunciation but it's not okay to dog on Junsu's poor English pronunciation? Fuck that shit. Always Keep The Fish.


  1. All

    I kinda wish it hadn't been a Youtube comment, so I could at least pretend to be surprised.

  2. Junsu voice sucks and is very damn high pitched bro! Fuck you JYJ, riding off of dbsk fame. I'm glad they split up and i hope they dont reunite with tvxq

    1. don't InSuLt JYJ OPPARS, YoU HaTer!!!!1!!!1!! OPPARS rrr FRAWRESSS!!!!!11!!

  3. Yeah I always wondered why that is... But what does not liking someone's accent have to do with liking a video or not.............?

  4. Junsu can't see engrish to save his fucking life.
    Next to his god awful blonde hair he's gone fucking stupid
    He looks like an albino
    Oppar needs a reality check on keepin it real

  5. Double standards man....double standards.....*sigh*

  6. Yohio is a 16 year old swedish kid with awesome japanese. SNSD and 2NE1 are idols with shit japanese.
    Why is this? Yohio has a passion in Japanese culture, SNSD and 2NE1 couldn't give two fucks, and if you're not gona give two fucks about the country you're gonna debut in, then you're as dumb as dara... oh wait.

    1. Well that's because Yohio self-taugh himself and debuted in Japan willinging.... the others didn't. Their companies told them to... so, I think that contributes as to why...

    2. I can undertsand for SM, I mean straight pimps run that company.
      But YG after they fucking pride themselves on being a family and caring so much for their idols. What a load of shit. The crap 2ne1 release is garbage. You mind as well have Suk appear on 2ne1 TV taking a dump on the Japanese flag. The quality is that degrading.

      I heard about Yohio and its like Chad The Future. I stop it there.

    3. @Minah
      That was my point, SNSD and 2NE1 were probably like "uggh, do we have to go japan? Fuck those crooked toothed cunts" but Yohio is a giant japan-fan.

      @mybiastbeatsyourbias - (by the way, if you're bias isn't KARA, it doesn't beat mine)

      YOHIO IS TALENTED THOUGH, by that i mean, he can play a guitar, while chad future is just a big fucking douche. And at least Yohio at least sounds japanese, chad future sounds like... i don't even know.
      Also, Yohio has a shot, as long as he stays with the oshare kei image, he'll be fine.
      He won't flop like that becki cruel chick.

    4. @jkumad
      Your right my bias isn't Kara I actually enjoy japanese song by japanese. Not into the generic knock off brand.

      Ha Yohio > than Chad taking you word I feel stump

  7. Every time I see Junsu I want to punch him in his non-existent balls. The way he sings, his voice, looks, everything just irks the hell out of me... He reminds me of my boyfriend. >_>

  8. Fuck you guys. Oppars engirsh better than all ur faves


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