Friday, August 31, 2012

[MV Review] Super Junior - SPY

Just when you thought they had released their final gasp effort at relevance, Super Junior comes back with a repackage(?) to milk the last shreds of money outta ELFs.

Super Junior's latest MV is pretty boring. It's your standard dance in a box MV, but they get even LESS boxes than usual. 1 box is recycled by changing the lighting, and the other is a CGI women's bathroom or something cause there's blood dripping from the ceiling.

Not sure what's grosser, the period blood drippings or Shindong.
As you may have deduced from the song title, SPY's concept is all about spies. More specifically, ripping off James Bond-esque spies. The MV is rife with women's silhouettes, gunshots, and tuxedo-clad Super Junior walking around shooting guns. Quite the waste of a concept if you ask me, they could have gone with the suave sexy or techno-gadgety route, but nooooo. Instead we get a trigger happy SuJu shooting shit we don't even get to see.

Blatant James Bond ripoff aside, Siwon is starting to get typecasted.
It's the second time he's playing a tuxedo-clad spy in an MV. (Hoot, btw)


Poor/lazy/retarded execution of the concept isn't all that's shitty about this MV because the dance is pretty damn shitty too. Probably their laziest choreography to date, there is nothing difficult about this song whatsoever. Even Eunhyuk's bits seem boring and stale. It's just ugh. All ugh. SuJu are a long ways away from being the same group that did shit like Sorry Sorry.

You don't get to steal Michael Jackson's swag just cause he's dead, you know.
The song itself sounds like 4 songs cobbled together in a Frankensteinish monster of a release. You know there is something fundamentally wrong with this song when KRY have the least amount of lines (Yes, even less than the likes of Shindong or Leeteuk). And the majority of those lines is chanty autotuned talking. I'll attempt to break the shoddy song composition down for you:

It starts out with an incredibly tacky trumpeted Charge bar before diving headlong into a campy Mariachi-esque song for a few more bars. Then it decides to change pace into a rather nice Roaring 20s brass band swing fusion dance track, at least for a few more bars before switching to some weird autotuned chanty bit that sounds like the shit they did back in the Superman repackage for Mister Simple. Abruptly returning to the brass band for the chorus, it goes back to the campy Mariachi for more verses. And that's just the first third of the song. The rest of the song is more of the same random choppy parts rather hastily cobbled together.

I thought Sexy Free & Single was bad, this song is even worse. It's hard to find anything that redeems this song aside from Donghae who remains the sole bastion of stability and consistent good looks in Super Junior. Siwon's looking pretty dumpy lately, and everyone after those two in looks are pretty average at best. It's pretty hard to fuck up a tuxedo concept, so SM managed to avoid dropping the ball by attempting to embellish it with random styling. Instead, they get 2 palette swapped tuxedos (one with black blazer, white shirt, black bowtie and the other with white blazer, black shirt, white bowtie) and whatever random clothes they walked into the studio in for their closeups. Special mention goes to Kyuhyun who's managed to look even more deathly and creepy than usual.

Even Seobot has more emotion programmed into her left pinky than Kyuhyun has
in his entire body.
Shittily executed spy concept reflects how bad the song is.

  • Donghae
  • plenty of Donghae screen time
  • interesting brass band bars
  • criminal waste of a concept
  • shitty execution on all aspects
  • boring/lazy choreography
  • terribly cobbled together song that sounds like 4 different styles/songs smashed together
  • lack of proper line distribution skewed to the people that deserve it (KRY)
  • no rifle burs
I give this song a 1.5 out of 5 (0.5 for Donghae + screen time)


  1. I agree with the pros & cons.

    Kyuhyun is actually one of the good looking ones in SJ but damn, they made him look like crap in this vid.

  2. I'm an ELF,but I agree with at least half of this review.

    "Super Junior's latest MV is pretty boring. It's your standard dance in a box MV, but they get even LESS boxes than usual. 1 box is recycled by changing the lighting, and the other is a CGI women's bathroom or something cause there's blood dripping from the ceiling"

    Agreed. But not the women's bathroom part,or the blood dripping. XD Although the blood thing was really...It just looked so obviously thrown in randomly with the other things in the MV.

    I feel bad as their fan for saying this but,yes the cheorography looked effortless,even Eunhyuk's part. Its just made to "look good" but really,to me,its just not bad,not good.

    And yeah. The auto-tuned chanty part. Really, it didn't work as well as it did with Superman. (I'm gonna say Superman wasn't too bad even if you disagree. So yeah,just my opinion.)
    It really does sound like a few songs hastily put together.

    I personally disagree with the Shindong part. But I won't say much about it. ._.

    LOL at the "0.5 for Donghae + screen time)

  3. Honestly once KRY + Donghae get shipped off i can't find a single reason to watch SuJu.

    Seobot is getting better though but Kyuhyun... concerned he's a zombie.

  4. It feels like SuJu just stopped caring about the synchronization of their dance moves, and just started doing whatever they want.
    Oppa will still get fan presents so he doesn't care.

    This is actually exactly what I thought when Shindong came on screen.

  6. LShitty song and horrible styling. Fuck you Super Junior, i think ill stan b2st more. I hope their next single wont be bad. And some of their non title music was good, but now its just bad too. Oh well at least Sj is better than exo :-\

  7. actury
    i like suju new song
    its qt

    and not to mention its better than they past songs
    and lol at elfs being vips
    calling them underrated(ofcos vips dont do this .. since bb is overated) and calling them real musicians

    the underrated part had me rolling tho
    dafuq zaku
    u can found comment saying stay away from oppar , but u cant found that on allkpop?

  8. no, their laziest choreo was opera.

    also, i dont get how people find donghae attractive.

  9. Oh Zaku...
    You scrape the bottom, shit it out, and try to sell it as chocolate.

    The song, mind you, does lack bridges, lacks flow, lacks apparent percussion, lacks harmonic voice directing, and contains recycling and re-sampling. The concept is uninspired, and the dance is effortless.

    I kind wish there'd been more Shindong, just to troll the fangirls.

    1. Wait what am I doing? .___.

    2. You never actry review the fucking song but u jus giv details instead

  10. Wow, this time SM is really pushing Super Junior's retirement. I would be utterly surprised if they're still around for the next 5 years since they somehow want to be the next "Shinhwa" or something.
    Kyuhyun reminds me of Severus Snape :/

  11. "Not sure what's grosser, the period blood drippings or Shindong."

    What's grosser; both at the same time.

  12. The way how Shindong holds and fires that shotgun makes me snicker and want to mock him more. Terrible song from Suju as usual.

    And when the fuck is Shitteuk gonna go to the military now? It's already September.

  13. this song / choreography is pretty good as for the video however it sucks as usual.

  14. What an awkward mess of a song. Its like completely formless, and just has that Spy melody replaying the whole time. Really really bad song.
    And only my fav chubsters look good in the video : )))

  15. I feel like SJ releases the same song since Sorry Sorry,only with different lyrics and a twist here and there. o_O


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