Monday, August 13, 2012

[MV Review] Jevice - I'll Love

Jevice finally debuted, meaning that everyone from the original 5-ara, not the 5-ara getting all of the hate now, has debuted. While Jiwon just looks like Frankenstein's daughter, I was anticipating Jiae's debut since she was the main vocalist of 5-ara.

The song starts off all nice, and then Yura decides that she needs to rap in the song. Ugh. Yura, stick to being fap material, okay. Only Reehji can tolerate your rapping.

This group reminds me a lot of Davichi. I doubt I'm the only one who thinks this. How many other female duos who sing ballads are out there in Kpop? This group is one of the few groups who I hope survive the idol bubble. There will be a lot of idol groups disbanding because there are way too many groups for the newer groups to get any recognition. I just hope they don't feature Yura as a rapper in their next song. If anything, they should feature her stripping or something.


  1. I'm assuming the other hot chick in the studio is Sojin (dayum!). But otherwise I really like the song, and both the girls are pretty. imo the one with glasses looks a lot like JungAh (my #1 bias).

  2. >MV review
    >No reviewing

    My opinions? Not gonna bother breaking it down, I will say, however, that Yura's shoehorned shoehorned...and half-ass'ed.

  3. the best rapper evar~!! Hater'z gunna hate :3

    or i wish that is the truth lol

  4. WHAT ABOUT ME ;_;

    1. :o totally forgot. Best _______ (filling the blank ) evar!!

    2. You forgot about me :(

      Imma kill this bish Yura

    3. it's ok rongrong. no need to act angry. I will stan the shit out of you when you comeback fatter! Yura is innocent and I promise, she will never outshine you in fame :o

  5. It's hot where I am right now...humid as fuck.

    I really want to take their glasses and stick it in my ass crack.


  6. Talentless Yura has never disappointed me

  7. Boring song, boring group concept. And the looks aren't nearly good enough to compensate. Disband


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