Sunday, August 26, 2012

[MV Review] 4Minute - Love Tension


PoMinitSrut made a Japanese cumback, but since it's PoMinit and not Hyuna, no one really noticed. CEPT ME.

4Minute's new Japanese single PV is kinda atypical for this kind of song. Though at first blush a typical dance-in-a-box with closeups PV, Love Tension's presentation feels more like a tech demo for an 3D-enabled HDTV. It's quite odd. This manifests most obviously in the group dance scenes.

No idea what exploding crystals and redlines have to do with a Love Tension though.
Female-version fap dance?
The result looks a bit like a design student jizzed into the footage. It's CUBE's visual version of SME's aural embellishments to their MV releases. I kinda want to see an actual 3D version of this PV, if only just to see random crystals fly around and have red lasers beamed into my retinas.

As for the dance, there's not much of it present in the PV. From what we do see of the dance, it doesn't look like anything too fancy or terribly complicated. Nothing is fantastic, but nothing sticks out as horrible or oddly choreographed.

Pretty shrug-worthy, amirite Jiyoon?
The song itself is much the same. It's a solid release, but nothing really stands out to wow you. I do have to complain about the random dance break in the middle of the song. It's really out of place, especially when the PV has Sohyun dancing extremely awkwardly during this bit. Not even laser beams or exploding tetrahedrals could lessen the cringe I had for her. At least it wasn't dubstep though.

It does get bonus points from me for minimizing Hyuna's presence in both the PV and song. I was extremely surprised to see Hyuna hardly in the PV at all. She doesn't get any more closeups than everyone else in the PV, and she only pulls center duty once or twice! Her vocal presence in the song is limited to a couple of random talky-bits, without two rap lines to rub together! Shocking, very shocking.

This does have the added effect of giving everyone else a chance to shine, and they take every opportunity to this time around. Special mention must go to Jihyun who looks smoking hot in this PV. JUST LOOK AT HER:

I don't get why they didn't let her draw a complete heart though, why would you edit
the PV this way?!
The visual aspect of the PV, led by Jihyun of course, is pretty solid. Everyone looks very good (like Jihyun), and even Sohyun looks a whole different person lately. Whatever they're doing to her (most likely finding her some dick on the side like Hyoyeon), it's working. I do have to say that Jiyoon in her black Michael Jackson outfit looks very dykish. She looks much better in the blue outfit she's in during the chorus's dance bits.

And like I said earlier, the whole PV feels like a 3D TV tech demo, so everything is very crisp and shiny. Very slick presentation with a strange emphasis on water and cars. Guess nothing showcases the technical capabilities of your TV better than a cool car and hot girls.

And 4Gaynute. 
Solid song backed by a PV that looks like it came straight off the 3D TV showroom.


  • solid song
  • minimal Hyuna (I'm sure the fans of the other 4 Minutes + Hyuna haters will appreciate this the most)
  • excellent styling
  • random 3D-like explodey tetrahedrals and laser beams
  • fairly standard production
  • dykish Jiyoon
  • awkward dance break
I give this a 3.75 out of 5 (You may be questioning this score but JIHYUN PUT THE WHOLE TEAM ON HER BACK, DOE).


  1. ░░░░░░░░███████████████░░░░░░░░

  2. how did I get here from pornhub...

  3. Not bad, but not my kind of quality of music.

  4. I wish Jiyoon would grow her hair out for once, she would look much hotter. :(

  5. They stole the idea from Perfume

  6. I loved the song, it was different from their other releases. JiHyun is the most beautiful member in the group, it's a shame that she gets the back seat. What I don't get is why Sohyun thinks she is way hotter than JiHyun or HyunA. She looked okay in this video, but the bitch is way over her head.
    My rank is 1. JiHyun 2. Hyuna 3. Gayoon 4. JiYoon 5. Sohyun

  7. I thought Jiyoon looked great in the suit, much better than she usually does.

    Hyuna was really sexual in this. Dat hair and nasty.

  8. The song was super classy-sexy,and it's actually reeeeaaaallllly catchy when you listen to it 2-3 times.Everyone looked AH-mazing *likegayoongwhoisgettingfuckinghotlately*.And Jiyoon looked like a girl.I'm a happy 4nia.
    Sohyun's dance break though...she's an amazing dancer,I don't get why they'd leave her with that stupid dance. o_o

    1. I used to think all of phominat was ugly....Now i think Jihyun and Gayoon are so gorgeous. And Sohyun looks like a fat Sandara Park which is qt. But Jihyun is prolly the prettiest idol.

    2. Everyone used to think that at some point lol...
      But Jihyun is seriously one of the most gorgeous girls alive.A real BaGel-fabulous-hair-flipping girl indeed. *nods*

    3. I always thought Jihyun had this sexy librarian vibe about her. She should wear her glasses more often. Gayoon used to have a cold bitch face, but now it's a sexy bitch face. Maybe her chin got pointier or something.

    4. Suzy and Jihyun are prolly the most gorgeous girls in kpop. Well imo

    5. I don't really agree about Suzy though~
      Woori,Naeun and half of After School takes all the "pretty girls" spotlight for me. XD

  9. Sohyun looks gorgeous here, long hair is gives her a japanese look, much better than whatever they were doing to her before.

  10. Hyuna looks bangin here, and Jihyun as well.

    Sohyun's still fug tho




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