Sunday, August 26, 2012

Phominuteslut's fans buttmad at Hyuna cause unnir on her way to be GLOBAL SUPAHSTAHH ~

While the way their fans reacted isn't really surprising in the least (wasn't sure if they even had fans sans Hyuna if I'm being honest :o) and to some extent you can understand why they're frustrated but lol let's be real, without Hyuna Phominutesluts would flop like a fish (if they aren't already considered flops oopsieeeeeee c: ). I guess the Cube CEO's announcement regarding Hyuna's global plans ~ kinda acted like a catalyst in the anti-Hyuna sentiment expressed by most Phominute fans and bandwagoners.

.......annnnnnnnnnnnnnd then I saw this get retweeted on twitter.

Taking things a bit far? Perhaps.

More of these on their way? Definitely. 

The entire situation reminds me of the gif Ahjusshi made a while back.

아저씨 adds:

Speaking of that post, let's take a quick look at updated statistics.

Bubble Pop: 31 million views
Mirror Mirror: 6 million views
Volume Up: 10 million views



  1. You go to hell, you go to hell and die now

    Hyuna should sit on you face for that one

  2. Cube are focusing on the girl who bring in the $$
    it's called running a business

  3. Hyuna is fucking flawless, bitch.

  4. "We're determined to make HyunA a talented artist"

    well you better. bitch can't even sing and doesn't even rap too good, which makes me wonder why she's the main rapper of a group like this

    she's only good for the looks.



  6. Still kinda sad that the YoonYoon subunit's been postponed indefinitely. That would have been a great duo.

  7. Fuck Hyuna im more pissed that classes are starting tomorrow. No more living like G-Lion TT_TT keke no1cur.
    buttfuck, Hyuna has no talent, but i wonder if she never came back from the free clinics, then maybe Cube wouldnt be as popular...? Cube is filled with failures and rejects after all. And then i wouldnt be able to fap to Doojun and Dongwoon :( But Gayoon has more talent than the other phominat combined.

    1. I agree, HyunAh doesn't have much talent to offer but K-Pop is more about popularity rather than talents and HyunAh's got the popularity, looks and the moves(? I don't if I can call what she does as "dancing").

      I would think that the Jiyoon/Gayoon subunit project would've been fairly success imo since they are the most talented in the group (although not a comparison to some other vocalist, but in K-Pop that doesn't matter) and they're both smokin' hot!
      It would at least be a chance to gain some recognition for 4mintue and gain some fans even if they didn't succeed.

      I wish Jiyoon would grow her hair out for once because she looks really hot with long hair like in "FIRST" or when she performed that song with long hair on Immortal Song.:/

  8. I find Hyunah hot.
    Fuck y'all haters, and who the hell is 4minute???

  9. I wonder how Wonder Girls would be if hyuna was still in the group

  10. I wonder how Wonder Girls would be if hyuna was still in the group

    1. bish prz.
      and sun
      wouldnt be overshadowed by her

  11. 4minute,surprisingly even for me as a long-term 4nia,are not flopping.They sell good,only 2ne1,KARA and SNSD do better than them,in physical sales.
    I'm mad about her comeback too,honestly,I was waiting for DoubleYoon or a Jihyun/Sohyun solo or something.And HyunAh is my №1 girl idol,as cheesy as it sounds.
    CUBE needs understand that they'd get more profit if they promote everyone in the group,especially Jiyoon and Jihyun,since so many people love them.But...yeah.It's like they use 4minute only as an excuse to make Hyunah comebacks more often. -.-

    1. 4minute is my bias. AKFG actually did an article on one of my bias.

      I don't know what happen two the double Yoon either. I think it got lost between Beast new album Midnoght Sun and another round of Japanese random single "Love Tension"

    2. And I'm thinking we won't get to see them.Ever. -.-

    3. nah never
      cube is so fucking wasteful

  12. AWH MAN!
    I was actually really looking forward to the Double Yoon sub-unit (although I wish they weren't gonna do a ballad like CUBE was planning....I guess it would show their talent though). I became a hard Jiyoon fan after her hot boss moves in Volume Up.

    I think that if they do promote some other members in the group as well they can actually gain more popularity too....or at least they would have some exposure and gain some fans.

    Oh well, it'll still be interesting to see what HyunAh's solo will be this time and if she pull it off a fourth time.

  13. ░░░░░░░░███████████████░░░░░░░░

  14. 4minute should be grateful Hyuna even collabs with her

  15. Solo singer? Globally? Aw hell, Cube must be smokin' too much shit again. Hyunah can't even lipsync properly >___>


  17. Hyuna is sexy, what's even better is that she doesn't have a genuine sexy personality, she is bubbly and adorable, but can switch slut on and off like a light switch.

  18. yeah Hyuna should just leave 4minute. They can replace her with HWAYOUNG!

    oh yeahhh!!!!

  19. A global star? Cannot WAIT to see this. Good grief, the girl cannot sing whatsoever and her rapping is terrible. Why CUBE why?


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