Sunday, August 19, 2012

White Guy's A Condom Star!

So as we all know, the hit named Oppa's Condom Star has become "the big thing for kpop". Multiple peeps had covered that shit and make parodies out of it. However, the video above is special enough. Clearly, this white guy can teach Khun (who has been in Korea for a long time) how to drive on the road with..... The CONDOM GANGNAM STAR STYLE.

When being asked why would anyone do that, the guy calmly replied that " The Open Style is the true way to drive. Beer is a must, yet getting caught is noobish".

Take note Khun....

PS: He sounds better than Chad's korean to me.....any confirmation :I Or my ears are just bad now after hours and hours of Fruity Loops D:

OH, and before I leave it to your judgement....I thought those are hilarious also

Hyena actually looks good for once :'D


  1. ya know the deal, excuse and drill!

  2. The fuckery of gangnam style. The Asian one was the most annoying

  3. i am fucking sick of gangnam style

  4. Holy shit, now THAT is how to drive

  5. psy kick ass during live is a joke/suckmydeeck/stuckurfacewithmabush/exemplary troll/whatchamacalledit right???.... the song is meh.....but now it blew up all fucking corners of the world......i still stick my tongue out to it....bleagh.......i don't know if you guys remember the 'Los del Rio's macarena' or 'Fools Garden's lemon tree' or 'Eiffel 65's blue''s like the radio DJ had a brain aneurysm aka brainfart and died while on duty and kept playing those damn songs again and again and again.....a little bird told me gangnam style might just go down that road.....TL:@#$#@$ DR.....don't hate on me for not liking the song...even before it blew up....*sad face*

  6. the song is meant to be catchy like gee, yayaya.
    Although im not a fan of the lyrics myself, it has certainly given kpop some attention from the world.

    When rich kids sang the song......


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