Friday, August 10, 2012

[NYSLT] Microkid - 새로움

This edition of NYSLT is brought to you by Microkid! Microkid is a Korean five-member indie-rock band that debuted in way back in 2005. With only a few singles and a mini album under their belt, they went pretty lowkey until the release of their first full length album in 2009. While I realize that I've mostly been featuring newly released music on NYSLTs so far, I've only just discovered them now. 3 years isn't THAT big of a gap anyway.

My favorite song off the album is 새로움, or "Newness." I couldn't find a single song off the album on Youtube, so I went ahead and uploaded it myself. You're welcome.

I especially love the whimsical sounding xylophone-like main instrumental chord. The sparse backtrack of the song lends itself well to the light vocal style featured in the song, creating an almost vaguely sinister sound.

The rest of the album is great, so be sure to check it out!! I recommend 그 곳에 가지 않아 (Nymph of Shampoo) and Let Go.


  1. Love the NYSLT. Even though sometimes I still find the korean "indie scene" kind of old and derivative (just like kpop), if not plain boring, I'm always keeping my eyes open. Microkid is nothing special and I don't like it at all, but the singer is good and also kind of cute.
    I REALLY liked "Tiger Soul" by 굴소년단 (oyster boys?), never heard by them again since then, thoug.

  2. - tfw you keep waiting for that stupid keyboard riff to develop into something more interesting instead of looping a la the Pink Panther theme

    - The snare sounds like crap and doesn't click with the song

    - Norah Jones-esque tryhard whose voice gives me a headache

    2/5 would not listen again, could have been redeemed with a more well-defined bass line to complement her dissonant voicings...either lazy production values or I do not understand what it means to be indie amirite oppar

    1. +100000 to this shit ! Really, the song is not that good tbh

    2. 9/10 would read again.

      You definitely hit the nail on the head there. The bass' low gain is too high, and should have had more mid to support the progression and her voice. The sampled bell synth never evolves, which hurts the songs flow.
      You are right. Lazily produced.

    3. Clearly we need a new author on the NYSLT column if I'm sucking so bad at these lately. ;A;

  3. Verses are great but chorus not so much. I like the singer's voice.

  4. Idk when Mint Paper Project will release something new but that always has good collabs etc.

  5. Where is the heavy rock and metal scene in korea?
    Tired of pussy indie fucking wannabe rock


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