Friday, September 7, 2012

Hwayoung releases a (really bad) rap verse

Once again, bandwagon fans are eating Hwayoung's rap up as if she was a rap messiah. First it was "I likey likey dis, likey likey dat" that made Hwayoung a laughingstock, and now she's trying to pull a Jay Park and make it seem like they're talented, but hope enough fans are too stupid to realize that they're nothing special when it comes to rapping.

Hwayoung's "killer rapping".

Killer rapping? It's fine that fans like idol rappers. There's nothing wrong against it. Saying that they're actually great rappers is another story. Fans think Hwayoung is a great rapper just because she has a "deep" voice for a female rapper. Since when did someone's voice make someone a great rapper? Without a good delivery and good rhymes, no one can be good. Hwayoung doesn't have a good delivery. She's tries to do what TOP does: rap in a deep voice to cover up her flaws in rapping because that's all fangirls seem to care about when it comes to rapping. Again, it's fine if they enjoy it, and someone doesn't have to be the best for a person to be a fan of them, but a lot of fans actually believe she's a great rapper. I'll quote some shit I've read in the comments on the video.

65 losers have no taste in Music. ¬_¬

hope she debut in U.S

Hwayoung u're the most awesome rapper that I've ever seen!!! Hope u can release ur lending album with all the rapssss SOON!=D

she's so talented, i mean her rapping style. wow

incredible talented Hwayoung...! I always liked her Rap ....its Powerful and confident.....!

I could post more comments, but people get the point. The main problem is that fangirls will eat anything up by an idol rapper and praise it for being a masterpiece when they don't even know what the song is saying. Hwayoung could have rapped about how she put her bloody tampons on Dani's face while Dani was sleeping or how Kim Kwang Soo's pubic hair looks like Gandalf's beard and the fangirls would be saying she's a rap messiah.


  1. Better than Yeezy's verse on Clique, no doubt.

  2. Can't believe I had to use the computers at school, thanks to the fucking internet provider company saying I have to wait till Wednesday for shit to be reconnected. Moving house sucks.

    Back to topic - Oh God, I feel like burning them fans for those comments with a flamethrower :D

    " Hwayoung could have rapped about how she put her bloody tampons on Dani's face while Dani was sleeping or how Kim Kwang Soo's pubic hair looks like Gandalf's beard and the fangirls would be saying she's a rap messiah."

    ROFLMAO XD Gold. Shit, who knows, maybe one of the T-ara members might drop their bloody tampons on Dani's face. Wouldn't be surprised if the old hag's pubic hair was even thicker than Gandalf's beard - probably also longer than Dumbledore's beard as well. Yikes.

  3. It probably sounds 'nice' to intl fans because, that's it... it *sounds* nice but I dunno what she's saying lol and like... she was 'trained' to be one. Rapping isn't the same as singing. You can practice to get better but, you don't get 'trained' to be one lol. It's something you naturally wanna do, not because a company makes you be one. But I rather listen to her than Dani lol.

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    2. Dani no likey likey dis.

      Dani got all of Hwayoung's lines so Dani can use that line now it doesn't belong to Hwa no more, Dani likey likey that

    3. Bias much? Hello! DANI DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPEAK KOREAN. So it's pretty hard for her to communicate with the members. Dani just give a trouble to T-ara and Hwayoung. Dani like she really want to kick Hwayoung from T-ara just like she want to rule the T-ara by herself. Hwayoung lines is still Hwayoung's! Not Dani!

  4. IDK what you're talking about, Chuck. Illionaire will be proud to have talent like her in their label.

    Dok2 and Jay Park already fapped to this while watching her nipslip gifs.

    1. coming from a VIP who fav member is TOP

      ur comment is right
      but you your self should stop being a vip
      because of TOP

      we all know seungri , and taeyang and ugly daesung is the only talent bb has

    2. @sunny_fag why are you disrepecting GD unnir?!? YOU DON'T KNOW HER! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT THINKING THAT YOU KNOW THE K-HOOD WHEN YOU DON'T OKURR.

      Daesung is as ugly as he is talented though.

    3. i know daesung is talented
      and i ady said it
      tbh i hope bb disband and be like jyj

      or seungri , taeyang , daesung becomes solo singers

      come on!

      he is like yoona .. except he has some... irepeat .. sum skills

      he is talented
      but not a genius

      he fucking said it himself!

      "we are not genius in making music, but we are good at making music the people like" - Gdragon

      his only good songs are his solos

      i notice something

      when he writes a cathcy song it gets loved
      but when he write something that actually artistic on idol level it doesnt get asmuch love

      "that xx" is okay of a song
      but his other song like "1 year station" or "she gone" and "obseesion" should deserve some attention coz its Good . and not because its catchy

    4. I'm insulted that you think I'm a VIP, I renounced official fandom affiliations ages ago. Too old for that shit.

    5. dani is a smart giraffe ^.^
      hyomin unnir must be proud of you

    6. I used to ride tophate bandwagon
      But have u guise herd his solos?

      Its good

      But top in bb sucks

      But a bb without top is like a man without a face

      Might have just change the name big bang into slenderman

    7. Sunny i lub you <33
      TaeYang, danis older brother and Daesung.
      But Jyj werent the talented ones in dbsk. Fuckin bishes.

  5. nathan was right, u are a T-ARa stans

    hwayoung has talents
    why deny it?

    cuz she brings hatred to your bitchfaced soyeon?

    im happy t-ara got hatred, they bunch bullies

    ever tought your trolling is the reason t-ara got hatred?

    mind you that this blog famous and relevant like asian junkie ( except that asian junkie doesnt have music taste , he still listens to idols music)

    post more about how ugly hyoyeon is . and how much of a horse sica is
    and u will get hate on epik high or mflow next!
    dont mest with the power of 9 u fuck!

    1. idk how i feel abt you. but we shall agree on the fact that Chuck oppar is a bit harsh on hwayoung unnir and move onto weekly scheduled session of praying to the high lord of hell for Hyoyeon to look less fuq.

    2. He is more of a Soyeon stan than T-ara stan. I think we fappers all unanimously agree that he's the pervert who used to stalk Soyeon on twitter (I bet he still does, although clandestinely).

      But with or with the incident Hwadog is still a herpy derpy dog.

    3. Asian Junkie actually has music taste. I've chatted to him on Twitter about similar artists that we like. He's just nowhere near as vocal as I am when it comes to proclaiming who I like as an artist.

      Hwayoung is talentless. Learn Korean and you'll see how basic her lyrics are. Go listen to a lot of classic hiphop and you'll hear how Hwayoung lacks flow.

      Timchan, Soyeon was referring to a Korean stalker. I live in the US.

    4. @AKF
      You mean classic hip hop that is korean or american?

    5. Either one, whichever sunny_fag wants to listen to.

    6. I have great music taste too.

    7. Here's a lolly now don't play on the road k?

    8. I always thot Soyeon and Eunjung were the only fappable and talented member of tara. And that Hyomin was the ugliest member of Tara
      Fucking Sara JEska Parker in the house!!!!

  6. hwayoung raps >>> CL,yoobin,yoona, evol girls

    1. yoona is barely useful as something that takes up space idk if she is rapper anything. i herd taeyeon is rapper heheheh....dumb bitch. Dani best rapper.

      but yeah mte i like this verse. maybe when she matures a little more she will be near Miryo's level etc.

      atm she is better than Hyuna foshoo lawl.

    2. as much as i like her rap
      i wont be a delusional fan and say she will be at miryos level

    3. taeyeon is the singer

      but she can rap

      better than all the idols outhere

      she is at CL yoobin level tho

    4. you never know i am sure when Miryo started out everyone was like, ew dis bitch. but now look at her. she eat bitches like hyunah for breakfast

    5. hyuna not even talented rapper -.-

    6. hyunah barely rapper, she's like a stripper, without eyebrows.

      ppl seems to forget that 4muneet sluts was her fault.

    7. bitch pls, Dani best rapper. i no get involved in your basic-ness.

      i be so fly mary effing poppins,
      eats my pie,
      then she goes to jail and be lesbo raped,
      by some butch cassidy who looks like APE.

      eat your heart out hyuna

    8. Gtfo Dani. I hope she quits and goes back to school instead of being in a grouo that has 2 yeara of fame left. Like Henry and Sj. XD Still lab u henry!!

  7. Where have all the cool fag gone?

  8. Best rap about bloody tampons ever.

  9. My question why the fuck Kidols have to troll rap and hip hop so fucking hard? I mean even NSYNC or Backstret Boys didn't have rapping members in it but for kpop its a must? Seriously get off it and allow legit Korean rappers rap. I agree people on liking TOP cause he has a deep voice. But he lacks so much flow in the studio and on stage.
    I mean its the same shit why certain white singers become famous and tackle black music genres. They sound the part but don't look the role.

    Paul Mooney was right "everybody wanna act like a nigga but don't wanna be a nigga" in this case "everybody wanna sound like a nigga but don't wanna be a nigga."

    Some people should know their limits. Hip hop is a music genre for anyone to enjoy but not for every one to perform. Stop treating it like a fucking novelty item to hustle for better sales. Maybe idol groups can get some where.

    1. i agree.
      but come on. hwayoung can rap

      hwayoung has flow unlike shiTOP

      hwayoung > TOP

    2. hyoyeon > sunny

      nah i'm joking, nobody is that mean.

    3. Hip hop is only for black people to do? That is some straight up bullshit. Korean hiphop culture isn't going to be black hiphop culture, but that doesn't mean Koreans are trying to be black and failing. Culture is something fluid that is exchanged and transformed. It draws from different things and twists it to develop something new. This is how it has been with any cultural element through all of human history. Just because it happens more rapidly now due to technology making the transmission of cultural exchange so quickly that we notice the introduction doesn't change that it is a natural process of humanity.

      Hiphop is a very noticeable development because it was rapid, but it is nonetheless something that was built out of elements from elsewhere. The people group that is responsible for a great development in something may feel a strong affinity with it, but that doesn't mean it belongs to them no matter how much they posture and assert as much. Culture belongs to whoever experiences it, and all will experience it differently. However Koreans experience hiphop, that is what it is to them. However they develop it, that is a legit expression of hiphop. It isn't fake hiphop, it is a different path of evolution for the cultural creation we call hiphop.

      Take a fucking music history course.

    4. Big bang is true hiphop in korea. They already got a murderer in their crew!!! Thats huge street cred!!!

    5. 1. If you're looking for quality Korean rap/hiphop in the idolverse, you are looking in the wrong place. "get off it and allow legit Korean rappers rap" ? Why don't you listen to the actual "legit Korean rappers" instead?

      2. "its the same shit why certain white singers become famous and tackle black music genres. They sound the part but don't look the role" Um. Are you saying that because black people are one of the most prolific ethnicities in certain music genres that they should have a monopoly on them, and no one should be allowed to try it? That's retarded logic. If you took even at the most basic of glances at music history, you would know that all music genres are constantly evolving and building on new cultural influences. Shutting down that influx of new source material from people of different backgrounds and stories would effectively stifle the growth and development of all music.

      And why should anyone have to "look the role" to be classified in genres anyway? Do I have to be black to sing soul music? RnB? Gospel? Should I put on some blackface, or wear all red with some chains? How bout I braid my hair into some cornrows and wave a gun on stage while I perform? Cause that's the impression you're giving me. Didn't you go off on a tirade about how people shouldn't be stereotyped based on ethnicity, music should be music, blah blah blah. Now you're directly contradicting yourself by saying people should adhere to image stereotypes in order to "be legit."

      3. You can blow me off and refuse to answer my questions, but what I want to know the most is why you insist on bringing in race and ethnicity into every goddamn comment section? More specifically, why do you have to make things about black people all the time? Black people this, nigga that. No one cares, and everyone is getting tired of your Afrocentrism.

    6. @RoTary NOT JUST THAT!



      dae pls get plastic surgery!!
      be like sica!!!

    7. How come yg could pay the cops
      And jyp cant?

      U gais are just jelly of my oppar!
      Stop. Mental gymnastic. and try to think rationally and read the police reports

    8. Do you really want Asians to look the stereotypical hiphop image that's portrayed in the US? Look at Big Bang in their early career. Asians look ridiculous wearing that shit, which is why their style looks a lot different in Korea and Japan compared to the US.

    9. @zaku and the dude with name in Hangul
      God damn you are socially stupid to other peoples' culture

      1)all you did was reverse what I had say.

      2) I never said the genre was exclusive to anyone. You read race and went off on the deep end and miss my point entirely. Even Anti Kpop Fangirl is getting what I am saying.
      Yes I am well aware the genre changes as it switch from culture to culture. The same with rock which was original perform by black musicians in the 40s. This genre was a balck genre but today is seen as a white genre. No problem
      Its true their is a prejudice in the music industry. That's what I mean by a person can sound the part but not look the image. It had nothing to do with exclusive racial peformance. Only this skin color can perform this song wasn't the point. That was about the social context.
      But just because you listen to hip hop doesn't mean you fully know anything about that ethnic culture. In fact hip hop is one of the worse forms of black music and entertainment. Its popular because its straight fucking fantasy. To me its a culture of ignorance.

      I had this debate with another person about usage of nigga. If hip hop has a universial feel to it than anyone should use the word. But let's be real any non-black rapper who uses nigga will get slam. So wouldn't it be best to say that nigga is un-necessary in the first place even for blacks to use? Yet why do some hip hop artists black or not need to use it? Does it make the rap that more authentic to the genre?
      My whole point is this you take a genre like hip hop and it can easly be basdard. Anything from YG is a good example if you take hip hip on a superficial level and do not honestly explore the culture behind it. That was my point about kpop. One thing to incooperate a genre or style than another to fully grasp what it means from its original and how this will affect yourself on similar levels.

      3) this site says nigga this nigga that and talk about hip hop. Where do you think that shit comes from. Why do you need fucking hip hop and need to say nigga all the god damn time? Its no different when Korean fans get piss off when international fans use "oppa" or "unnie" and think they know shit. Same with Japanese anime international fans. What makes you so fucking special to get mad? This who site is base upon misusage of fandom and culture. why don't you stop dehumanizing me and people who are opposite of you? Get off your fucking high horse and stop hating rest who ain't scare to talk some real mutha fucking shit on this mutha fuckin site.

      @anti kpop fangirl
      They don't even need to look like that in the first place. If you think you need to look like a thug to do hip hop than its proof you don't know the genre.

    10. I never said they had to look like that. You said they should look the part. They did. It was bad. I never said gangsta rap encompassed all of hiphop.

    11. ROFL way to completely lose your shit there. This is not some anti-black conspiracy. You contradict yourself when you say that culture can flow and transform and yet people have to truly understand something before adopting it. The whole point is that they will never truly understand because the only way to do that is to actually be part of that culture. Coming from the outside, you will never "get it" but can only take away from it your own perspective and experience of it, which will be different from someone inside it.

      If everyone truly understood the original form before taking it on, it wouldn't change at all. Thus, not completely understanding it and yet still enjoying it and making your own form of it is essential to the continuing development of music. So when you said kpop was "trolling hiphop" you were flat out wrong. You also continue to make a fool of yourself when you treat a controversial word with a lot of history behind it like it's a musical element essential to hiphop. Just because it wouldn't be fitting for a Korean to use "nigga" doesn't mean that hip hop isn't right for them or can't apply to new cultures. That word is often used in american hiphop but it is not a necessary element of hiphop.

      You're obviously backtracking against stuff you originally said and creating tangents on new points that have nothing to do with the discussion because you are wrong and you know it. I won't allow you to turn hiphop into a "No true Scotsman" issue (check wiki if you don't know what that means) in order to try and seem right. You are blatantly ignoring the facts of how culture is shared and transformed while also contradicting yourself and trying to make it into an issue of racial double standards. There is no such thing present here because you are simply making false equivalences to scare us off with sensitive themes of discussion. It won't work because those have no actual relevance to the discussion of music at hand.

      People aren't taking "black music" for the quality in it and then changing it because they don't want to "be black" with it. There is no such prejudice or conniving within the transformation, but it is simply a natural shift that comes from an outsider perception and adaptation to fit within their own existing forms. It's just like how black musicians developed blues from the existing early american roots music which developed from Irish folk music. Did black people change it in an effort to "not be Irish" with it? No, it was simply a natural change that came from the reception of the music into a new people group. The same thing is happening with Koreans and hiphop today.

      Finally, you need to calm the fuck down before making extreme accusations. How is disagreement with things you are saying or doubting their relevance to the discussion "dehumanizing" you? We are all discussing music, which is something that exists separately from all of us. If you are making it an issue of your identity so that you can't discuss it without feeling attacked as a person, that is not something we are doing. We don't like your opinion, but an opinion is merely a concept apart from a person that can be changed. We aren't attacking your humanity by explaining the faults in your perspective.

    12. hwaiting ahjusshi kick dis madafakas ass gud


    13. 1. You entirely missed my point. Again. You want quality Korean rap from idols and yet you tell them all collectively to "get off it and allow legit Korean rappers rap." For one thing, you want them to improve yet don't want them to actually give us new material to judge off of. Make up your mind. Secondly, (and I've already said this once already literally without any meaningful reply) if you really wanted quality Korean rap why don't you listen to some real Korean rappers? It's like going to McDonald's and ordering tacos. It makes no fucking sense.

      2. Yes, you did say genres should be exclusive. You said, and I quote, "its the same shit why certain white singers become famous and tackle black music genres. They sound the part but don't look the role." Translation: It doesn't matter if a white/Asian/Hispanic/Arabic person is a phenomenal blues/soul/gospel/*insertanyfuckinggenrehere* singer, they don't "look the role" so I'll automatically discredit them. And the most damning of all, and again I quote, "Hip hop is a music genre for anyone to enjoy but not for every one to perform." Translation: Anyone can listen to hip hop, but God forbid any non-black people try singing/producing it. That's bullshit at its finest and it smacks of hypocritical elitism.

      You backpedal and say, oh it wasn't about race-exclusivity, it was about social context. It's the same shit. What social context exactly are you referring to? If Eminem raps, what social context should he be interpreted under? White boy trying to rap? White guy "sound like a nigga but don't wanna be a nigga?" If Yo Yo Ma plays his cello, what social context should he be interpreted under? Little chink trying to play the cello? Asian guy trying to be cultured and white? The only "social context" (if any at all) these performers of any race making any genre of music should be judged by is what their message is, how well/clearly they deliver that message, how significant their contributions are or will be to their genre and music as a whole.

      3. (New point) Again, you contradict yourself in the same damn comment. First you claim, and I quote, "hip hop is one of the worse forms of black music and entertainment. Its popular because its straight fucking fantasy. To me its a culture of ignorance." Ignoring the obvious idiocy in that statement where you apply the same incredibly narrow-minded and hypocritical stereotypes you bash everyone for using to an entire genre, you later go on to contradict even that.

      You bash YG for not making quality anything by saying, and I quote, "Anything from YG is a good example if you take hip hip on a superficial level and do not honestly explore the culture behind it." You just said yourself that hiphop as a whole is shit because it's the worst form of "black" entertainment (again contradicting yourself by claiming exclusivity of a genre) and that it's "straight fucking fantasy... a culture of ignorance." What then is the point of "exploring the culture" behind hiphop if you yourself say there's no meaningful culture to explore anyway? Why then are you getting so butthurt in thinking Korean idols are making a mockery of a mockery? If hiphop and rap are such empty and meaningless caricatures of black culture, why then defend it so zealously? Unless you or black people in general are the only ones allowed to participate in its creation/propagation, let alone critique it.

    14. 4. (Original point 3) First and foremost, this site is about Korean music and the retarded fans of Korean music. More specifically, this site is about Korean pop music and the retarded fans of Korean pop music. We only talk about hiphop where it applies to idol music or when we're trying to get our readers to branch out to other genres of Korean music. Don't blame us when clearly your self-centered selective reading is giving you all these false impressions.

      Secondly, we can say nigga all we want. This isn't a reputable news site, this isn't a political campaign, nor does it have any pretensions to the above. We have been a personal blog, we continue to be a personal blog, and we will always be a personal blog. We don't have to be politically correct to avoid offending anyone because that's not what this blog is about. Why should we have to censor ourselves because of a vocal minority? If you don't like that, and if the message you're getting from all this is "We are racists and we hate black people," then you should kindly leave and avoid offending your delicate sensibilities.

      Most importantly, you're missing the whole point of my original reply. Why do you insist on bringing your goddamn Afrocentrism to every goddamn article we write? Dehumanizing? How the fuck are you getting dehumanization from ANYTHING we have said so far? High horse? Hating people who "ain't scare to talk some real mutha fucking shit on this mutha fuckin site?" Everything you've said so far has been full of self-contradictory and hypocritical shit. You present your opinions and hold them up as universal truths that everyone should agree with and believe in or they're retarded/racist for not doing so. Again, no one wants to see your Afrocentric propaganda all over every comment section of every article.

    15. @zuka
      You love to read your own words once again you don't get shit.

      1) how about you tell me who the real korean rappers are. I sense you really want to but keep holding back. Enlighten me ma brotha.

      2)I never said no one had exclusive on who can do what. You assume this and try to put words in my mouth. just black,jazz,blues and rock are all black genres also that others non black had did. That is history of music and where it comes. But that doesn't mean everyone who did these genre have ignoble reasons.

      Second I like Enimem and felt he was one of the best rappers american hip hop had in a long time. Its cool that he is white but he didn't need to act like a dumb ass thug. I think other rappers could learn from him. Starting with Flocka dumb ass.

      That whole YoYo Ma chink play the cello. Ah I never said that nor express anything to that degree. That is ALL YOU and your own prejudice and how you view yourself. By the way this Rican play classical string bass. What you got against string players?

      3) what afrocentric propaganda? Must of the shit I say on here is regards to the articles that are posted. Ever once in a while my bias may get mention but hardly ever. I had what one other article regarding to what a black female kpop fan had said and agree with her on some points. But that is not afrocentric propganda its called a debate.
      In fact I disagree with the idea of foreigners in kpop. Disagree how whites were being treated like a social status and novelty items. That kpop maybe influence by black music in culture but that doesn't imply they have to be init. It should be that idols choice but the intention should be for good reason not to stereotype.
      To deny hip hop has no negative stigma on black culture and entertainment is a fucking lie. I can say the same about kpop or jpop. But I am smart enough to know there is a culture behind far more intelligent than what is being shown.
      Nice Asians from the far east wanna do hip hop but do it with some level of discrimination. No I wasn't feeling butthurt of a mockery on a mockery. Its when you poorly mock the wrond aspects of a culture it become ignorant.

      4) last time I check I had freedom of opinion like you. This isn't a political site but its past tackle some issue in regards. Or have commenters express that emotion. The politics is this damn if you do damn if you know what the fuck you are talking about. Like you misuse of the word afrocentric. And its true Asians do have a prejudice towards blacks. Its no fucking lie, this isn't a dark secret. Many of asians have express the prejudice within their own cultures. Its also in black,white and latino culture to be prejudice against asian. Asians have shown prejudice against them. So what is your point? Because I point out you seem offended.

      The fact YOU feel entitle to say nigga is you. I say every once in a while mostly for political points. You say because you think you sound more funny. I never say blacks should only say nigga. In fact I ask why people on this site use racial Asian slurs.never got a clear answer on that one.if this site isn't about politics than why not use Asian racial slurs as well?

      Why not say jap,gook,chink, whatever? I'm like any other person on this blog. Everyone has express their opinions regardless on what topic. I can go back and find the article on blackface and find many people who had stronge opinion and felt indifferent to one another. Its not just me your just attracted to me because I've said in the most controversial of matters and because you know I am another minority like you. Don't play this off with a "this site ain't serious speach."

      Last time I check you replay to what I said not the other way around. So who really has the chip on their shoulder?

    16. @akf
      I just saw gd one of a kind. He looks like a gangsta gone drag bret michaels style. This shit is fucking crazy

    17. Since you insist on dodging the tough questions and backpedaling on your previous statements, I'm through with this. It's obvious to me that you've lost the argument when you deny saying things I've directly quoted in my rebuttals or attempt to deflect the questions to tangential discussions.

      Have a nice day.

    18. @zaku
      The only person on a tangent is you. Not my fault you don't understand what I said. You believe what you wanna believe. Just makes you more the asshole who needs to prove a point. My natrual response is to respond. That is part of a conversation between two people.. I checked your points and didn't rebuttal. If I am crtical on hip hop and black entertainment that means I am not afrocentric. There is some aspects that shouldn't be mock because its even stupid when black rappers do it. Anybody can do any type of music but do it with some justice and allow it to express what you know not a fucking ideal.
      I never spoke of anything of "exclusive" that was you and what you assume. I spoke against that many of times. Your last respond show your own hypocrtical nature and a prejudice.

      This site isn't political but you want to get into a topic about social politics of hip hop. How this is incooperate into other genre of music and culture particular kpop. That requires two people openly sharing ideals. Not a sense to belittle or ignore the other to make your points more grand.

      If you really wanna tackle social political issue than speak to me like a person and not a stereotype. Stop claiming I am something when I clearly tell you I am not. Stop twisting my words to better your argument cause you misunderstood.

      Yeah I'm mixed black and proud that is me. African-Americans have created beautiful music for the world to enjoy. But it also has its negative side. Like any music culture when social context is tag along.

      Already you are making jokes with random black comment being mesh in on another article. But hey its you and anybody else on this site.Whatever talk to me when you are ready to listen and share and stop treating me like I dumb nigga with a black power complex. I'll stop treating you like a chink who hates anyone who isn't like you.

      FYi one of the founding fathers of the Black Panther was Japanese. His name is Steve Akoi and he was fight for yellow man,black man and any man who believe in equal rights. Few Asians who give two shits about that instead of making lousy nigga jokes for cheap thrills and laughs.

      That's my end

  10. I'm no rap scientist but I think she did alright. Its a few steps above likey likey dis.

  11. I don't think Hwayoung is terrible. I think she has legit potential, however if she wants to be good she has to do what every other good rapper does and hang out with legit rappers. Get together and freestyle and freestyle again. When you're not freestyling, write raps that you don't publish anywhere but just rap for your rapper friends. Get feedback, give feedback, observe, assess, learn, try, feel, improve, and repeat the process over and over. That is how it is done. That is how any skill in any field is truly developed.

    1. Hwayoung can sharpen her skills but rapping is very persoanl. She would have to feel comfortable about exposing ideas that are hers and not just protray an image. That is the idol rapper handicap. He or she lyrcially is restricted to freedom of self expression.
      Going beyond the superficial ideaology of life or what she has been expose to as an idol rapper.
      That what seperates rappers today. Any mainstream rapper can feed you any type of bullshit you think hip hop should be about. But it takes a more confident rapper to speak of things outside the materialistc world.
      Does Hwayoung have that type of will? That what makes a rapper like Tasha so great. She can rap the typical but can express even the most personal emotions. Every underground Korean rapper does that but idol rapppers not really.
      If she picks that it she would benefit greatly.

    2. I agree. Just like storytelling is essential to country music, an honest expression of reality as you see it is essential to hiphop. People like Tasha or E.via don't just do this in their rapping, but they do it all the time. Just look at their twitters. They do it so often that their words don't often start controversies because people expect to hear the raw truth from them. That is why freestyling is important, because just letting words flow out trains you to let yourself and your experience of life to be the creative force, rather than conforming to a specific image or ideal. When that is your foundation you'll never have a creativity block, and then you can play with themes on top of it, which is what E.via does.

    3. All story telling is essential to music. Its the basic foundation of a song. But there is a great deal of fear in music today. Sells are low and digital is a beast no one knows how to tackle yet.
      For korea its far worse for an artists to make a living in such a small entertainment industry.
      Idol pop is the best way to insure some type of revenue is return in their industry. But the extent of training and how some korean firms pride themselves on allowing creativity getss carve up. Once these young talented gents and ladies are thrush into the idol world.
      I can see the allure of being an idol but on an artistic point its a coffin.
      Freestyle is important in the essence it allow a more sharpen sense of lyrical flow,focus energy and word play.
      I don't recall to many idol rappers doing freestyle.
      I know Miyro, Zico, TOP, not so sure about others.

      The other issue is the korean audience itself truly open to that?

  12. I don't think that was terrible. It's kinda way better than what King Kwang Soo the Hack forces (eherm) her to do. The only bad thing there were the fangirls elevating her as the Queen of Rap or something

  13. Wasn't the worst thing I've heard from k-pop. Tbh I don't see a difference between "good" and "bad" rap; it's all just for people who don't want to/can't sing; when I listen to rap it's for the lyrics.

    1. Oh god. Next you're gonna say something equally uneducated, like hardcore punk is bad because the lyrics are yelled, or that dubstep is all about the drop. You best be troll.

      She can't rap. Rapping is a tricky thing, in that it is not about sounding deep or necessarily confident, but about delivery, rhymes and power, to compliment the song and vice versa. Hwayoung completely misses this point, and so does the producer.

    2. @nona stupidest comment I've seen in awhile no difference in good and bad raps? Damn son you just went full retard

  14. its not bad, its not good, it aint terrible. Its good for an idol, its bad rapping overall.

    Its nice to see that she actually got better from her previous raps. She raps as a job, not as a love, so I can see why she sucks at rapping. Though if she keeps doing it and get a better teacher, she can rap better.

    I like this rap, then again, I am a hwa-fag

  15. I liked her rap.

    She is better than top

  16. Next
    "Hwayoung joins the movement crew"


    Terrorstans can hate her they want my onnie will bring u reallll musikkkkk on the table instead of kim kwangs soo pedo project 12 year old sexy icons

    Her rapping sounds better than her raps in tara tho.
    I likey likey like thiss

  17. Hwayoung isn't better or worse than the average idol rapper.

    I like Lexy and Fat Cat (where did she go?)
    Zico is OK, TOP is tolerable in some songs, GD sounds OK on recordings if you like his nasal voice but terrible live when he goes too high-pitched.

    None of the idols are great rappers anyway.

  18. You're just too T-ara biased and it shows in this article no matter how you try to hide it....Hwayoung isn't good at rapping and neither is this stuv she uploaded but it's ok and not awful as you're trying to make it and her out to be.....She's just as good as most idol rappers out there (who i don't actually consider rappers except Miryo)....

    1. How is this being T-ara biased? I rip on every single idol rapper. Why do you think I make these fake rap articles pretending like they came from idols? It's to make fun of them. You on the other hand are mad that I called out the Hwayoung bandwagon stans for thinking that Hwayoung is a great rapper when she is terrible. If it makes you feel better, I think all idol rappers are terrible. That's why I always suggest that Kpop should be getting rid of raps in their songs.

    2. Does anybody know why idol pop groups need rappers in the first place? When did this became a necessary in kpop music history?

    3. Lol isn't that how kpop just is now?
      Formula to making basic kpop songs:
      1. Hot girls/ hot guys
      2. Dancing MV which has nothing to do with the song
      3. Unecessary English words in the song
      4. 20 second rap that always starts after the 2nd chorus

    4. #3 drives me fucking nuts, the horrible Engrish and the odd choice of words.

    5. i know its the fucking worst... why do composers feel a need to put shit like that in there anyway? for fucks sake it's kpop sing in fucking korean

    6. I like korean but when you have a singer who can't speak a shit of english. Sing it because some asshole is teaching them to speak in phrases like a parrot. The end result is such crap.

      I listen to latino and traditional spanish music and german. Those assholes don't change for nobody. If you like than enjoy but they won't butcher english just to gain more appeal. I wish kpop had that level of

  19. This is better than Tiffany's rap. Oh my god, her raps are terrible



  20. Eminem is the best ヾ(★´Д)人(Д`☆)ノ゛

  21. Fuck idol rap, it's terrible.
    Fuck hwayoung, eunjung, hyomin, baby j, yoobin, tiffany and whoever the fuck else.
    And even my bias nicole... sorry honey, but you can't, it's just, so bad.

    I'll stick with Jolly V.

  22. Man T-error is real controversial these days. I have no idea what Hwadog was talking about, but it sounded okay. It was a lot better than her T-error shit. Besides Roly Poly, that was a classic.

  23. I think u'r being way too biased time don't do it do obviously..........

    1. See, Hwafog stans are calling me biased because I didn't think her rap was great. Called it.


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