Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Today's News In Five Minutes #2

You guys wanted it, I felt like doing it again, so another installment of old school AKF articles wrapped up into one article.

Leeteuk expresses his feelings about enlisting

Suzy made her mom cry

Eunji to be in the musical 'Legally Blonde'

KOCSC - Korean Organization Cockblocking Sexy Content

Fuckers want to get rid of the main reason guys like Kpop.

Hyosung has more charms than Eunji?

I personally think that Eunji is one of the most adorable idols out there.

I'll probably do one of these again someday, but it comes down to actually finding enough content, but usually allkpop and Soompi have too many stupid articles that prevents me from doing this regularly.


  1. Shitteuk says "I’m going to work harder to be a bigger person"

    That is of course, he survives the first six months of hazing from other ROK soldiers and actually DOES the real deal. Not some public service shit.

  2. “Broadcasts must refrain from allowing children and teens to appear on shows wearing outfits that show excessive skin and from showing scenes that are overly sexually suggestive.”

    And that's how T-ARA's end begins (coffcoffDANIcoffcoff) *Goes to close his window*

    And Blonde Eunji, now A-Pink will be Eunji and her band...
    Like Hyuna and her band (4Minute) or Kai and his band (EXO-K)...

  3. The only people I know in this post is Hyosung and Suzy.

  4. that was the best summary of LT's speech ever hahahahahahaha
    he talks way, wayy too much (and he gets into trouble for the amount of rubbish he says a lot, but this blog knows that)

    I think Bomi is the cutest from Apink, but EWunji is like a less ugly Minah

    1. the EW was unintentional but in retrospect I'm glad it's there.

  5. Can someone please invent a time machine and send that bitch back to 1997?

  6. I thought Jessica were to do Legally Blonde again? Also, Suzy is a fat whore.

  7. I want to smell Eunji's butthole.

  8. Why do we always want to smell idol buttholes? Can't we just bang them already? Smelling shittraps kinda sound unhygienic and creepy more than horny

    Also, Twinkies for Suzy fat whore prz. Stat

  9. Eunji the hottest bitch on the block your cock swells over. maybe you should have busted a nut first before you make such claims.

    1. I am more than willing to shove Twinkies up suzy's butthole.


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