Sunday, September 30, 2012

[MV Review] Naul - Memory of the Wind

Naul's Memory of the Wind is the most popular song in Korea within the past week, but how does the MV fare?

Yeah, I've watched this MV a few times and I still had no real idea what the fuck went on. Supposedly, a guy and his daughter were out in the field playing when some fucking meteors came out of nowhere. Other scenes showed this guy riding Hyomin. Then there was this woman grieving about someone's death. From what I understand, the father died protecting his daughter, the guy riding Hyomin was the messenger to tell the grieving woman that her husband had died. I don't fucking know.

I may as well make up a fucking story. Kim Kwang Soo was targeting the main male character. Kim Kwang Soo believed this asshole was responsible for the T-ara incident. He was busy doing mental gymnastics trying to lay the blame on others while deluding himself that he wasn't the cause. He then teams up with Seungri, who's know in heaven after a giant tentacle monster raped him in Japan. Seungri has now gained the power to jizz meteors. Hyomin found a random guy to ride her and galloped as fast she could to try to warn the target of Kim Kwang Soo's attack, but she arrived too late. She should have been born as a Pegasus.

As for the song, I liked it. I've liked Naul when he's featured in some Dynamic Duo songs. I've never really listened to Brown Eyed Soul, but that's Naul's original group. The song starts off slowly, then at the two minute mark it changes and Naul shows off his pipes.

For those of you interested in those Dynamic Duo songs Naul featured on, here's Chulchek and Ring My Bell.


  1. From my little understanding of the MV i would just throw out my 2cents...The song is called Memories of the wind, so basically the little girl and the grown up girl are the same and if you notice in the beginning of the MV, the horse rider (Lee Ki Woo)notices that a wind is coming hence, he rides to go meet the girl who always gets memories of her father and the day he died when the wind blows (as that was their last encounter and it was a somewhat windy day). So maybe the girl gets scared on windy days that she may lose those she loves hence the horse riding guy was going to her knowing this as they are a couple.

    That kinda makes sense to

    1. That's what I got from the video. Also the memories of her father come to her mind as I believe that was her wedding day (ie. the white lace veil she put on at the end)... if it wasn't her wedding day then at least it symbolized her being married. Showcasing the relation she has with her husband and the relation she had with her deceased father......

  2. as I understand it the video is one of those lets-push-my-religion-into-people's-faces-even-when-its-irrelevant things.

    Never really loved Naul, always confused him with Jong Yeop for some reason.
    My favourite from Browneyed Soul is someone whose name I just can never remember, fgihfdgs.

  3. Hyomin must've sunbathed for too long, now that she's as white as volcanic ash.

  4. Her late father used to be her protector. Now that she's married (@3:36), she has a new man in her life (She's holding flower waiting for her savior, The Hyomin Rider) her husband, a man that she can trust and depend on. THE END.

    I'm making this up.

  5. Cinematog reminds me of Younha's Run only crisper and neater sans the pitch black motif. Very nice except the last few parts where the grown-up girl meets her guy getting off from Jessica's aching back. Why was her house shining? Tacky.

    The meteor thing was really off. I could probably be only justified if this MV was in fact based on or a spin-off of a preexisting content that has themes where the possibility of such meteor rain exist such as sci-fi, fantasy or steam punk Final Fantasy VII-esque (would gladly want to see how Koreans pull that off). With this alone, it was really off.

  6. I have a question. Who is the acter who play as a father of girl? I need his name. Please reply... tnx

  7. I have a question. Who is the acter who play as a father of girl? I need his name. Please reply... tnx


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