Thursday, September 6, 2012

[MV Review] Seo In Young - Anymore

The Head Bitch In Charge of KPop is back with a new single~!!

Seo In Young's comeback, like that of many other non-idols was quite randomly announced, but not unwelcome. Her release came unpromoted, but it's still a great track. The MV for Anymore is pretty random, consisting her sitting and singing in random places with scenes of random people dancing randomly mixed in for flavor. Pretty weird stuff, but whatever.

Since there's no real dance, or much else to gif really, here's some things I found interesting/noteworthy. I use those terms very liberally.

Seo In Young's subliminal message to creationists?
How awkward.
These are interesting only cause I made them that way. To be frank, Seo In Young's MV is a snoozefest. Boring, very very boring. Not even a single fappable moment for redemption. The MV is mostly random scenes that don't really tie together very well.

I'm pretty sure the MV has something to do with the door motif that's pretty prevalent throughout, but it's not very clear at all.

Click to EXPAND
That being said, her song's pretty great though. Composed by YG's Kush (think he's since departed, not sure), Anymore has a sound quite reminiscent of 2NE1's midtempos. However, he's scaled back the autotune a fair bit, and Seo In Young's vocals easily trump that of CL or even Bom's. My gripes with the song lie in mostly odd parts where he chooses to flange her voice or repeat it or whatever it is you call it (my audio vocabulary is rather limited you see). It's pretty random and awkward.

If it helps, it's the effect he does to her voice during this part.
It's a shame that she chose not to actively promote this song though. Any break from idolcentricism is greatly welcomed.

Boring MV, fantastic song.

  • great song
  • Seo In Young in that all black outfit
  • terrible and boring MV
  • weird autotuned buildups
  • the rest of Seo In Young's outfits
I give this MV a 2/5, but the song is easily a 4/5.


  1. "My gripes with the song lie in mostly odd parts where he chooses to flange her voice or repeat it or whatever it is..."

    It doesn't have a definitive word. It's part of a buildup, so that's what most would call it. If you wanna get technical, he most likely used a "beat repeater" to do it.

  2. Seo In Young? Head bitch in charge of K-Pop? Yeah.

  3. In fairness, song is good but the chorus falls flat. Expected better
    The MV has good themes but some parts, just like any K-Pop MV, don't make sense

    Seo In Young looks like another jacked up version of Bom
    The gifs are too heavy for meh :[

    1. I don't think you quite understand the concept of TL;DR.

    2. oooo someone's mad
      nitpick more baby

    3. and I was referring to the article
      too bad you're areum_fag. i kinda like that fag

  4. She could do with some surgery and a Jeremy Scott endorsement.

    1. Don't you think the surgery suggestion downplays what she'd been doing to her face already? LOL

  5. She actually looks good in blond, but that's probably because she looks Western for a Korean.

  6. This song is amazing, the video is kinda meh, but the song is addictive.

  7. Fun Fact: I forgot that Inyoung left Jewelry. I actually thought this was some random girl singing, couldn't tell it was her with long hair.

  8. The song is gooood. Its like a lighter girlier version of 2ne1.
    I don't think there's much of a theme with the video, just pretty colours and clothes and junk.

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